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OP Shamelessly Stolen from Celticpride.

Welcome to the OU Forum! This forum is to discuss the competitive aspects of 7th Generation Pokémon games. Please take the time to familiarize yourself with the forum rules and guidelines discussed below.

Link to OU Discord Server.

Forum Rules
  • Before posting a new thread, please ask for moderator approval first. Mods reserve the right to close any thread that is not approved. Additionally, use the search feature to help you find existing topics. Do not make duplicate threads.
  • Do not post your in-game team here, or ask for help to improve your team. The Rate My Team section is the place to do this, which can be found here.
  • All posts should be based on actual in-game information. Please do not post speculation or your suggestions for fantasy Pokémon.
  • No discussion of ROMs is allowed. However, discussion based on importing the game is entirely allowed and welcome.
  • In threads discussing the metagame, do not assume any particular Pokémon are banned. Additionally, do not suggest that certain Pokémon should be banned, or that they will probably be banned. Finally, do not post predictions on which Pokémon will be banned. Likewise, don't suggest that certain Pokémon should be unbanned.
  • Please refrain from theorymoning moves that you think a Pokémon should or should not get. Stick with what is confirmed please.
  • Do not create threads just to ask a question. Likewise, don't make posts just to ask simple questions. Simple game play related questions, that do not promote any form of discussion, go in the Simple Question, Simple Answers thread. Be sure to read the first post before asking or answering questions.
  • DO NOT make posts asking or inviting discussion about Pokémon you have bred / traded / trained in cartridge. We are here to discuss strategy - we don't care what IVs you got on your Chatot. Please take these types of topics to the WiFi forum.
  • Non-competitive topics should be posted in Orange Islands. Orange Islands is the in-game subforum for discussion related to in-game aspects of Pokémon SM. Whereas the OU subforum houses discussion related to competitive play, Orange Islands houses threads created for the sole purpose of aiding you in your play through of Pokémon SM.
General Posting Guidelines
- Don't double post. There's an edit button for a reason. If you need to delete one of your posts, the delete button is an option after selecting edit.

- Make the effort for your posts to be grammatically correct and coherent. We understand that not everyone speaks English as their first language, and we're willing to give some leeway here, but if English is your first language you really have no excuse to be making incoherent posts. Bad formatting not only makes your posts unpleasant to read, but they also lessen the positive impact of the points you're trying to make.

- Don't put your opinion in hide tags. This isn't really infract-worthy but if you're going to write a paragraph of your thoughts and opinion, make it visible. Hide tags have their place, but hiding your opinions in hide tags is apt to make people not read them at all. There is enough censorship on the internet already, don't censor yourself here.

- Avoid excessive quoting. It's obnoxious, especially when you quote three paragraphs to answer with a one-liner. Please don't do that.

- Don't reply to a quote by putting bold text inside the quote box. This is exceedingly difficult to properly respond to. If you feel the need to break up a quote, you can do so by editing the quote tags. For example:

[ QUOTE=User's Name]
Paragraph 1

Paragraph 2

(The spaces in the tags shouldn't be there, this is just to show you the format)
Would become:

[ QUOTE=User's Name]
Paragraph 1


Paragraph 2

-Do not insult or flame other users. Correcting users when they say something that's clearly wrong is fine. Calling them a (BAN ME PLEASE) or saying they are stupid/retarded is an automatic 2 point infraction, no exceptions for anyone, badged users included.

Current OU Forum Staff Members
As a rule of thumb, remember that the application of each and every rule is subject to moderator discretion. If you have questions about the rules, their interpretation, or anything else related to the OU forum, then feel free to contact one of the OverUsed forum moderators above via private message.

A Guide to the OU Subforum Topics

Metagame Discussion

Viability Rankings - Finchinator
  • A topic where the community, lead by a council, attempts to rank every "viable" Pokémon in OU. Excellent resource for getting a feel for how the various OU Pokémon fit into the metagame.
Metagame Discussion - Gary
  • A thread dedicated to discussing all aspects of the current metagame.
Simple Questions, Simple Answers - Celticpride
  • A place to ask simple questions that do not require a thread of their own to answer. This is the only place where so called "one liners" are tolerated.
Tournament Discussion

Sample Teams - Leo
  • A thread where sample teams are collected and posted to help newer users get acclimated to the metagame.
Role Compendium - curiosity
  • A thread that provides a visual list of what Pokémon does what in the SM OU metagame.
Sets Viability Rankings - sedertz
  • A thread that seeks to further breakdown the viability ranking into sets, helps differentiate what sets are good and what sets are bad.
Speed Tiers - Finchinator
  • A listing of the speed of every common set used in OU. Resource that you want to familiarize yourself with if newer as Speed Tiers are extremely important.
Good Cores - Jordy
  • A resource where an archive of good cores are posted. Helpful when looking for ideas or how to utilize certain Pokémon to their fullest potential.
Creative + Underrated Sets - GMars
  • A resource where users can post new sets that they have had good success with. Replays are required!

Team Building Competition - lyd
  • A competition where the OP posts a core, and users can submit teams based on the core. Winning team gets put in the archive.
Victim of The Week - Random Passerby
  • A topic where users post checks and counter to a certain threat or "victim" each week.
Next Best Thing - curiosity
  • A weekly project in which users post non standard sets for the selected Pokemon each round.
Pokemon Matchmaking - curiosity
  • Similar to VotW, except that this topic sets to find the ideal partner to the "victim" of the week instead.
Iron Chef - Indigo Plateau
  • A project similar to the team building competition project, with users building teams while following the criteria for each round.
Break This Team - Creator of Chaos
  • Each week, users will seek to post threats that break the team of the week.
Threats to OU Cores - Jordy
  • Users will have the opportunity to post and discuss threats to the core for the week.
Team Dumps / Archives

OU Bazaar
- dk
  • A more casual thread than the Sample Teams where users can share their teams.
Teambuilding Workshop- Lyd
  • A resource where a bunch of experienced builders provide teams based on requested cores. There is also an archive full of teams that have been built for previous requests.
Other Places to related to OU
  • Battling 101 Forum - Forum where users can sign up for rounds of Tutoring if you feel you need to improve your battling ability.
  • RMT Forum- Forum where users can post their teams to get advice, or to give others advice on their teams. Just read the rules before posting a RMT!
  • OU C&C Forum - Forum where analyses for the onsite dex are written. Check the reservation thread before posting a thread.
  • OverUsed Room on Pokémon Showdown - Real time discussion on the OU metagame. Also clicking that link leads to the simulator, where the ladder and teambuilder also are.
Suspect Thread Etiquette
Please familiarize yourself with the information in the hide tags below before posting in suspect threads.
- Firstly, if you make a checks or counters argument, the very first thing you need to do is make sure you have the correct terminology. A check, is something that cannot exactly switch in safely, but can often win a "1v1", or revenge kill the Pokemon in question. A counter is something that can 100% switch in and hard wall, or force an unfavourable situation for said Pokemon.

- Secondly, just because something lacks counters / checks does NOT mean it is instantly broken. Cube, BW Hydreigon etc were / are all impossible to switch into, but that does not instantly make them broken. However, if something DOES have checks and counters, this doesn't make it NOT broken either. Genesect had counters, Aegislash had counters (specific to its set) and so on. Also, take not that if you parade around a collection of terrible mons that situationally counter a suspect, I will flat out delete your post. It might even give you an infraction. I know that myself and pretty much every other OU mod is tired of seeing people discuss Arcanine, Weezing, Qwilfish and pretty much anything else. Hint: If you are using garbage mons to check a top-tier sweeper, then its potentially a good indicator as to how unhealthy it is.

- Thirdly, just because you beat Mega Mawile while you have an Elo rating of 1000 does not mean it's not broken. If you want to use battle statistics in your argument, look at the top tier battles, the VR posters, the Tourney scene, use really good examples. It's much harder to refuse your points if you are a highly respected battler, usually because it means people trust and respect your opinion, regardless as to which way you vote. The lower you are on the ladder, the less Mega Mawile will be used successfully and intelligently, so please bear that in mind.

- Fourthly, if you use the argument; "LOL MEGA MAWILE SUCKS I JUST OHKO IT WITH EQ GGGGGGGGGGG", I will infract you. No question. All of us are (mostly), intelligent and have the ability to read. We all know how to look at a type chart, and you stating the obvious just makes you look like an utter retard that's out of his/her depth, and thus shouldn't be posting here.

- Fifthly, Fact Check. There is nothing sadder than posting a sweeping statement that's incorrect. For instance, several people brought up earthquake from several mons as methods of dealing with Mawile. Many of these people failed to realize EQ missed a KO, and thus looked like morons. According to an IRC convo, someone who's opinion I trust remarked that Mega Mawile for instance, actually beats Gliscor provided it used SD on the switch in, tanks the Earthquake, and smokes Gliscor with a +2 Play Rough. I'm not sure if residual damage is required to do all that but the point is, don't take short cuts; we all have damage calculators, and we WILL call you out on it if you fucked up.

- Sixthly, don't assume a suspect (say Mega Mawile) will stay in on your Sun boosted, Blaze boosted Choice Specs Overheat. An earlier argument I saw was someone posting a load of calculations and saying "LOL MAWILE GETS OHKOed BY CHANDELURE". That's A+ logic mate, but Mega Mawile isn't setting up on a Charizard Y, instead, it's coming in on a choice locked dragon move, a resisted attack, a -1 Pokemon that lacks an effective means to do severe damage, etc. Posting a list of Pokemon that can OHKO Mega Mawile means nothing if you need to sacrifice a Pokemon to get your check in safely. It's not setting up, and it's not staying in.

- Seventhly, be careful of the "Prediction argument". IT GOES BOTH WAYS. Really clever posters will use the risk-reward prediction argument, which is a good one. If you want a breakdown about it, I'm sure many experienced players will be able to tell you, but the point is, you don't have godlike prediction skills, so I don't want to see posts like "I will go to Heatran on a play rough, then go to Gengar on a Focus Punch, then use Substitute on the Sucker Punch and then use Will-O-Wisp on a second Sucker Punch." You are not clairvoyant, nor is your opponent, so don't pretend otherwise.

- Eighthly, make sure your post actually bring some sort of discussion to it. The posts I see that are just "yea so Mega Mawile has high attack power so I think it's broken" not only have terrible arguments but add NOTHING to the discussion. I'm not asking you to make a novel, but please make sure your post has a depth of reasoning and quality behind it. If you cannot be bothered putting thought into it, then quite frankly, I cannot be bothered reading it. In general, the better your arguments are (detail, reasoning etc), the better of the overall quality of your post, and the better chance you have of influencing people to see things your way. Therefore, if you feel strongly about a particular suspect, it is in your interest to make your post as well reasoned as possible, because if you half-ass it, then you are convincing no-one.

- Ninethly, don't mention how good / not good a Pokemon will be in Ubers. We don't care. Usage in Ubers has no impact on if we ban / not ban something. It could be garbage in Ubers but if its unhealthy for the OU metagame then it goes, no exceptions.

- FINALLY don't discuss past or future tiering. I couldn't care less if you feel salty about the Aegislash ban, and I don't care that you feel that Thundurus-I should be suspected first. Likewise for the love of god, DON'T, DON'T say "but if we ban Mega Mawile, suddenly haxorus becomes broken", like in one post I read. We do not keep broken things within OU to check others, so please don't try this argument. Furthermore, don't whinge that your precious mon might be garbage in Ubers - we don't use it as a point of reference. It could get less usage that Magikarp in Ubers and we don't care - its not relevant. Likewise, please don't complain or rage that your fanboy favourite just got suspect tested and might, be banned, use calm logic and reasoning and you will do a heck of a lot of a better job convincing others to see your side instead of posting shit like "FUCK SMOGON IT HATES ON MEGAS AND WANTS TO BAN THEM ALL I HATE THIS SITE".

Have a nice day.

Users that take it upon themselves to do exactly what I just told them not to do will be handed down an Infraction. No exceptions.
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Originally Written by ABR:

Smogon's OU tiering is ruled by a council of five people. The purpose of this thread is to introduce the five OU senators to the public and to explain how they'll handle the tiering process for the OU tier in Pokemon Sun and Moon.

The council (in alphabetical order):

ABR: ABR is the head of the OU Council (OUTL) and is a known ladder player turned tournament player who has created some of the most noteworthy teams and trends over the past few years, for better or worse. He has been frequently present in tiering and suspect discussions ever since the dawn of ORAS. He has a plethora of unconventional and unique ideas about the metagame and will present the council with an alternative perspective.

bro fist: bro fist joins the OU Council as one of the most experimented and successfull tournament player of Smogon. The man has been a force to reckon with since the DPP days, showing his proficiency of the OU metagame in various environments. Having won two Worlds Cups as an OU player, participated in multiple SPLs and numerous suspect tests (peaking #1 in the process recently), it shows that bro fist is more than qualified for the job. Finally, his approachable and chill personality compliment his playing skills.

Eo Ut Mortus: Eo is a veteran to the tournament scene, participating since 2009. He has shown specific interest in SM OU over the past couple of years, doing well in numerous team tournaments with unique builds and a handful of creative sets that made a lasting impact on the metagame. Also, Eo has been involved with tiering discussions for a long time, including as a member of the BW OU council. Eo's experience will be a great addition to the council and we hope he can help us improve the metagame moving forward.

Finchinator: Finchinator has been playing competitive Pokemon since 2011 and has transitioned from angry PO ladder kid to tryhard Smogon tournament player over the years. He is known for the efforts he puts into building and helping teammates in OU and NU metagames while making fairly wordy posts in policy threads. Despite being seen as more of a mainstay in BW OU, Finch has played SM in both Snake in SPL, making him a qualified council member. In addition, Finch is the leader of the OU mod team and actively follows the subforum, so don't hesitate to reach out to him!

TDK: TDK is commonly known as a general teambuilding fanatic across generations. Tournament wise, TDK is an active participant in all official tournaments since he joined Smogon and is currently a three time defending champion of the World Cup of Pokemon as apart of US East. In addition, TDK has held a number of high power positions on Smogon and has become one of the more household names throughout the community. Being the longest tenured member of the council and informed opinions on the state of the metagame allows TDK to be a valuable member of the OU Council.

As for the procedure, the council will employ towards handling bans within two protocols: 1) quick bans and 2) suspect tests.

I) Quick bans will be made when a certain aspect (be it a Pokémon, an ability, a move, an item or a combination of the aforementioned) of the metagame becomes so blatantly broken that passing it through a formal suspect test would be a waste of time and effort for everyone. From now on, quick bans will be made according to the following circumstances:
  1. Before the council makes the final decision, a thread will be posted in Policy Review, so that everyone who has posting privileges in that forum will get the chance to weigh in and potentially influence the decision. The thread will stay open for approximately one week;
  2. When the decision is made, the council will post a thread in the OU Forum. The post will provide the reasons behind the ban.
II) Suspect tests will be the standard protocol for handling bans and unbans, much like it happened during the B/W era. Suspect tests will last approximately one month each and will abide by the following procedure:
  1. The council identifies a potentially unhealthy aspect of the metagame and posts a discussion thread about it in the OU forum. The purpose for this is to see what the playerbase, at large, thinks;
  2. If there's enough demand for a suspect test, the council announces a suspect test. A suspect ladder is then implemented on Pokémon Showdown and a formal suspect thread is posted in the OU forum, for people to share their experiences on the ladder and to discuss the effects of the suspect in the metagame. For those that are interested in voting, they are required to achieve a certain rating/deviation on the ladder or Tournament Requisites;
  3. After the account identification phase occurs, eligible voters vote on the suspect along with the council members (who are automatically qualified for voting);
  4. If the suspect achieves a certain majority, it is banned from the metagame (or unbanned, in case of formerly banned subjects).
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(Original post by ABR, text copied here since moving posts places them in date order)

Tournament Requisites for Voting in Suspect Tests:

The OU Council has established Tournament Requisites as an alternative method of qualifying as a voter for suspect tests. We will now be including official tournament results as an optional requisite for voting. To be clear, you can still ladder to qualify for voting. This simply provides an alternative path for those who should automatically qualify without having to ladder.

A user qualifies through Tournament Requisites if they satisfy at least 1 of the following:
1) The user has won at least 2 games in an official team tournament (SPL, WCoP, SSD), with a win rate higher than 50%.
2) The user has reached the top 16 of the Official Smogon Tournament (OST).
3) The user has reached the top 32 of the Official Ladder Tournament (OLT).
4) The user has one of the 5 highest point totals in SM OU in a single season of Smogon Tour (ST).

The above tours only count towards suspect requisites if they have ended within 6 months of the suspect test commencing.
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