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viva la darmz
****ing finally someone who didn't give up xD
so with this one I got
Greed is good (overkill version as I got evasion too xD)
Making a Splash

I got Starting off and A little better from this one

With this I get Bronze God too.

Also really nice thread like this =D

Edit: got Middle of the Road http://replay.pokemonshowdown.com/ou-81172942
Edit 2.3: got Turkey http://imgur.com/TPEHJb6
Sorry to burst your bubble, but iirc Smeargle is OU, not UU, so you don't qualify for Underacheiver. (Even though it should totally be UU)
Sorry to burst your bubble, but iirc Smeargle is OU, not UU, so you don't qualify for Underacheiver. (Even though it should totally be UU)
0.o welp it was in the UU part on Showdown, well doesn't really matter I'll have completed the achievement with Suicune along with the onemanband achievement. But thanks for pointing that out.
I got some cruel ones.

It's Super Effective!: Win a battle with only super-effective attacks.
It's... Regularly... Effective?: Win a battle with only neutral attacks.
It's Not Very Effective...: Win a battle with only not-very effective attacks.
Master Illusionist: Win a game without Zoroark's disguise fainting. Zoroark must see play.
Unnerving: Prevent the enemy from consuming his berry.
Truant Shmuant: Kill all 6 of the enemies pokemon with Slaking.
Slow and Steady Wins the Race: Stay in for 5 turns with Regigigas and then sweep the entire team.
Out of Options: Win with Shedinja as your last pokemon and your enemy having no moves for Wonder Guard.
Putting on the Pressure: Stall a pokemon out of PP for all of its moves.
Until the Very Last Breath: Have Struggle kill you and the opponent simultaneously.
Top Priority: Win with only priority moves and always move first every turn.
What are the Odds of That?: Run into somebody going for the exact same achievement as you.
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Here is Starting Off


Also, just wanted to say, this is a good idea and can pose for a good challenge for those that may be bored. Cheers!

Edit: Also this counts for Turkey!
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Do these have to be achieved on showdown? I did the one using a team of entirely middle evolution pokemon on PO, will find proof if its valid!
I think a achieved a lot now:


Let's see:

I'm a Douche by using Genesect.
Even worse, i'm a Super Douche because i use Lucario. I'm also Such a Troll for using Rotom-F with Air Balloon...
Skarmfully Bliss is also (kinda)used. Too bad Blissey doesn't show up, so i don't know if this counts...
Shiny Whore is also here too, just in case.
Is there any achievement for using a lolset like my SD Skarm?

I also kinda achieved One man band too, but the opponent forfeited before i could finish him off:


Edit: i also got I'm telling Zarel somehow, lol (this is the one that the opponent has to complain about you being a hacker):

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you only get a sticker for the SD skarm

also, i'd give you one man band, you would've swept him if he didn't forfeit (so many people forfeit nowadays, jeez)
I'm not sure if you really deserve One Man Band if the opponent had only one pokemon... and it's a Farfetch'd. And it still almost beat you. On the other hand, there was no requirement that you had to beat a serious team...

Maybe we should add a qualifier on the achievements that require you to win that the opponents team must be a full six pokemon?


Banned deucer.
This sounds fun. I'm gonna use a different alt so that my ranks don't get fucked.
Here's something to start me out.


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This needs to be posted in the Suspect Thread.
Mega Lucario breaking through a team with three Fighting-type weaknesses and a couple frail resistances, no Pokemon faster than Mega Lucario (no checks whatsoever, actually), and against a player who opted to use the neutral Air Slash instead of a sun-boosted, super effective, stronger Fire-type attack is worthless evidence. It swept through because the opponent decided not to kill Mega Lucario despite having a team that was horribly weak to it.

(Don't actually post that replay in the suspect thread.)
Is that his smogon name? (Also, currently in the long, tedious process of updating. Serves me right for putting it off.)


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I also discovered the bug in 3rd Gen battles that makes Hidden Power OHKO. So add me to that achievement.
Its interesting that you say that, since PS! doesn't support Gen 3 battles. They straight up are not on any server. Nice try.
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