Official OU Round 11 Suspect Voting

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Just to inform everyone, this reached Uber around Jabba's vote.

Nerd Iconic will give you exact / correct numbers, but around Jabba's vote I had counted 82 uber / 57 do not ban / 3 abstain, and iirc we had 164 voters, so we needed 83 for uber, but the 3 abstains made it 82 for uber.

So yea, Lando-i is uber, and Iconic will give you the exact numbers.


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ban: 84
dnb: 60
abs: 3
voted: 148 (91.35802469135802%)
total: 162
Landorus-I is BANNED with a percentage of 56.75675675675676%
Metal Sonic's vote was the one that called the majority.

I rule, Iconic does not.

Haunter is the best!
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