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OU Laddering Achievements

Have you ever been bored laddering? Have you ever found the system somewhat devoid of features? If so, this is for you. The idea behind this is to spice up the ladder by adding specific goals to watch for when laddering. Some of them will be obscure, some common, and some will be difficult, others easy. To get your name put under the achieve, you MUST provide proof of you performing it beyond just saying so (If you use witnesses, provide at least 2). And now the achievements:

Where'd he go???
Win a battle while only starting with 5 Pokemon.

HackerKing, WhatWasThatNoise, AWailOfATail, Frochtejohgurt, BobbyVaporeon, The_Jaiho, PerplexingPool, Slashari, Sturdynips, PowerStyler, BenTheDemon, Ryuuki, U-TurnOut,

Starting off
Win five battles on one alt.

AWailOfATail, Sturdynips, Zenbanana, Ryuuki, Ezio

A little better
Win ten battles on one alt.

AWailOfATail, Sturdynips, Ezio, Ryuuki

Bronze God
Get every bronze achievement .

Win an OU battle with just UU (beta) Pokemon

Frochtejohgurt, SansNickel, BenTheDemon, Ryuuki, Ezio, AWailOfATail, Zebstrika

Coming along
Win thirty battles on one alt.

Ezio, The_Jaiho

Middle of the Road
Win a battle with 6 middle stage evolution pokemon.

Frochtejohgurt, AWailOfATail, The_Jaiho, BenTheDemon, Ryuuki, Ezio

Win three battles with no losses (must use a clean alt).

AWailOfATail, Sturdynips, Zenbanana, Ryuuki, Ezio, The_Jaiho

Silver God
Get every silver achievement and Bronze God.

The Very Best
Reach number one on the ladder.

Close call
Win a battle with only one Pokemon alive, and that Pokemon has only one hp left.

Whatwasthatnoise, Kairyu_Gen1, Magnemite, Ezio, Frochtejohgurt, The_Jaiho

Prevent an opposing Pokemon from moving even once through flinch.

Frochtejohgurt, Ryuuki, Ezio, The_Jaiho

Greed is good
Get a Pokemon to +6 in all stats, excluding evasion.

Prosecutor Godot, AWailOfATail, Ash Borer, Escaraleta, Treecko, Ryuuki, The_Jaiho

One man band
Win a battle using just one pokemon.

AWailOfATail, Kairyu_Gen1, TheBurgerKing99(WOOT), WhatWasThatNoise, Prosecutor Godot, Eventei, Frochtejohgurt, The_Jaiho, Zeriloa, Sturdynips, PerplexingPool, Escaraleta, Treecko, BenTheDemon, Slashari, Regiultima115, M Blade, Ryuuki, Ezio, Exemegadeth. U-TurnOut, Arikado

Win 30 battles with no losses.

Now you're getting somewhere
Win 100 battles on one alt.


Get a rating of 1337 or above.

TheMantyke, Swamp Rocket, The_Jaiho, Zeriloa, Sturdynips, BenTheDemon, Ryuuki, Ezio

On top of the word
Get a rating of 1400 or higher.

TheMantyke, BenTheDemon, Ryuuki, Ezio

Stall is NOT dead
Get all hazards up, and manage to keep them up the whole game.

Frochtejohgurt, Ezio, The_Jaiho

Passive Aggressive
Win a battle using only passive damage.

Frochtejohgurt, PerplexingPool, The_Jaiho, Ryuuki, Ezio, Sergeant Spooky, AWailOfATail

Golden God
Get every other normal achievement

Discover a new glitch on Pokemon Showdown.

Chesnaught, Ark Welder

Ultimate Battler
Win 5000 battles on one alt.

Get a rating of over 2000.


GOOMY, Arikado (Still not an achievement, but that was amazing. So I'll allow it.)

Making a Splash
Sweep an opponent (must kill all six of their Pokemon) with magikarp.

Ezio, The_Jaiho

Win 100 battles with no losses.

Win five battles within 30 seconds of each other. Tip: You can battle more than one person at once.

Oh come on...
Win 1000 battles on one alt.

Platinum God
Get every bonus achievement and Golden God.

Now, get out there and start achieving. Note: Anyone can add achievements, just post your idea in the thread.
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I did it under platinum, sorry. And I'm too lazy to change (it's platinum, since I feel like it would be insanely hard to do. lol. if it ends up not being that, then I'll move it.)


viva la darmz
And you might want to note that Evasion isn't included other than Acupressure. Also, Hone Claws or Coil is a must for Accuracy (or Acupressure).
So Shuckle could get this on its own.
Okay, I may move one man band to golden. It seems to be easier than I thought it would be (or just more enticing.)
Most of them can be verified by screen shot. Blitzkrieg would need eye-wittenesses, unfortunately. For that, I'll move it to platinum (since platinum ones are the ones you get for having a lot of free time, luck, or devotion.)
I know, but I can't tell people how to have fun. If they cheat, they cheat. But if they actually do it, and had fun doing it, then I've succeeded.
I'll try out "where did he go" and report back!
Does it have to be only one battle or do I have to hit a certain rating?


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Leeroy Jenkins!
Win with a team using all Choice items w/o using Trick.
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That one only has to be one battle. I might make it ten if it proves to be too easy (if it's ten, use hide tags for screen shots.)
Its not like they can cheat on the ones that will actually get respect like the ones involving getting higher ratings.

Anyway, working on the Close Call one right now, I've already had 3 draws and torn my hair out twice
Taste the Rainbow: Win 1 battle with all monotype teams.
Middle of the Road: Win a battle with 6 middle stage evolution pokemon.Overachiever
: Win an Uber tiered battle with no Uber pokemon.
Underachied: Win an Uber tiered battle with no Uber or OU pokemon.
Neverachieved: Win an Uber tiered battle with only NU pokemon.

No Pockets: Win 5 battles in a row with no items.
Everyone is special: Win 5 battles where no two pokemon on you team have any repeating types, moves, natures or items.
Screw Breeding: Win a battle with 0 IVS, EVs, and only level up moves
Gen X: Win six battles using only pokemon from each generation.
Stall is NOT dead: Get up all layers of spikes, Toxic spikes, Stealth rock and sticky web and keep them up the whole match.Passive Aggressive: Win a battle never dealing direct damage
1000 battles is a little too much bro , especially with all those ladder resets , suspect testings etc...
they are just to much

edit : lol you even mention 5000 wins !! ,i doubt that anyone had so many matches over the course of a generation both wins and losses ,even if there where a few people that did so ,the smog usage statistics would be obsolete .

edit:scale it down to 1:10, 500-100 ,wins is a more realistic target ,
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Spin To Win!
Win with a team where every member used Rapin Spin at least once.
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