OU OU Fall Seasonal - Round 1

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Re: Due to Mimikyu Stardust being tour banned and Agentkeval being banned, false and altanati will receive byes.

Re: MunchingMangowastaken you cannot be a sub as you have literally signed up for the tournament prior and therefore are already a participant. You received a bye, until the new matchups.

New Matchups:
XelloW vs PandaDoux
BelgianToast vs Plunder
lotiasite vs Fakee
skimmythegod vs MisterWN
BelgianToast vs dahli
Lazy Ares vs SpectralThief
Harshal08 vs Skarph
NEWAL vs Misterioussaint
MunchingMangowastaken vs Fragments
zee vs IdolCian
My opponent is not responding and deadlines is in 2 days can i get someone else to play if they are available?
Not open for further replies.

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