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Hello, this is my art thread. Feel free to leave a comment or make a request.

Ludicolo, Mega Lucario

Note about Requests: I love doing them! It's really fun to flesh out someone's ideas and make it a reality. Also, it helps me think of new things to draw!

Another note: I stopped updating the OP after like page 10 or something, go to the last pages for recent!!
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here's another Colors! 3d painting I did, Scolipede V Musharna:

and a Leavanny V Garbodor

This is my favorite one of my 3ds paintings, and I think I had had a couple of glasses of wine so thats why it turned out so good. Really I don't know why I like it, maybe it's because it looks like they're doing judo and i LOVE judo. I don't pracctice it anymore but when I did I have some great memories.
Also it could stand to be unsharp masked a couple of times to bring out the lines and make it less faded.
lol oops I guess I was going for the less common ones xp..and thanks for the positive feedback! :) <3

moar arts:
and I have a soft spot for these guys. I think Slowbro is doing the robot...

Here's your espeon and reuniclus, someone under the sea!

my cat does this to me all the time xp

and the latest thing i did for the battle free for all thread:

Galvantula is wondering why Gyarados was wandering into her neck of the woods...

this is my inspiration for the reuniclus and espeon pic XD

I was originally going to do this one for MAC 22 but I got lazy and opted for something simpler. I don't know if I'll ever get finished with it, lol

This Electabuzz was one of the first art things I did, as I have not done anything but doodle in random and various notebooks for the past 2-3 years. He was right after the Cincinno and during the magnemite. I went for the original pose cuz I wanted to see how close I could get, and of course things get crazy when you use MS Paint. LOL XD. This was pixel by pixel work all the way, man. The only really cool thing about it that I'd like to do agian is how the white and black lines bleed into eachother. Also, since I was originaly going to do this for the MAC, it s based off of a minimalist art work that i dont remmeber the name of , but it is just white and black stripes, very artfully and carefully aranged in a horizontal pattern and placed on a wall.

Six of my favourite poison pokemon :3 man does it take a long time to color with GIMP...but I think it turned out alright. One thing I'll change next time is either making the outlying border larger or not having it at all. I think it would be cool with a thicker border, would make it look kind of like a sticker. On this picture I was going for more creativity in posing, and for each pokemon I used a separate reference, like for Garbodor I used a fat kid hold up his arms making 'muscles', for Scolipede I used a sexy reclining woman in a bathing suit, for Tentacruel I used a ....jellyfish...Golbat was Batman and Toxicroak was Bruce Lee holdin up some killer nunchucks. And drapion was a scorpion. Also on me, who is the person in the striped hoodie, I looked at a picture of a Football coach who looked like he was in deep thought about the next play his team would make. As am I.
I think what would make the border look better, is to have it follow the outline of the drawing more closely. Great work though. The only other things I see are pretty nitpicky (like fixing the odd shading inside Golbat's mouth). Other than that, great work!
Thank you! It's funny you say that, because I spent at least 20 minutes trying to get it right, and it still came out weird XD but thank you sooo much for the kind words!! :D

and this is my final revision for the card project:

I like the way this turned out too. There are a couple minor gripes, i.e. the top vines and the items under the arch, but pretty minor. I just wish the items could have come out cleaner and I should have redid the top vines after I had success with the lower ones, but I didn't want to , just lazy I guess. I worked on this here and there, almost every day, for a couple of weeks. I think at the end I ended up with 29 layers! Which is alot for me I guess, it's the most I've used so far. It involved me moving from one step to the next very gradually, and creating a new layer for each new addition, such as the highlights on the scolipedes and the little venepede/whirlipede line art on the lower right. I ended up with the background almost haphazardly, as I had been pondering a background for several days but was having no success in coming up with one. But the image of a gear wheel kept being stuck in my head, so I started doodling and what you see is what it turned out to be. I think I used the contrast slider to make it more contrasty, and used the magic wand to select some areas to get the yellow highlights that would be reflected from the lamp like glow of the arch. Speaking of the arch, that is an idea I got from Megan Lara, whose amazing artwork you can see here. She has been featured voluminously on teefury and sells all of her shirts on redbubble. OMG Dr. Who lol.

here's an update of the poison team with the shading in Golbat's mouth fixed. There's still shading but now it's shadow instead of light :p

This is one of my favorites so far, probably because I depicted some of my favorite poison mons. It takes a long time to do these with GIMP but I'm sure that's typically of any drawing/painting program. I only used two layers on this: the line art layer and a color layer. I set the brush transparency to 20% and just lathered it on for shadow. One bad thing about this method is that if you mess up but realized it later on, it's hard to go back and fix the mistake because the transparent brushes don't blend very well when they mix. And of course you don't wwant to hit the undo button a million times, but sometimes thats just what you have to do. Like on Golbat's mouth, I knew it looked weird and then RitterCat confirmed it, so I decided to go back and change it, but I can't just paint over it because I was using transparent brushes and it's really hard to color match, because when you color drop on a semi-transparent color, it always comes back darker....w/e, i don't know, its just hard. so If you look closesly you can still see the line where I changed the color, and the blender doesn't fix everything sadly. But overall I'm glad how the picture turned out, especially the Tentacruel. He's just so cool...I mean, cruel. :D
Hello, thanks for the pic~ but how does your cat even get up there?

There are a few places in your Scolipede card where the colour is bleeding into the black region, like the one near the right Scolipede's horn. The idea and execution are great though :D
lol I fixed the color bleeding on the scolipede card, it's posted on the card project page, and you got me on the cat question...I guess she just likes climbing XD (there *may* have been some *slight* human intervention, but I swear she's done that before, though of course I was lying down... :3)

here's a pic I did for Pom-Lover424 on Deviant Art :D

This was really fun to do. My first request! She (or he) requested both males for some reason, so naturally I decided to depict them playing video games. (Not that girls don't, mind you, there's just none on the internet) I went for muted colors and derived most of the color palette from greens and purples.

Muk and Swablu, done on 3ds, for the Battle free for all thread"

The 3ds Colors application is pretty cool in that it lets you use layers like a full art program. The sensitivity is alright and it's got three basic brushes and an eraser. The work space is small but it has plenty of zoom so you have to workk around that, just have to keep track of where you are on the big picture, which is shown on the top screen of the 3ds

This picture is pretty straightforward. I did a rough sketch in my notebook, then traced over it with #1 and #7 pens. Then I erased all the pencil lines and scanned it to the computer, where I did some light fix ups. I think there were 2 unsharp masks and an artist effect called Cartoon that basically darkens the lines. All in all it took about 3 hours.

Here's some notebook scetches:

These are mostly some idea sketches that I did recently for some art that I just finished and that I plan on starting in the next week. See if you can spot Abbey Road. XD Also I hope to do a Pokemon Numbers sometime soon, as I saw a Pokemon alphabet on deviantart and was inspired. Theres a couple other sketches in the works, but I don't felel comfortable spilling the beans yet (Spoilers!!)


I really like LOTR, and the Gollum and Bilbo sketches were from a puzzle of my brother's, done in a really neat artistic style. Also Calvin and Hobbes is always great.

here is a cute little picture that I think really demonstrates the variety of my style, haha xp. This is happiny, cleffa, and igglybuff playing with magnets on the fridge, one of my favorite activities when I was a younger little one. I think either Chansey or Clefairy was in Pokemon Stadium minigame where you weere in a classroom playing a minigame but I couldnt rememeber which so there you have Chansey in the calender next to the Eiffel tower (To france or bust Oct 2013 whoooo) I liken these three cutesie baby pokemon to three of my favorite super girls: Blossom, Buttercup, and Bubbles of power puff fame. Happiny is Blossom, as she is more bossy and likes to look good to the teachers/parents. Igglybuff is the adventurous and rebelsome buttercup, and Cleffa is the cute, blonde, and ditzy Bubbles. Hence why she is perilously close to falling off the fridge lol. But shes soft and round and bouncy so it wouldn't hurt...much. I did this picture for Art for Articles Spelling and grammar standards.
This is for the Status in B/W Article. I think Gothitelle turned out really good but I was kind of meh about the shadows on Liepard and it was a little late to fix the head shadow easily. I colored this in gimp, and before I colored I drew the lines using paths which makes for a more polished look as compared to some of my other pictures where I used the original hand drawn lines.

This is a WIP for the Pokemon Card Project

quick drawing i did for the battle free for all thread:
Nice work on the Gothitelle, but the Liepard looks weird, maybe it's because it's head is a little too large compared to the body? Also it's right front paw is two times as long as the left front one.
Nice work on the Gothitelle, but the Liepard looks weird, maybe it's because it's head is a little too large compared to the body? Also it's right front paw is two times as long as the left front one.
Thanks someone under the sea! I took your comments into consideration and tried to fix the paws. I also changed the ears, the shape of the fur around the (my left) eye, and where the eyes were looking. I think it was part of the eyes fault that made her look weird in the last one, but now they look a little better and are focused away from gothitelle to make her seem disinterested :)

This is my 8 of clubs card for the pokemon card project. It took much less time than the scolipede 8 of spades! 1. More simplicity 2. Making scolipede was my first time using gimp and it was a HUGE learning experience. Correcting stupid mistakes, learning what was possible to do with the program, doing things over and over and over...all these contributed to the 2 week amount of time i spent on it. I think Arbok came out very good. It's a simpler look, and i referenced a drawing called 'King Cobra' by completeartist on deviantART for the positioning. I used some elements of Arbok's shiny form for the patterns, such as the blue color, and according to the Pokemon Adventures manga, Arbok can change it's patterns, thus changing it's powers, so I incorporated the Clubs symbol into his deadly pattern. This is one card that is sure to be in every winning hand! lol why XD
Hey, your art is really good, I like it! Why aren't you getting more comments?

Is there any way you could create a piece featuring Vulpix and Houndour? I'll leave the rest of the details up to you if you accept :)
Hey man, I've been looking at your stuf for some time, and I think you have some amazing potential here!

You seem to have a great grasp of shading and where the shadows should be, which is AWESOME, but the lineart seems a bit too thin. I would try using thicker pens and such for the lineart, and use the thinner pens for the shading and small spots that the thicker pens couldn't get around.

So what I'm trying to say is try using varying thicknesses, and that should help add some depth do your pieces! Hopefully that helps you, keep up the great work!
thanks man, I appreciate it a lot! I will definitely use varying thickness in my next piece. Really thanks for the kind words and criticism :D
here is something I did just a few minutes ago using randomly generated pokemon:

Also this is the first post in a thread I made called 'Storytelling Time' , where the purpose is to use 4-6 randomly generated pokemon in a piece to tell a story. Check it out!

and as per furusoto's suggestion, I tried using some line varyation but I don;t know if it turned out so well, but it was fun:
Your Toterra looks like a Grotle xD and Aggron looks cool somehow :3

How do you start learning how to draw? Do you copy off existing images as a start or just draw them by memory?

Are you free for requests? Or would you rather finish up your WIPs
I use lots of references, I'm no good from memory yet. Then I've been trying to make creative posing so I'll use my imagination there. And yes I'm free for requests, I've just been doing slow work on those WIPs. Here's the steel jellyfish, Titanisozoa:

messing around with 'painting'

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