OU Divisional Season Round Robin Stage

Steven Snype

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Lopunny Kicks in for Bloody alfa

Contacted all oppos also roseybear said he was subbed out but i dont see a sub for him also havent played donnel but said he won. I know the person i subbed over lost to them but does it still count for me too?
Updated with Roseybear's sub in the actual matchups for the message. Donnel beat the original person you subbed in for, so the record still stands.

Could you also change my name in the OP to Denis? Just had someone contact me, and thought it might save some confusion
Done. Turns out I missed more than I missed more than I thought. Every sub should have their names updated in all their brackets for the OP. The sheet and matchup results will be updated at some point later this weekend. I'm out of town with limited internet access for the weekend. I'll be checking the forums periodically.

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