Pal Park & Poké Transfer Discussion

Yo, I'm sure you guys remember the Pal Park for transferring all of your 3rd Generation monsters to DP when it first came out, and the pain of having to do only one transfer a day (unless you abused your DS's clock) until Platinum came out.

I'm sure most of you probably didn't care about your scores since all you wanted were your Mons, but for those who did, what was your high score? Did you decline putting your Mons back into your boxes until you got a certain Score and Berry?

And for Poké Transfer, were you annoyed at the fact that you needed two DS's to transfer your 4th Generation monsters to BW? Did you like the minigame better than actually having to go out and actually encounter the Pokémon you were planning on re-obtaining?



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I always really liked the Pal Park game, and I'd usually try to transfer "rare" Pokemon in order to get a higher score. I thought having to run around different areas was pretty cool, and in the end you would end up with your Pokemon and a berry.

I'm not a huge fan of the PokeTransfer system though. The two DS thing was a pain in itself (although there aren't many other options, given the fact that there's only 1 cartridge slot). The mini-game got annoying after the first few tries and I'd definitely prefer if they went back to a PalPark scenario, since that was so much better, in my opinion.


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I'll have to check my highscore again but as Solace pointed out, legendaries are supposed to give out the most points, and Berries weren't really an issue for me thanks to emerald cloning glitch .-.

As for poketransfer, I'd never tried it since I don't have another DS which is why I just use pokecheck, which I think is 200% more practical than the usual way -.-

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