Tournament OU Premier League II: Player Sign-ups

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Username: Srn
Tiers played: ORAS OU
Timezone: eastern
Availability weekday nights & weekends


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The draft is tomorrow at 8PM EST. It will most likely be held it in a groupchat on PS!, the hosts will update with more details on how to join tomorrow.

E: I personally may not actually be there, I was tired when I wrote this post so sorry for confusion but the hosts will be handling this, I just made this announcement.
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auction is done. results and logs:

thedashingdragonites: steveangello, metalgro, twincitiez, bomber, snow, contortedlies, urban, escavalier, contact, bluwing, habajiga, void, iloveleague, obii, evan, shartruce, obliviate

fuegoironworksfamahomes: theender, xray, mr378, stathakis, nedor, rozes, am, hootie, snowy, nails

inhumaneinfernapes: jayde, geemick, alexander, improbably, flamingvictini, teal6, clone, genesis7, wethreekings, choolio, zv1, candyfllip

thetopsznnoctowls: tesung, bedschibaer, boudouche, sapientia, wecameasromans, pearl, robert, mimolette, getthismoney, pokemaniaclivio, mizuhime

twinleafthunder: flcl, blunder, pdc, bkc, rumor, foggi, edgar, weegah, dice, always, iceytea

themenacingmetagrosses: omfuga, idiotfrommars, pokebasket, tricking, welli0u, reymedy, zoroarkforever, quaggster, luigi, posho, trc, alkov

and the remaining money:

[22:17:04] @Scrappie: " | thedashingdragonites: 8000 | fuegoironworksfamahomes: 0 | inhumaneinfernapes: 0 | thetopsznnoctowls: 0 | twinleafthunder: 1000 | themenacingmetagrosses: 0"

special thanks to the OU forum mods, Teremiare, Nineage, and Irraquated for helping the auction run smoothly. a BIG special thanks to OrdA who really went the extra mile to ensure everything was alright with the bot; he essentially lead hosting this auction ^^.

edit: posted the old list by accident. sorry :c
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