Tournament Partner Monothreat Tournament (PMT) Season III [Won by Chaitanya & Ice Tray]

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Partner Monothreat Tournament (PMT) - Season II
Approved by: Eien & Moosical // Hosted by Ticken & Nexecutioner

Welcome to the final season of PMT in USUM! The name of the game is to find a partner that is willing and able to compete throughout the event and can assist in teambuilding/testing if needed. Each set is a bo3, example in the hide below, and it is the winner's responsibility to save and post a screenshot or the replay as proof of victory; A replay is highly preferred. No proof will result in a rematch so it is imperative that you do. This time around, the teams will be NOT be seeded while all the other rules from Season II will be enforced. Any and all questions should be directed at me or Nexecutioner either on Pokemon Showdown! or on Discord. (You can easily find us on the Monotype Discord server). Each team is able to choose their own name but the forum mods and I/ToxaNex have the right to reject or slightly modify inappropriate names or those that are unnecessarily long. ToxaNex will be in charge of scheduling so please keep your scheduling on one of the walls or message him a screenshot if it is elsewhere to avoid any activity calls!
For simplicity, Team Mono vs. Team Threat is as followed:
Team #1: Team Mono
Player 1: Bulbasaur
Player 2: Chikorita

Team #2: Team Threat
Player 1: Charmander
Player 2: Cyndaquil

Based on the position of the players on the signup post, both Player 1's of each group will face off using the specified type for the round. Likewise for Player 2.

Team Mono vs. Team Threat
Bulbasaur vs. Charmander
Chikorita vs. Cyndaquil

Important: If both players on one team win, the set is won by the respective team. However, if each team has one win, both winners will face off either with the same or a new team to complete the bo3 set.

What is Monothreat?
Reused from the Monotype OM Mega Thread; Monothreat is a Monotype battle where both players use the same type. Given that both players are using the same type, they can build around very specific threats and run Pokémon that counter their own type. This leads to interesting developments, seeing Pokémon and sets be used that would not likely be seen otherwise in competitive Monotype play.

PMT Season III will follow the same rules as the first and second seasons and they are as followed:
- Each partnership must have a Smogon account for both participants. One participant may NOT, under any circumstances, play both, or all three matches for a single set.
- Ghosting is forbidden in each round and any obvious or blatant cases will have hefty consequences.
- Flaming from anyone in this thread is strictly prohibited. (The term "flaming" is essentially drama started by one or more parties.)
- Battles for future sets will not be counted until that set is live.
- Partners are not required to join every match but may spectate.
- Battles are to be done ONLY on the Main Pokemon Showdown! server and Smogtours server to count for this event. Replays or screenshots posted from an alternate server will not be counted.
Team Name: Mono Threats
Partner 1: Ticken PS Usernames: Ticken, Lavish Lotad, Luretad
Partner 2: Zukushiku PS Usernames: Zukushiku, Piiiichu

Blank Version:
Team Name:
Partner 1:
Partner 2:

There is no Team cap and a preview for all the types will be randomized soon after sign-ups close.
The expected start date is Monday, September 16th, 2019! -- This means sign-ups will close on Sunday, September 15th, 2019 @ around 11:59 PM GMT -4!


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Thanks for signing up everyone! Similar to last season, we have over 16 teams so in order to get to that perfect number, we will start off slow with 3 sets. This can help teams prep for their later rounds if they have something coming up or whatnot. Please do not play your round 2 games yet!

The type schedule is:
Week 1: Psychic
Week 2: Normal
Week 3: Grass
Week 4: Ice
Week 5:
(This is just an overview, I will announce each type at the beginning of the week/round so you do not need to refer back here every time)

:meloetta::mew::victini: Week 1: Psychic :azelf::jirachi::gallade-mega:
team cafe vs. Anime Girl Thighs
TheJ3estPenguin vs. LuckyPiper
Gimm1ck vs. Twilight Solace

The Village People vs. The Delinquent Dittos
BankaiGenius vs. Nexecutioner
Pixel Pusher vs. The Consort

Rick N' Riolu vs. 32>3
K3ppr vs. isuckstbattles
MetaRiolu7 vs. Days for Dabs

Please get your game done in a timely fashion. As there are only 3 sets, I will begin the second round early if all sets are done early. Regardless, the deadline for round 1 is Sunday, September 22, 2019, by 11:59 PM GMT -4. Make sure you schedule where Nexecutioner can see it or post "Contacted" w/ the scheduled date and/or time in order to avoid coin flips!!
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