Tournament OU Room Live Tours Cycle 2, Custom avatar prize (starting on September 14)

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Banner by the talented Azure

Hey everyone and welcome to the second cycle of OU Room Live Tours (2022 edition)!

OU Room Live Tours is an event organized by the OU PS! room where you can participate in Gen8 OU Room Tournaments, earning points to qualify for a playoffs session and try to win a custom avatar of your choice!

As last cycle, the event will be composed of two phases. The first one will be a 4-week period of room tours during which players will try to gather the maximum number of points to qualify for the playoffs phase. The 16 best players will then be able to participate in the 4-week playoffs phase and compete for the title of winner of the cycle.

The room tours phase

Each week, 3 Gen8 OU room tours will be organized in the Pokemon Showdown! OU room: These tours will follow a predefined schedule given below. Only the tours scheduled here will count for this event and the leaderboard will be held here (it is not the leaderboard shown in the room). Scouting will be allowed during these room tours. Note that in the case where a game exceeds 200 turns, staff members will be able to either dq a player if there’s a clear winner or to randpick the winner to avoid delaying the whole tour.

The way points are awarded is as follow: winning a room tour will give you 5 points, second place will give 3 points, third and fourth place (people losing in semi-finals) will get 2 points, and fifth to eighth (people losing in quarter-finals) will get 1 point. Note that you can only win points from two out of the three tours each week, so if you reach top eight in the three tours of the week, you'll get the points of your two best performances.

Cycle 2 schedule
(this schedule is subject to small changes)
For this new cycle, the room tours will be hosted each Wednesday at 3 PM (GMT-4), each Saturday at 10 PM (GMT-4) and each Sunday at 10 AM (GMT-4). There will be four weeks of room tours, starting the week of Wednesday September 14th and ending on Sunday October 9th.

Room tour schedule for the main timezones
US Est (GMT-4)GMT+0Europe (GMT+2)US West (GMT-7)Asia (GMT+7)
3 PM​
7 PM​
9 PM​
12 PM​
2 AM (Thursday)​
10 PM​
2 AM (Sunday)​
4 AM (Sunday)​
7 PM​
9 AM (Sunday)​
10 AM​
2 PM​
4 PM​
7 AM​
9 PM​

All room tour dates for cycle 2
Week 1​

Week 2​

Week 3​

Week 4​

The playoffs phase

After 4 weeks of room tours, the 16 players with the most points will qualify for the playoffs phase. The playoffs phase will consist of four rounds (each round will last for one week) where people will get paired up with each other and will play in Gen8 OU BO3. For the first round, each player will be seeded depending on their points (the player with the greatest number of points will be seed 1 and so on…) and the highest seeded players will face the lowest ones (seed 1 face seed 16, seed 2 face seed 15…). The 8 winning players will thus move to round 2. The 4 players winning their round 2 BO3 will move to round 3 and the 2 players winning in round 3 will move to the final round and play in a Gen8 OU BO5 to win the cycle and the custom avatar prize.

The playoffs will be hosted on this thread. At the end of the first phase, I’ll make a new post pinging the qualified players and giving them their pairings. They will then have a week to schedule and play their BO3 with their opponent (when you have a clear schedule, give it in advance to a staff member). The games will have to be linked in the Pokemon Showdown! OU room, and the replays will have to be posted in this thread.

Other information

You will need to have a Smogon account to take part to the playoffs phase, and we will ask you your Smogon account when you earn points for the first time in a room tour. If you don’t have one, you can still create one during the cycle, as there will be no restriction in term of date of creation of your account or number of messages.

If there is a tie in the leaderboard, players with the same number of points will be ranked according to the numbers of first places in a tour they have. If there’s still a tie with an impact on who qualify to the playoff, an additional BO3 (or several BO3 in case there’s more than two people) will be played at the beginning of the playoffs phase. If there's too many ties, we will use one more week to make sure all ties are solved before launching the playoffs phase.

I hope you will enjoy this event! If you have any question, feel free to contact me on Smogon, PS! or Discord (doom_desire#4292) or to reach out to any other OU room staff.

Many thanks to all the OU room staffs who helped organizing this event and who will be hosting the different tours!


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OURLT Leaderboard

RankSmogon namePS name(s)Score
1JustFrancoalting by daybreak15
2Storm ZoneBarracades 9
3Tenebriciteatium vial7
4CoolcodenameLadder Prodigy3
4lou dortlou dort3
10YamaYorushika fan2
10cleanoverthrower 2
10WeaselfieSpecial Classics2
17Elias PSY NT77y DestinyBond1
17commoncolourcommoncolours 1
17Scorcha9cdcdcdcdcdcd 1
17Kazt_5kazt t1
17Ice type 4 everIce Type 4 ever1
17LaughingJackassLaughingJackass 1
17NA WeezingNA Weezing1
17not givenKroacky 1
17not givenOhohAhah 1
17not givenPU11 B21
17AyanteEnd of Timess 1
17samohi0 samohi0 1
17Tempestbrute Tempest Brute 1
17not given Roast Landorus1
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