Tournament OUPL IV - Week 6

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Welcome to the 6th week of the 4th edition of Overused Premier League! Please remember to fall all normal tournament guidelines for scheduling and any forum/general tournament rules, as well as those previously established going in to the tournament! Good luck to each team competing and I hope everyone has plenty of fun playing!
The Striaton City Spaghetts vs The CrashinBoomBullies
SM: Lopunny Kicks vs Mimolette - act
SM: Gondra vs xImRaptor
SM: Hootie vs Ya Boy MostDope - scheduled and see no follow up/posts about it being played, dead
ORAS: lighthouses vs sicko
BW: dk vs reyscarface - dead
DPP: Kaori vs FAJI - act
ADV: McMeghan vs pasy_g
Bo3: PDC vs Bluxio

The Immortal Falcons vs cb jose altuve corvettes
SM: KingKdot vs Charmflash
SM: UltraBallz vs HT
SM: FMG vs urban
ORAS: Gene Sp vs Posho
BW: M Dragon vs col49 - consulted w a TD on this one and it's a dead game. first contact Saturday and only gave one time, so going dead as he didn't come close to following scheduling guidelines, let alone making much of an effort to play. col should probably be subbed out for the rest of the tour tho holy shit
DPP: d0nut vs Groudon
ADV: Bedschibaer vs HSA
Bo3: Empo vs FLCL

BB Seakings vs Sprout Tower Sprouts
SM: starry blanket vs Vai Lusa
SM: Subject 18 vs stax
SM: teal6 vs Shiba
ORAS: DeeJ vs Hiye
BW: Ricardo vs elodin - act
DPP: LL vs The Kyle
ADV: robjr vs BKC
Bo3: ima vs psychicmewtwo

The Castelia Sewers [REDACTED] vs Hasty Heatrans
SM: Googly vs snagaa - act
SM: Corazan.. vs Rodriblutar
SM: Askov vs SpectearEsLove
ORAS: Hec vs Lycans
BW: Meru vs Bushtush
DPP: steelskitty vs Raspberry
ADV: Lavos vs Chill Shadow
Bo3: perry vs We Three Kings

Deadline is Sunday at 11:59pm GMT-4. Please contact your opponents ASAP. Feel free to post predictions, memes, etc. in this thread -- have fun dudes!

Don't worry Finch will resume probably after this week.
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The Immortal Falcons vs cb jose altuve corvettes
SM: KingKdot vs Charmflash cb
SM: UltraBallz vs HT jose
SM: FMG vs urban altuve
ORAS: Gene Sp vs Posho corvettes
BW: M Dragon vs col49 are
DPP: d0nut vs Groudon the
ADV: Bedschibaer vs HSA best
Bo3: Empo vs FLCL team

cb jose altuve corvettes
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