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Part of the furniture (990th post thread)


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10 posts may not be much to some people, but it could take me a month, so this will have to do.


An extraordinary thing happened to me on Tuesday. When I asked her to dinner, the object of my affections told me that she was already seeing somebody else. The peculiarity is that I felt no jealousy, no lust nor any other negative emotions whatsoever. We are friends, and I am more than happy with things the way they are.

Not so long ago, my reaction would have been completely different; a cocktail of self pity and turmoil disguised behind a well practiced poker face. I cannot decipher what exactly had changed, nor can I pinpoint the trigger for that event, but I can conclude that maybe, just maybe, I have grown up.

What I do know is that the story originates in Summer 2000 when a shy 13 year old boy with thick glasses, his voice breaking, his heart not yet, ventured onto the Pokemasters website and began lurking on their forum. I would submit my first post during November and have remained within the online Pokemon community ever since. I came for the game, but I stayed for the people. Today, I am part of the furniture.

The intervening 11 years is a colourful tale of mistakes made and lessons learned, of drama, of innocence lost and wisdom gained, of friendships come and gone, of success and recognition, of ego and acceptance, and of finding my place; all played out over the internet with a cast who I have mostly never met. Though I may bemoan the amount of time that I have spent here, there is no doubt in the value of my experiences. I have grown up on the internet and the Pokemon community has played an integral part of that process.

I am grateful to those few who I continue to speak with regularly, and those even fewer who I consider to be friends. You know who you are. I have idled on the same IRC channels as some people for literally years, without so much as a greeting. In a weird way, that is kind of neat and we should definitely keep a good thing going. To those with whom I am unacquainted; hi! I am pretty awesome. Hit me up!

Ask me anything (answers will be discretionary).


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Well, I don't think I know you, butttt... what type of furniture would you classify yourself as? A big comfy couch? A sleek modern lamp?



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when you "^.^" is it ironic
As far as I am concerned, "^.^" is the same as any other emoticon that I spam. It has no meaning, ironic or not, other than a lazy icebreaker. It is my way of seeing who wants to talk (Fishy almost always says something in response). When used in conversation... I am usually happy and I think the smilie does a decent job in conveying that :@

Well, I don't think I know you, butttt... what type of furniture would you classify yourself as? A big comfy couch? A sleek modern lamp?

Welcome Ms Hoebaguette.



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what is your real name and how tall are you?
I'm too easy to stalk so I won't be answering that.
Approximately 174cm or 5'9".

What pokemon do you identify with.
/msg nickserv identify Magikarp

What is your most amusing masturbation story? :P
I was trying to time it to the Countdown clock when my housemate walked in... I don't have a thing for Carol Vorderman or anything, it was more of a case of sitting down for a long time and being bored.

do you see mcgoose ever making a comeback?
The second coming will coincide with Jesus obviously.


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happy 990 posts! I can't think of anything to ask you really, i'll try and think of one later though. I enjoy our very sporadic chats :)
This is a nice 990th Post thread. Perhaps ranking in my Top 3 990th Post threads.

Although we know not of each other, and although I very rarely take part in it, it is nice to have you in the community.


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Graaaw, I'm not even sure how we started talking/became friends, or when you thought me good enough to share your intimate life details with, but regardless, I am very happy and honored! It's people like you that make me love the smogon community, and remind me that I can find the most interesting friends in the oddest places, simply if I stick around to stumble upon the opportunity. :toast:


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how come you share intimate irl stuff with alison and cookie and not me HOW COME

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