OU RMT: DragoSteel

We all know that the Dragon type and the Steel type cover each other quite well, with Stell resisting both of Dragon's weaknesses, while many dragons are immune to ground, resist Fighting and all of them resist Fire.

So, seeing Aggron's rise in use, I decided to use an Aggron 3 Dragon, 3 Steel team myself.

The Lead:

Emploeon @ Focus Sash
Modest Nature
156 HP, 252 Sp.Attack, 100 Speed

Hydro Pump
Aqua Jet
Grass Knot
Stealth Rock

Standard Anti-Lead Emploeon. Hydro Pump hurts almost all common leads, and Grass Knot allows a harder hit on Swamperts. Stealth Rock is useful for an offensive team in general. Aqua Jet is priority, be if finishing off sashers, or making use of Empoleon when it's beaten the other lead, is on 1 HP, and has Torrent active, while it's faceing down something faster than it, and rocks are down. In other words, it's a parting gift with some considerable power. Emploeon also partners with the other Dragons, as Earthquake means a free set-up.

Flygon @ Choice Scarf
4HP, 252 Attack, 252 Speed
Adamant Nature

Dragon Claw
Stone Edge

My Scout/Revenge Killer number 1. Scarfgon still hits somewhat hard, and is able to defeat Heatran, regardless of the set, as well as +1 Mance, Aggron, Metagross, Latias, and others. U-Turn spamming is fun, especially when you resist Stealth Rock. Flygon also serves as a switch-in to Thunder Waves. It partners with Scizor perfectly as well, resisting Fire, and defeating any Fire type with ease.

Scizor @ Choice Band
Adamant Nature
252 Attack, 248 HP, 8 Speed

Bullet Punch

Scout/Revenge Killer Number 2. Pairs perfectly with Flygon, resisting Ice and Dragon, but the other dragons like it's assistance too. Scizor is usually used Early-game, as a scout, while dealing impressive damage with U-Turn. Bullet Punch revenge kills things that Flygon can't. Between them, Scizor and Flygon can revenge more or less anything that isn't a wall. In all honesty, we know how Scizor works, it's on 30% of teams.

Dragonite @ Life Orb
Adamant Nature
224 HP, 84 Attack, 200 Speed

Dragon Dance
Dragon Claw
Brick Break

Used to be a Salamance, but testing actually showed me that Salamance just didn't work in the team. In all honesty, Dragonite isn't doing much better either, but it is doing better. Dragonite is bulky enough to set up a Dragon Dance usually. Roost allows it to recover some HP when it's starting to run low due to Life Orb. Dragon Claw is for STAB, and because I don't like being locked into Outrage, while Brick Break is because I have HP Fire on Latias, dislike Blissey, despise screens, and because I have enough Earthquakes already.

A suggestion on something to replace this with that is NOT Salamance would be appreciated. I've tested Salamance, and it did not work.

4 HP, 252 Speed, 252 Sp.Attack
Timid Nature

Calm Mind
HP Fire
Dragon Pulse

Latias is game-ender number 1, but also comes out in the mid-game if need be. Simple concept, Calm Mind on something that'll switch out. Wall Special Attackers, and smash more or less everything not called Blissey with boosted Dragon Pulses and HP Fire. (For Scizor, and Dragon/Fire coverage) Latias pairs perfectly with Aggron, as Aggron resists everything it's weak to, and vica versa. Their defensive stats even make it almost like a SkarmBliss, only offensive... and without as much recovery. And less pink blobs.

Adamant Nature
Rock Head
252 Attack, 252 Speed, 4 HP

Rock Polish
Head Smash

THE most improved pokemon ever in the 4th Gen. Don't argue that fact. Scizor jumped from low OU to high OU, while Aggron looks like it'll jump about 100 places, from Mid-NU to Low/Mid OU. Aggron, as mentioned before, pairs perfectly with Latias. It also happens to be a great revenger to CB Tyranitar, who love to kill Latias with Persuit. In fact, that spells game usually. Put a Ghost, Dark, Dragon, or Ice attacker in the game. Make them Choiced, or use Outrage (Not that uncommon). Bring in Aggron. Laugh at their attacks. Sub. Keep laughing. Rock Polish. Slaughter.

If the foe has Tyranitar, who's lured by Latias, this thing spells game, as I said before, because his stats become monsterous:

Aggron vs Tyranitar gives me:

282 HP (OK, take off about 70 from it, because of Sub)
350 Attack
396 Def
312 Sp.Def
398 Speed (With Rock Polish, enough to outspeed anything that's not Ninjask, or boosted)

Aggron's useually the last thing to enter the battle on my side, and the number of times I've swept the foe with this thing is massive.

Substitute even allows for Aggron to hit counters hard, then switch out to Latias/Dragonite/Flygon to defeat the 'counter'. Later on, when the counter for those three comes in, Aggron gets to do it all over again, with one less counter in his way.

Also, Aggron's subs alone are able to take Outrages from all but boosted Salamances, Explosions from Foretress, resisted special attacks in the sand, and much more!

Threat List:

Red = Major
Orange = Minor
Black = None

Abomasnow: Only seen as a lead. Can actually be trouble, if at least indirectly, because of the slew of 100% accurate Blizzards waiting to destroy my Dragons.

Azelf: Almost never anything but a lead. Leads set up orcks then die, presumeing that Emploeon didn't miss. Explosion fails to OHKO anyway.

Breloom: Almost no chance to come in on anything but Aggron, who I would have subbed with, thus, no problem.

Celebi: Scizor, Latias, Flygon, all deal with it.

Dugtrio: Dosen't actually trap anything that it would manage to defeat, except Emploeon, who'd use Aqua Jet and deal a lot as it dies, and Aggron, who, if it has a sub, or has Rock Polished, will also deal heavy damage.

Dragonite: If it manages a set-up, I have to use Flygon, and it's shakey at best, especially on BulkyDDNites

Electivire: No electric attacks, no threat.

Empoleon: Flygon, Scizor, set-up for Latias and Dragonite (Barring Ice Beam, which leads tend to be without)

Flygon: Scarfgon can destroy half my team, if Flygon loses the speed tie. Scizor stops it.

Gengar: Scizor beats him, Aggron can beat it if Focus Blast misses/it dosen't have it.

Gliscor: My team is largely physical, so if Emploeon and Latias are down, I can have issues.

Gyarados: Actually dosen't get the chance to set up often. If it does, Flygon's Stone Edge handles it. Dragon Claw also handles it with enough prior damage.

Heatran: No issue. Scizor's the only think that won't like it, and everything can take advantage of the choiced sets.

Heracross: Easily delt with by Flygon. Dragonite deals with it well, as does Latias on Banded sets. Finding out the move it's locked on is key.

Infernape: No problems. Flygon kills it, Latias is the perfect counter and sets up. Dragonite beats them, unless he comes in on a Stone Edge.

Jirachi: Scarfrachi is a pest, but needs MAJOR hax to beat Emploeon. If it switches out, I'll have to keep Emploeon alive.

Kingdra: In rain teams, it can cause major damage. If it DD's it can sweep me, although Flygon can revenge it at +1.

Latias: Scarfed Latias is the one fear from it. Scarfed is stopped by prediction and Emploeon/Aggron, while any other set is Flygon/Scizor.

Lucario: It won't get the chance to set up, seeing as everything on my team can 2HKO at worst.

Machamp: 2 Fighting resists, annoying, but beatable.

Magnezone: I have three steels, enough said.

Mamoswine: Scizor is down, GG.

Metagross: Dependant on the EV spread. Defensive Metagross are more of an issue than offensive, as Flygon dosen't kill them before he is killed.

Ninjask: LOL. My team has Scizor, Scarfgon, ect, so I can handle most BP enders with ease... if I don't kill mid-chain.

Porygon-Z: This is still used? Easily beaten by Aggron and Scizor.

Rhyperior: It could sweep if it gets a Rock Polish... like my Aggron.

Roserade: Sac something to the sleep, then the rest of the team says Hi.

Rotom-A: Annoying, but can be managed, as long as Latias stays away. Dragonite likes Rotom to a degree.

Salamence: DDMance can be a pain if it sets up. Like any DD useing Dragon... for that matter.

Scizor: Latias generally lures and beats it. Aggron can set up on Bullet Punches. Dragonite likes Superpowers.

Snorlax: Dragonite and Scizor

Starmie: Offensive Starmie can take Flygon's EQ, then sweep with Ice Beam, T-Bolt, and Surf.

Togekiss: Too slow to hurt anything. Aggron and Emp take LOL damage from Air Slash, and wouldn;t stay in anyway.

Tyranitar: Aggron smiles, and says 'GG'

Vaporeon: Underlined because it's a PAIN. With Ice Beam, Vaporeon can stall and sweep my whole team. One of the main reasons for considering Kingdra.

Weavile: Half my team dies to this thing, the other half kills it.

Yanmega: Most of my team deals with it.

Zapdos: Latias set-up. Dragonite set-up. Aggron set-up in the sand.


Kingdra > Dragonite? Sounds odd, but a Double Dance Kingdra covers some of my Fire weakness on Scizor, and gives a fightfully powerful sweeper. DD Mixdra could work as well, with Waterfall, DD, Outrage, and Draco Meteor. That set also beats Vaporeon, I think, or at least lowers it into Flygon and Scizor's KO range.

A non Dragon/Steel will only be considered if it will truely help, and even then, only in Dragonite's slot.

Moveset/EV changes are fine by me. Although Aggron's moveset and EV's will stay the same, because they are working wonders.

DO NOT SUGGEST SALAMANCE! I rtried it, and it failed in this team, as it's somewhat fragile, and the SR weakness dosen't help it cover the weaknesses of the Steel types, while Dragonite is bulky enough to do so at 75%.
About your Aggron, i recommend changing the set to a sub punch set:

Adamant Nature
Rock Head
252 Attack, 252 Speed, 4 HP

Rock Polish
Focus Punch
Head Smash

I can't quite remember what HP EVs you should use but this set should be better.
I wouldn't give it a subpunch set. With the SubPunch set you are locked in Head Smash when your substitute is broken and with only Head Smash you can't kill some common counters. I wouldn't even give it a substitute since it will be easily broken in the turn you set up Rock Polish and you can only set it up on the switch. I would go with this set
Aggron/Leftovers/Rock Head
Ev's: 252 speed/252 attack/ 4 Hp
Moves: Rock Polish/Head Smash/Earthquake/Double Edge
With this set you can hit allot of pokemon. Head Smash and Double Edge dont give Recoil and EQ is to hit those nasty steels. Only need to make sure Skarmory is out of play

You say that Dragonite isn't doing much better. Well a Threat list would be fine to see wich pokemon would be good too replace it with. But since that isn't here I will name you some pokemon I think that can replace it well. I dont really know if you want a dragon/steel type but I will call some pokemon:
-Dragon Dance Gyarados. If you can get a Gyarados and can set up on the switch it can rampage through full teams..
-MixApe: A great StallBreaker. Your only special orientated pokemon is Latias and with MixApe you will get an easier time against Stall teams.
-Guts Toxic/Flame Orb Swellow: You will think, What the hell is he saying. But yes. Youre team is kind of a team run around U-Turn and Swellow can give with its great speed and boosted attack due to guts U-Turn quite effectively. Toxic Orb if you want it to use U-Turn often. Flame Orb if you dont plan on using U-Turn all the time.

Well that was it. Hope ive helped and good luck with the team
Added threat List.

About the suggested Aggron set, Double Edge gives nothing. Only Levitateing Steels resist Quakeslide in OU, and Double-Edge is NVE on them. Sub gives me a scout, the ability to hit a counter, and status immunity. It's not like I'm going to switch Aggron in on something that'll stay in, because all of OU is faster, and will only stay in if they are sure they'll OHKO... in other words, Aggron wouldn't get to attack anyway.

Gyarados could work. I'm yet to test Kingdra, but I'll add Gyarados to the list of potentual Dragonite replacements.

Swellow... I've used it on previous teams, and it wasn't that good. Throw in the fact that it dosen't support the rest of the team well, besides being a scout.

Infernape could help as well, simply because it's a mixed attacker, but wouldn't help breaking many walls that I can't break already, although it would be another mesure against Mamoswine.
Just thought i'd throw in Bronzong as a potential wall to your team, since only HP Fire latias / Empoleon can hurt him, and Gyro Ball / Earthquake give them troubles too. Aggron has it's only effective attack hitting NVE, and his Earthquake would be hitting you 4x Super Effective, which is horrible.

Flygon/Dragonite Can't do a thing to Bronzong, and he can sit back and hit them with Gyro Balls, moreso Dragonite who will be boosting speed with Dragon Dance.

Scizor is neutral, since his U-Turns can dent bronzong, but Scizor would be forced out then.

Perhaps bring in a mixmence, or Heatran? to deal with Bronzong, and act as a wallbreaker for your team, since it seems apparent, that you rely on specific pokemon to take out specific things, without really utilising something that can come in, wreak havoc, and die, while opening up gaps for the rest of your team to capitalise on, and finish the game.

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