Our Happy Place - The Happy Place Art & Literature Contest

art by LifeisDANK

"Our Happy Place"- The Happy Place Art & Literature Contest

What has The Happy Place meant to you? Has it changed you in any way? Have you made friends here or helped someone through a bad time? Tell us using a poem or show us through your artwork!

Contestants will submit a picture of their artwork (illustration art) or a poem that displays what the room means to them.
Contestants will upload their picture on Imgur.
Contestants must submit their picture or poem using this Google Form.
You have from the 5th of May to the 19th of May to submit your work. Results will be announced on the 26th of May.

You must own a registered Pokémon Showdown account in order to take part in the contest.
You’re only allowed one submission per category: one for Art and one for Literature. If you submit more than one piece for a category, we will only take into account your latest submission.
Submitted pieces must be relevant. Irrelevant, troll, and NSFW submissions will not be taken into consideration, and the user that submitted them might be punished.
The submission MUST be your own work. Stealing someone else’s art/poem or using one you found on the Internet will instantly disqualify you.
Winners must own a 3DS and a copy of Ultra Sun/Ultra Moon to receive their prize.

Two shiny Ampharos named Joy (one for each category winner).
Two custom art pieces made by LifeisDANK (one for each category winner).
Special thanks in the roomintro.
The winning submissions will be displayed on the THP official website.

Hosting this contest are Halite and I. We'll be open to answer any questions you have regarding the contest. Thanks to the Writing staff for collaborating with us on this project. Let's all have a fun time! ^_^
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A digital and imaginary vent
This is what I will describe this place as
My paradise
A place in which I can speak out my feelings filled with a discharged passion
For it is my Happy Place
This Happy Place is a world of wonder
When I am hurt or feeling broken, with a healing wish the pain ceases
To me this place is everything
To me this place will wash away of all bad things with a powerful Surf of positivity
To me it will remove all Toxic from my life like a Lum
And you dear reader might think that’s dumb but in my happy place all of your opinions on me don’t count
Because when I’m in my Happy Place I’ve already won

Poem by: Blastoise Expert

this is my poem
A Poem by a wanna Be rapper for the happy room

Sometimes I may seem pretty depressed
And sometime I keep it repressed
But seeing the happy place seems better
Just like wearing a warm sweater
As soon as I walked in it truly neared the name
A place that truly deserves the fame
A place where everyone can call home
This home leads to Rome
In this room I have been getting better with fears
Just like when I can’t tell when to steer
All in all I would love to thank y’all today
For tomorrow will always be better than yesterday

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