OU Room Premier League III - Sign Ups Thread

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Tiers Played: UU OU LC
Timezone: GMT -7
Weekdays after 3:30 and all day weekends
Tiers Played: SS OU
Timezone: EST(GMT -5)
Availability: Pretty much every day of the week except Tuesday, and Thursday. Schedule might become more limited from December 1-December 10 due to exams.
Username: Neblina
Tiers played: ADV OU, DOU OU (all) DPP OU y ORAS OU // LC all :3
Timezone: GMT-5
Always available


this is all a moo point
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NUPL Champion
Username : zSpxdes
Tier Played : Looks like i have a lot of choices here
Timezone : +1
Availabilty : Always here!
Username: Fisty
Tiers Played: SS OU
Timezone: GMT-8
Availability: I work early in the morning till the afternoon.
Username: TexasWarrior2201
Tiers Played: OU, DoublesOU, DoublesUU, some OMs (like NFE)
Timezone: CST
Availability: Usually whenever my brother is at school or at drill team practice on mondays and saturdays, in otherwords, when i feel like it
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