OU Divisional Season Round Robin Stage

won vs snou, gg
act vs googly - my last opp - timezone very harsh and I never saw online.
lmao you didn't even make contact with me. Timezones work both ways buddy, yours is equally harsh for me. This is a dead game at best for you, but I'm willing to try and get this done.
Won vs Googly, gg.
Snowy gave me the win.
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finished the group 8 with score 6-2. hl's for mael and we three kings, really tough opps.
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going to request act vs Lhce628, we scheduled something like 4 or 5 times but he never was there at the scheduled time, I know our timezones aren't really good but we scheduled so many times and he Always said it would work...
EDIT: Nvm we played and I won for an unfort miss but I think I could have won even without that
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