Tournament OU PLAYER RANKING TOURNAMENT [Preliminary Round]

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Idea stolen from Mambo

LC's Thread:

You may have seen this tournament in the LC subforum, I'm bringing you the OU version! The concept is simple, a council and I will seed the players who signup to make a preliminary rankings list, after this list is made you can challenge the player ranked 1 spot above you in an attempt to move up the rankings ladder. If you lose you must wait 24 hours before re challenging the same player. This version will be somewhat different, after an undisclosed amount of time (to prevent stalling to keep your ranking) the top 16 will enter a playoff round to decide the champion.

Thank you to Finchinator Iloveleague p2 PDC and Ary for helping with the seeding.

1. daftmau5
2. Get this Money
3. Tele
4. Steve Angello
5. Always!
6. Rodriblutar
7. Arifeen
8. lighthouses
9. imsosorrylol
10. Updated Kanto
11. False.
12. Void
13. Confide
14. Sabella
15. z0mOG
16. Welli0u

17. Hec
18. p2
19. Chill Shadow
20. Vai Lusa
21. RedEmptionMc
22. Googly
23. Team Pokepals
24. MegaStarUniverse
25. fran17
26. Littlelucario
27. dukevesper
28. Scotti
29. TraceofLife
30. TheUzigunner
31. Jhonx~
32. Will-I-am
33. SunnyORAS
34. [Holiano
35. Miridy
36. Exiline
37. sand1234
38. Kit10
39. FireMonkeyGamer
40. Dominatio
41. BlazingDark
42. HQuaze
43. Zycross
44. Marcop9923
45. explodingdaisies
46. Baxstenias
47. Der Schweinsteiger
48. Simiatic
49. Terry24
50. Sanjay.
51. Waluigi The Anime
52. TropicalTeo
53. Nuxl
54. kek123
55. Broken Promises;
56. Jets
57. Kawaii Kyouko
58. EtherialMe
59. pikacu221
60. Tinberz
61. RedzoneX
62. Silver_Lucario42
63. Baton Mash
64. Gigo
65. failsohard
66. TestingSomeTeams
67. Kurukaito
68. praj.pran
69. Aurious
70. Real FV13
71. Drangonn.
72. mil
73. Thueris
74. Haruno
76. Sharp Ladder UU
76. Ox the Fox
77. Eternal Spirit

You will have until the 5th of September to finish your first matches, but you may challenge your next opponent directly after if you win. You may challenge people up to 3 ranks higher than you this round (you may also challenge those 1 or 2 places higher)!

NEW RULE!: You cannot refuse challenges on PS in an attempt to john your opponent.​
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Should we do scheduling on like irc since there's so many battles that are gonna take place or is normal smogon VMing fine?
how does this work in regards to who battles who first? p2 vmed me to play for my spot but i obviously would like to play sabella first, can i still attempt to play sabella or what?
btw lol at my rank who put me this high?
Won in a tight one vs GTM to move up 1. gg bro.

Just a bit unsure about the rules - if someone below me challenges and beats me, can i rechallenge them straight after or do i have to wait 24 hours?

I shouldn't even be in the top 20 but ty for the generous ranking lmao
Just realised I'm away for like 5 days at the end of this week, sub someone in for me if you want
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