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The Gothitelle picture was really funny XD
It was a great way to spend my time looking through these; they look amazing. Great work. Keep making wonderful drawing for us in the future. ^^
lol I love your quote governess, marylin monroe. here is a picture I did to commemorate my first day at a new job working the early morning shift 4 am - 12. Donphan as Ganesh will see to my future success:

this picture is heavily influenced by this pic of Ganesh
@ someone under the sea, I will probably get started on it tomorrow. What is that thing in her/his? hand? Is it for curling hair?
@ princess, your welcome :) I lurv cute cuddly puppies :)
on a side note, I have been working on my MAC submission for the past couple of days and will probably continue working on it for the next week, so I probably won't get around to coloring Ganesh anytime soon.
To give this post some substance, here is something I started for the HGSS in game tiers article but I am probably going to end up redoing the whole thing:
here is your Haunter, someone under the sea!

and here's one avatar size just for fun :)

this was for the battle free for all thread:

I'm almost embarrassed to show this XD it is a half assed attempt at trying to paint with a mouse
doing all kinds of triple posting here.
this is what I feel like after work sometimes XD

borrowed the line art style and shading from some of Nasty Jungle's work. Of course she does it better.

some doodles:

trying out some new markers on one of my favorite mons:

Also I am REALLY excited because my new tablet comes in the mail on Tuesday! just 2.5 more days and I won't have to try to draw and paint using mouse and mousepad anymore!
Hey guys, it's just me quadruple posting like a boss and working on drawing with some of the starters. I'm also slowly trying to work into a more stylized look. More to come soon! :)
I really enjoy your various styles you show in your artwork and how they are different from each other. My favorite artwork by you is the Scolipede card; the background is very textured and with that texture it gives it more of an actual card vibe. My only advice for that is to pay attention where you coloring it because many of the coloring goes past the lines. If possible, I would go and erase the excess coloring to make it look neater.
Also I think what you can improve on is your lineart; I find that many of your lines to be wobbly and jagged at times. My advice for perfecting lineart is to have some patience, keeping the hand steady and keep practicing and never give up. Don't be stressed if you don't perfect it on the first go; lineart is the most difficult thing to master in art (well, in my opinion at least; I still struggle with keeping my lines clean though). Also for your starters, some of the cross hatching is outside of the lines instead of inside of them, giving it more of a sloppy look. I would work slower and be more cautious when you are cross hatching.
Hope I helped and keep up the good work!
oooh nice eyes , blue. I'll be sure to fix those spots up on the scolipede card before it goes final. :) and I thank you muchly for the comments and suggestions, I will definitely try to work on the straight lines for line is a hard thing but taking it slower oughta help like you said :) and I go really fast on the cross hatching so I'll just have to be a bit more patient :P Thanks pal for the good words!
heres some more guys, blue water! :)

Why is it that I only fall in love with girls who are way out of my league? >:(, and also a hysterical laughing face for good measure XD....

#504 and 505 coming your way
cats on skates

I know I skipped the Lillipup line but I'll get back to 'em tomorrow

3/28: I'm gonna post here on my last one cuz I have no new picture today but I'm working on sumpin. I got my Intous tablet today and it is BEAUTIFUL. I can't wait to try it out but it'll have to be tomorrow since I am about to go to bed. Sweet dreams Smogon :)
Victini is technically #000 in the B/W 2 Pokedex which I'm currently working on lol. This was the first quick thing I did with my new tablet. First time using a tablet too :D fun. I hope to get better as I learn how to work with it :D

I would suggest maybe not continuing the lines like you're doing there, otherwise you get that trembly feel to it. What I would do is do quick and sharp lines, and if they don't look right, just click Ctrl+z, and try and get that feel to it. And parts of the lineart that are outside of what you want the lineart to look like you can just erase steadily.

Hope that helps you man! I really like that liepard too. :3

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