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Katy wins again! Onto round 4! I’m on my phone so I’ll fix up the formatting later, sorry for being late :psycry:

Week 4 - Kyurem-Black


Kyurem-B is a very powerful wallbreaker thanks to its massive base 170 Attack stat and amazing offensive typing, allowing it to tear apart bulkier teams and making it very hard to switch into. Coverage options like Fusion Bolt and Earth Power couple amazingly with Kyurem-B's STAB moves, dealing massive amounts of damage to Pokemon like Tapu Fini, Heatran and Magnezone. Thought it has some glaring weaknesses, it’s quite fun to build around and I’m excited to see what you come up with! 5 days to submit!​
Absol-Mega + Kyurem-Black Offense


Absol-Mega is a very fun pokemon to use in the tier. Indeed, he has unusual qualities that are his ability Magic Bounce (where Diancie-Mega is probably the only viable user apart from the rare Espeon in Hyper Offense with Volcarona), his unique Dark-Type combined with moves like Pursuit, Knock Off and Sucker Punch. In addition, Absol-Mega has an Attack of 150 (to be linked with his possession of Swords Dance) and a Speed of 115 (enough to outspeed most Tornadus-Therian Bulky, usually reaching 358 in speed). As a result, Mega-Absol can perfectly serve as an Early-Game Breaker (or even a Late-Game Sweeper) and will, in general, be able to quickly weaken Fairies (or even lure Clefable with Iron Tail) and strongly threaten opposing teams with his combination of Sucker Punch + Swords Dance.

Kyurem-Black here will be played with the Life Orb. Absol-Mega and Kyurem-Black have a good synergy: Absol-Mega brings a management of Hazards with his Magic Bounce talent and will either weaken the rare Steel that bothers Kyurem-Black like Magearna, or put enormous pressure on his rare checks like Chansey. For Kyurem-Black, he will be able to weaken the team in general, especially the cores based on Tapu Fini, and facilitate a possible sweep from Absol-Mega (not to mention the fact that Kyurem-Black can lure Scizor-Mega with Hidden Power Fire ).

Kartana will be our second form of speed control with the Choice Scarf. Kartana Scarf is an excellent cleaner in the metagame and remains very difficult to outspeed in the tier (only a few scarfers like Greninja are able to outspeed him). However, pokemons like Zapdos, Tornadus-Therian, Scizor-Mega or Ferrothorn are, in general, able to stop a clean from Kartana. Thus, Kartana will greatly benefit from Absol-Mega and Kyurem-Black, especially in their ability to weaken the team and greatly put pressure on most of his checks.

Zapdos will be our Z-move user (Z being on Thunderbolt). With his excellent double-type, Zapdos is able to keep pokemons such as Kartana, Lopunny-Mega or Scizor-Mega in check. Additionally, Zapdos is a great way to punish U-turns with his ability Static (notably U-turn from Landorus-Therian Scarf). Finally, Zapdos's Z-Thunderbolt allows him to put enormous pressure on pokemons like Heatran, Magearna or Mawile-Mega.

Garchomp will be played with the Rocky Helmet with a spread very focused on the Defense. In offense, Garchomp is an excellent Fire-resist, setter of Stealth Rock, Electric-Immunity and, with his natural bulk, able to withstand pokemon hits like Lopunny-Mega, Kartana, Swampert or Tyranitar (thus able to greatly weaken them with the combination of the Rocky Helmet and his ability Rough Skin). Finally, Garchomp's good speed (reaching 289 in speed with his spread) allows him to overspeed pokemons like Jolly Bisharp or Jolly Swampert (without the Rain).

Ferrothorn is our steel always mandatory in SM OU. Very common in offense, it will be our short term response to threats like Ash-Greninja, Alakazam-Mega / Tapu Lele or Swampert-Mega. He also brings the spikes, which will be extremely useful for weakening the opposing team.


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Kyurem Black is Back - The force of LO Kyurem-B feat. All-Out Mega Mawile and Choice Scarf Tapu Bulu

:landorus-therian: :Zapdos: :kyurem-black: :mawile-mega: :greninja-ash: :tapu bulu:

pokepaste: https://pokepast.es/26cfa3dd75acb500

this team is built with stealth rock landorus-t and defog volt switch zapdos for momentum and hazard control, landorus-t has hidden power ice to hit opposing landorus-t for super effective damage and it also hits gliscor upon the switch. kyurem-b has the life orb set and benefits from tapu bulus grassy terrain, in the same vein mega mawile benefits from tapu bulus terrain, as kyurem-b negaties the life orb recoil with it and mega mawile also is a longer lasting threat on the field. ash greninja and tapu bulu are also the speed control on this team with ash greninja having spikes to further pressure the opposition upon checking mega mawile and kyurem-b and tapu bulu can check dangerous threats such as opposing ash greninja and other water-types such as tapu fini which can trouble ash greninja.​


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How to break Balance teams in Sun & Moon OverUsed: a story by Diancie and Kyurem-Black

:sm/diancie-mega: :sm/kyurem-black: :sm/gliscor: :sm/ferrothorn: :sm/tornadus-therian: :sm/greninja-ash:

Diancie-Mega is an incredible partner for Kyurem Black, providing hazards control and a way to pressure common switch-ins to KB, such as Mega Scizor, Magearna, Ferrothorn and Heatran. The EV spread is fairly simple, a Hasty Nature allows you to tie with Latias-Mega and to outspeed non-Scarf Kartana. Hasty is prefered over Naive to help Diancie switch into and threaten Tornadus-Therian. Diamond Storm allows Diancie to be our dedicated offensive check to Charizard, Earth Power hits Heatran and Toxapex, while Hidden Power Fire smacks Mega Zor really hard.

Kyurem-Black is one of the strongest wallbreakers in the tier thanks to its ability to basically OHKO anything that's not a Steel-type. I went with the very classic Freeze Shock set, since it fits well on this squad, especially with Diancie luring in Steels. Roost is there for longevity, but can be swapped out for Earth Power if you feel comfortable enough with double Defog and Magic Bounce supporting it. KB is incredibly threatening against common teams, especially Rain and fat teams relying on Hazards, Gliscor, Mega-Latias and LO Clef to beat opposing teams, making it an obvious choice for this team (on top of it being the mon of the week lmao).

Gliscor is our main Heatran switch-in, Defog support for the team, luring in stuff like Celesteela and Latias to U-turn on them, thus brining Kyurem-Black on the field for a round of terror. Other than that, you know what Gliscor does. Speed is there to outspeed Modest Tran and Timid Magearna, rest is put into HP and SpD to better take on Heatran.

Ferrothorn is our main Tapu Lele and Greninja switch in, providing Rocks for the team and uhhhh yea you know what Ferro does as well. Spread is v classic, allows you to eat a +1 Supersonic Skystrike from Gyara, with the rest of EVs being invested in SpD.

Tornadus-T is our second Defog user for the squad and main Kartana switch-in, while being our main check to Mega Scizor (which is otherwise quite threatening). It's great against Rain since most rain teams can't really switch into Hurricane, even uninvested. Spread allows Torn to eat 2 Leaf Blades from Kartana in Terrain, while maximizing physical bulk to eat stuff like Stone Edge from Scarf Lando and stuff like that. It's also our Mega Lopunny switch in, overall being a very reliable defensive Pivot.

AshGren completes this squad by providing Spikes Support and a way to pressure Magearna, Toxapex and Ferrothorn even more for Kyurem-Black, making our offensive core even more threatening, and forcing the opponent to Defog for us by stacking hazards. It also provides the team with much needed priority to beat stuff like a boosted Volcarona or weakened faster threats, like Tapu Koko or Scarf Kartana.


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Kaiser shows he's the king of this week! Week 5 time, this time with a Mega on our hands!

Week 5 - Mega Mawile


Mega Mawile is one of the strongest breakers in the OU metagame. Solid coverage options like Knock Off, Ice Punch, Fire Fang, and Thunder Punch alongside a setup move in Swords Dance make Mega Mawile impossible to deal with defensively, while its access to Sucker Punch gives it the ability to threaten offensive teams. Its typing - combined with Intimidate - grants it many opportunities to set up and wreak havoc. Of course, destroying the OU tier isn't something you can do alone (unless you're like, Manaphy) so it's gonna need some teammates to help it! 5 days to build a team featuring MMaw, good luck!​
Bulky Offense Reuniclus + Mawile-Mega (aka how to bully Stall)

:SM/Reuniclus: :SM/Mawile-Mega: :SM/Heatran: :SM/Tapu Fini: :SM/Landorus-Therian: :SM/Tangrowth:

Reuniclus is a pokemon that we usually see in much more fattish structures (Balance / Semi-Stall). Indeed, this kind of playstyle benefits enormously from his ability to be a very solid check against Lopunny-Mega / Medicham-Mega (for example), while providing a solid wincondition with the move Calm Mind (moreover, fattish playstyles are able to run Reuniclus alongside providers of Spikes and/or Toxic Spikes). However, the objective here will be to integrate Reuniclus into a Bulky Offense structure, thus bringing all of Reuniclus's qualities to this playstyle (especially when the Bulky Offense usually have a difficult match-up against Medicham-Mega). So, concerning the set, here, Reuniclus will be played with his bulky sweeper set with the Psychium Z, with coverage in the form of Thunder (allowing to pass Skarmory, Sableye-Mega and, possibly, fish paralysis on bulky steels like Heatran).

Mawile-Mega (the star of this week) is a good partner for Reuniclus. Both form a core able to break any stall. Additionally, Mawile-Mega will appreciate Reuniclus's ability to weaken bulky steel (especially if Reuniclus manages to paralyze them with Thunder, greatly helping Mawile-Mega to sweep the opposing team). In addition, Mawile-Mega will be able to greatly put pressure on other bulky Calm Mind users (Latias-Mega, Reuniclus, Clefable, ...), thus avoiding very ankward 1v1s against them for Reuniclus. Regarding the set, Mawile-Mega will be played with his usual sweeper set. However, a little more speed will be attributed to this Mawile-Mega, enough to not only outspeed Skarmory, but also to outspeed the paralyzed Tornadus-Therian (358 speed).

Heatran will be our much needed bulky steel in the tier. While bringing very beneficial things for our team (Stealth Rock, Check of Volcarona, ...), Mawile-Mega and Reuniclus have difficulties against Scizor-Mega. Thus, Heatran is able to switch easily on Scizor-Mega, stopping all sweep attempts from him.

Tapu Fini is the main defogger of the team. In general, with Reuniclus, a good dark-resist is often necessary, and this is exactly what Tapu Fini provides. Able to check the majority of offensives dark-type in the tier (Ash-Greninja, Weavile, Hydreigon, ...), Tapu Fini is also an excellent bulky water, especially when Heatran is able to abuse Mawile-Mega and Reuniclus , and therefore requires the intervention of Tapu Fini to stop any progress on his part.

Landorus-Therian is our main source of speed control (alongside Sucker Punch from Mawile-Mega). Bringing the mandatory ground-immunity and electric-immunity in the tier, Landorus-Therian brings a lot, especially momentum with U-turn. In addition, it will be played with Hidden Power Ice, allowing to bait other Landorus-Therian and thus help Mawile-Mega.

Tangrowth, thus, concludes this team. Played with the Rocky Helmet, Tangrowth provides a more solid answer to Kartana, Swampert-Mega and Garchomp. In addition, the move Stun Spore has a good synergy with Mawile-Mega, allowing to slow down some steel-type (Heatran, Ferrothorn, ...) and, above all, the fly-type (Tornadus-Therian, Zapdos, ...), while avoiding that certain threats can switch easily on him (in particular Volcarona and Charizard-Mega-Y).


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mega mawhat dat noise be? (mega mawile + noivern BO)

I know what you're thinking: that is a Noivern. And, yes, your eyes do not deceive you; there is a Noivern being used in SM OU, the most powercrept Past Gen OU. Let me enlighten you a bit as to my thought process:

Mega Mawile as a Pokemon has no true switch-in, and while its speed is horrendous, it's all about giving it the opportunity to do its thing in the first place. Its bad speed makes it fairly difficult to let it find those breaking opportunities, so pivoting support against its best targets would let its breaking power really shine on a game-to-game basis. This is why I chose Noivern; in addition to providing a helpful scout against things like Kartana and Heatran with Frisk, its Dragon-type, higher speed tier than Tornadus-T (eclipsing base Greninja and Tornadus-T itself), and access to Super Fang allow for it to carve a miniscule niche as an offensive pivot which U-turns against Fairy-types and spreads Super Fang damage. Z-Hurricane lets it have a nuclear Z-Move for reliable revenge killing purposes, or safely finishing off bulkier foes after Super Fang, in order to maintain a reliably threatening presence against offensive structures. Super Fang is great because it safely applies chip to Steel-types like Heatran and Magearna that often switch into it, which can be immense in opening up Greninja Dark Pulse spam in the late game. Since Noivern's power is generally middling and it lacks powerful coverage, it's a good lure to things like Tapu Fini, Heatran, Magearna, and Clefable which may be otherwise more apprehensive to pivot into Tornadus-T's Z-Hurricane. Mawile can find effective breaking opportunities against bulkier Magearna variants thanks to Fire Fang, nearly every Clefable variant, and most Tapu Fini variants.

Mawile itself can be mixed and matched with a variety of options. Thunder Punch I've found is still a pretty great option as Toxapex can be otherwise very annoying for this team, as well as 4 attacks, but I've liked the immediate power of Fire Fang to take direct advantage of Magearna. Intimidate is also a very reasonable ability to run, especially as it can reinforce the team's backbone against threats like Mega Lopunny in a pinch, and it may in fact be better in most cases, but I just like the added assurance of Hyper Cutter so my Play Rough can then generally one-two punch Landorus-Therian in tandem with Sucker Punch, which can be annoying to pivot around otherwise.


Ash Greninja: Ash Greninja benefits greatly from the breaking abilities of Mawile to more cleanly get it into its Battle Bond form, as well as Noivern's ability to spread Super Fang chip damage. Furthermore, it's a great beneficiary of Noivern's U-turn against Heatran and loves that its Z-Hurricane is a decent lure to force damage against Tapu Fini and other Dark Pulse checks. As an offensive Pokemon it greatly benefits from the structure and gameplan of this team.

Jirachi: Jirachi takes the heat off of Mawile to pivot into things like Mega Alakazam, Mega Lopunny, and Kartana, while providing the team with Healing Wish support, more U-turn, and Stealth Rock. It generally fills that role of bulky Steel-type that Mawile isn't always as willing to take on, which in general is important as Mawile generally likes to be healthy to more safely dispense damage and not be as pidgeonholed into Sucker Punch. Mawile also synergizes solidly with it as a Steel-type since Mawile doesn't give a rat's ass about Knock Off, whereas Jirachi is very weak to it.

Tangrowth: Essentially acts as the team's bulky Regenerator pivot which blanket checks a wide range of the tier, between things like Ash Greninja, Mega Lopunny, Mega Swampert, Kartana, Landorus-Therian, Tapu Koko, Garchomp, and similar Pokemon. Its ability to dispense easy Knock Off spam against most archetypes can be very nifty for helping to open up Mawile and Ash Greninja, and thanks to Regenerator it can keep up the pressure while continuously staying healthy. Furthermore, Noivern's access to Frisk lets Tangrowth play a lot more deliberately around Kartana, in case of random Z-moves.

Landorus-Therian: The classic god of OU himself, Landorus-T provides me with pinch speed control, a fast win condition with costs not too demanding, emergency removal, another Ground-type immunity, an Electric-type immunity, and an offensive midground against Heatran and Magearna. It is also great at keeping up the momentum and also enables my main offensive core.

If you're interested in trying out the team, feel free to check the paste here!


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Choice Band Tyranitar and Swords Dance Mega Mawile Bulky Offense feat. Choice Specs Keldeo!

:heatran: :landorus-therian: :mawile-mega: :tapu koko: :tyranitar: :keldeo:

Pokepaste: https://pokepast.es/50abf9f01c3b9f91

Explanation: Specially defensive Heatran acts like a check to Tapu Lele and Volcarona, as it can annoy them really well. At least non-Fightinium Z- Tapu Lele gets annoyed by Heatran. It is also the Stealth Rock setter on the team with Lava Plume being able to inflict status on the opposition to give Mega Mawile an easier time to set up later. Landorus-T is our Defogger on this team with Choice Scarf to provide Speed control and Hidden Power Ice for opposing Landorus-T and to hit Gliscor for a bit of damage. Mega Mawile is the Swords Dance user and is a great breaker in tandem with Choice Band Tyranitar and Choice Specs Keldeo breaking down checks for each other and weakening them for Mega Mawile later on. Tapu Koko and Mega Mawile can also help against Hawlucha which is scary to this team, so Tapu Koko can ensure a check to Hawlucha. Choice Band Tyranitar and Choice Specs Keldeo is a great partnership with Choice Band Tyranitar being able to also check Volcarina and Keldeo can softcheck Ash Greninja. This team in general is built to break down shared checks with ease to give Mega Mawile the freedom to set up later on in the game and to break the team apart.​
Mega Mawile + Grassium Z Celebi Balance
:grassium-z: :Sm/Mawile-Mega: + :sm/celebi: :grassium-z:

:mawile-mega: :toxapex: :gliscor: :skarmory: :celebi: :Magearna:
(click sprites for importable)

This team follows a very basic structure with a twist in Celebi with grassium-z. You may ask why I have chosen to use Grassium-Z Celebi; I was messing around in the builder about a year ago and had this nice team structure going, but needed something to set stealth rocks, tank Mega-Swamepert & carry a Z crystal. I made this Celebi set, and it actually turned out quite well. This is by no means a perfect team, and speed control is somewhat lacking, but it is enjoyable enough to load up in the mid ladder.
Mawile-Mega: Obviously one of the best legal Mega-evo's in OU; the set I have opted for here is the classic SD + 3 attacks. Play Rough and Sucker Punch are mandatory, and Knock is run as it hits the most targets. Mawile requires barely any support to function - just watch out for psychic terrain shenanigans.

Toxapex: Our primary Greninja + Charizard-Y switch in, as well as Volcarona check. This one carries Toxic Spikes to complete our hazard stacking sub-theme.

Gliscor: Our primary Heatran + Charizard-X switch in, and complimentary Pex-Glisc core, Gliscor is SD in order to soften up Mawile Checks such as Landorous, Celesteela, Mega-Venusaur ect. It is also our ground, even though I hate using grounds 4x weak to Ice and saying the ground type is 'covered'.

Skarmory: Our all round physical wall that carries spikes and defog in order to control hazards. Counter is a very good move on Skarm, and I like it a lot as it punishes a lot of players who try to recklessly break. Be careful against things like Substitute Hawlucha though.

Celebi: Helps in the rain MU vs Mega Swampert, provides a switch in to status (including Spore / Sleep powder!), is our rocker, and surprise Bloom Doom abuser. This set shouldn't be as effective as it is, but a lot of people don't expect the modest Z. Also gives an extra resist against Mega-Medi Stabs and Psyspam.

Magearna: Psychic check and overall DON. Love heart swap mage. Ever Heart swapped on Sub BD Kommo-o? It also has volt switch to bring in our other guys.

Overall there are a couple of directions you could take the team, making Gliscor defog and Skarmory whirlwind, as one example. Also could benefit from some speed control, and as much as I like Mage, it can hurt switching in on spikes in hazard stacking wars. Anyway, enjoy and have fun building!
Replay: https://replay.pokemonshowdown.com/gen7ou-1413056218 (surprise on Mega-Sab)


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Congratulations to Vittorioso for winning the week! Onto week 6, back with a Tapu!

Week 6 - Tapu Bulu
:ss/Tapu bulu:

Another powerful threat, Tapu Bulu's incredibly strong Grass-type moves turn it into a devastating wallbreaker capable of breaking through many Grass-resistant foes such as Torn-T and Zapdos. It’s solid bulk and useful resistance also help it check the likes of Ash-Greninja and Tapu Koko, and Grassy Terrain can really be a massive boon for teams. How will you tackle the second Tapu? 5 days to build!



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Tapu Bulu @ Choice Band
Ability: Grassy Surge
EVs: 84 HP / 248 Atk / 176 Spe
Adamant Nature
- Horn Leech
- Wood Hammer
- Superpower
- Stone Edge

Kartana @ Choice Scarf
Ability: Beast Boost
EVs: 252 Atk / 4 SpD / 252 Spe
Jolly Nature
- Leaf Blade
- Knock Off
- Sacred Sword
- Defog

Rotom-Wash @ Wiki Berry
Ability: Levitate
EVs: 248 HP / 252 Def / 8 Spe
Bold Nature
- Hydro Pump
- Volt Switch
- Will-O-Wisp
- Defog

Magearna @ Assault Vest
Ability: Soul-Heart
EVs: 248 HP / 28 Def / 232 SpD
Sassy Nature
IVs: 22 Spe
- Volt Switch
- Fleur Cannon
- Ice Beam
- Iron Head

Garchomp @ Rockium Z
Ability: Rough Skin
EVs: 252 Atk / 4 SpD / 252 Spe
Jolly Nature
- Stealth Rock
- Earthquake
- Stone Edge
- Swords Dance

Charizard-Mega-X @ Charizardite X
Ability: Blaze
EVs: 252 Atk / 4 SpD / 252 Spe
Jolly Nature
- Dragon Dance
- Flare Blitz
- Dragon Claw
- Roost
My take on the Grass spam core, with CB Bulu and Scarf Kartana being the combination of choice. Mega Charizard X pairs with the core well: they generate opportunities & break certain threats to each other. Rotom-W and AV Magearna form a nice pivoting backbone, and Garchomp further pushes the offense while fulfilling some crucial utility roles. Megahorn > Stone Edge is definitely an option on Tapu Bulu here, I would say this depends on the opponent who you are prepping to.
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