Tournament OUPL VI - Finals [Won by Fuschia City Fujoshis]

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Tournament Rules and General Guidelines
- Best of 3 tiers include SS OU, SM OU and ORAS OU. Both players can decide what tier to play first, and if they can't agree, then the first tier will default to SS UU. Loser picks the tier after that.
- Hoopa-Unbound is allowed in ORAS OU, so all ORAS OU games must be played in ORAS Ubers.
- All standard tournament rules apply
- You must post replays. Your win won't count if we can't find your replay.
- Wash your hands
- Good luck and have fun!


Fuschia City Fujoshis (5) vs. (1) Castelia Sewer [Redacted]

SS OU: Sabella vs. Ampha
SS OU: Chaitanya vs. TioDragonite
SS OU: Hamhamhamhamham vs. Raichy
SM OU: false vs. rozes
SM OU: Ash KetchumGamer vs. Tace
ORAS OU: KingKdot vs. Dragon Claw
ORAS OU: Mannat vs. Persephone
Bo3: John W vs. Pataozinho

Deadline will be Sunday, May 31st at 11:59 PM GMT-4

Please play all ORAS OU games in the ORAS Ubers format. Good luck to everyone!​
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