Tournament OU Premier League II: Player Sign-ups

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Username: Notsoclutch
Tiers played: RBY and ORAS OU (can play BW, but prefer not to)
Timezone: GMT -4
Availability: I'll be gone until mid-may, but should be fine after that. (May 14th I believe I should be ready to go).
Username: Sweep
Tiers played: ORAS, DPP
Timezone: GMT -4
Availability: Work during most days but have tons of time otherwise
Username: Based Godfish
Tiers played: GSC OU, ADV OU, BW OU
Timezone: GMT -8
Availability: Any days but thursday and sunday/monday mornings
Username: gustavoyay
Tiers played: oras/bw
Timezone: -3
Availability: im like half of the day on school, but outside this im here always
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