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OU Room Premier League 2 [Won by the Snowpoint Sneasels]


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It's the first time I have to do this but Djokra and I scheduled Saturday 9PM GMT+2. It has been 3h18 since and I've got to go to bed, so requesting activity.


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Congrats to

1. Snowpoint Sneasels: 12 Pts, 35 Wins
2. Lecherous Lucarios: 11 Pts, 33 Wins
3. Sadistic Sunkerns: 9 Pts, 31 Wins
4. Mischievous Magearnas: 6 Pts, 20 Wins

For qualifying for the playoffs!

FMG starry blanket Charmflash KlefkiHolder please send lineups via discord as soon as possible. Very well done to all the teams this tour, and I’m glad we had another smooth year. Looking forward to seeing the sneasels magearnas rematch from last years finals.

E: congrats to Lemaitre for the perfect regular season!
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Deadline: Saturday May 12, 11:59 PM EDT (GMT-4)

Snowpoint Sneasels vs. Mischievous Magearnas
SM OU: Blackoblivion vs. suapah
SM OU: KingKdot vs. The Hallows
SM OU: blarghlfarghl vs. Empo
SM OU: WhiteLion vs. Jrdn
ORAS OU: Hiye vs. Vulpix03
BW OU: FMG vs. Djokra
DPP OU: DeepBlueC vs. KlefkiHolder

Lecherous Lucarios vs. Sadistic Sunkerns
SM OU: jacob vs. Charmflash
SM OU: insult vs. MJ
SM OU: Updated Kanto vs. Leru
SM OU: Exiline vs. HQuaze
ORAS OU: Lemaitre vs. GenZeon
ORAS OU: Dlanyer vs. Analytic
BW OU: dom vs. byronthewellwell
DPP OU: Reverb vs. eden's embrace

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