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We've had an influx of new users who pretty clearly don't know what mistakes they're making. So here we are.

- Do not discuss about banning\unbanning things except in appropriate threads (NOT GENERAL METAGAME OR POKEMON THREADS). The metagame is far too new to be seriously discussing banning or unbanning anything. It needs time to stabilize, so just play the game. Cries of brokeness do nothing to help actual discussion about the actual current metagame. So drop it. Repeat offenders will be subject to infraction.

Suspect discussion is now allowed in the appropriately marked threads. However, you may not discuss suspect status in the Pokemon threads themselves. Keep suspect discussion in the threads specifically set aside for suspect discussion.

- The metagame threads are for metagame discussion. Do not ask about whether or not something is released or the technicalities in these threads. Use the Simple Questions / Simple Answers thread instead.

- When in doubt, use the Simple Questions / Simple Answers thread. If your question isn't metagame-pertinent, it most likely belongs here. Most of the time, in fact, questions that can be answered in a paragraph or less belong here too. This includes questions about the tiering of Pokemon. Players looking for an introduction to the metagame should also use this thread to pose their questions.

- DO NOT make threads to ask a single question. Just don't. It's really annoying. Use SQ/SA.

- Similarly, don't make threads for a Pokemon if a thread for it already exists. Use the Search function to make sure. If a thread already exists but is insufficient, contact a moderator (the bold names at the bottom of the forum page) for permission.

- Your teams do not belong here. They belong in the Rate My Team section.

- Don't make posts in a discussion thread that neither actually contribute to the discussion at hand or set up a viable discussion, and don't make posts without content. No, we don't care that you think it's super-neato that something got a new move if you don't explain how that move impacts that Pokemon in the new metagame.

- Refrain from posting anywhere but the SQ/SQA thread if you have no idea what you're talking about. This should be self-explanatory.

- Don't double post. There's an edit button for a reason. If you need to delete one of your posts, the delete button is an option after selecting edit.

- Make the effort for your posts to be grammatically correct and coherent. We understand that not everyone speaks English as their first language, and we're willing to give some leeway here, but if English is your first language you really have no excuse to be making incoherent posts. Bad formatting not only makes your posts unpleasant to read, but they also lessen the positive impact of the points you're trying to make.

- Don't put your opinion in hide tags. This isn't really infract-worthy but if you're going to write a paragraph of your thoughts and opinion, make it visible. Hide tags have their place, but hiding your opinions in hide tags is apt to make people not read them at all. There is enough censorship on the internet already, don't censor yourself here.

- Avoid excessive quoting. It's obnoxious, especially when you quote three paragraphs to answer with a one-liner. Please don't do that.

- Don't reply to a quote by putting bold text inside the quote box. This is execeedingly difficult to properly respond to. If you feel the need to break up a quote, you can do so by editing the quote tags. For example:

[ QUOTE=User's Name]
Paragraph 1

Paragraph 2

(The spaces in the tags shouldn't be there, this is just to show you the format)
Would become:

[ QUOTE=User's Name]
Paragraph 1


Paragraph 2

-Do not insult or flame other users. Correcting users when they say something that's clearly wrong is fine. Calling them a (BAN ME PLEASE) or saying they are stupid/retarded is an automatic 2 point infraction, no exceptions for anyone, badged users included.

-No Darmanitan-Z. Anywhere, any time, any reason. NO.


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Bumping this to reinforce what is said in the title: please DO NOT create new threads to ask a question. Here is a scenario outlining why this is annoying, as stated in the OP.

1. You post a thread with the purpose of asking one or a few questions.
2. We answer your question, redirect you to the SQ/SA thread (where your question belongs), and lock your post.
3. Your thread stays on the front page for a while and is a complete eyesore.
4. We keep it there for an unknown amount of time and have to guess whether or not you have seen our answer or not.

Do you understand why this is bad? It makes us keep locked threads on the front page for a few hours or days when they shouldn't be there at all. Just follow the rules, guys. I don't want to infract users with one post, I really don't.
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