Other OU Premier League - Player Signups [Check post #357]

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Time zone: Central
Tiers played: ORAS / XY / BW / ADV / GSC
Availability: Pretty much all evenings and weekends are free. I have a vacation planned May 1-3 as well, but other than that we golden.


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Time zone: +8
Tiers played: ORAS / XY
Availability: I am free from 7 pm till 2am(Monday to Thursday)5 pm till 2am on Friday and almost all day on weekends.
Time zone: gmt -5
Tiers played: oras ou, xy ou, some ADV and BW experience, can and will learn any tier
Availability: more times than not
Time zone: GMT+1
Tiers played: ORAS/XY/BW
Availability: available at the afternoon and some days at evening/night
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