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In this tournament, you will have the opportunity to draft your SM OU team. Easiest way to explain is the following image:
(experimental format)

Player 1 will be the first person listed in the matchups, and Player 2 the second. The corresponding player will either ban a Pokemon from use (as in, neither player can use a banned Pokemon), or pick a Pokemon for their team (both players can pick the same Pokemon). This process should hopefully allow you to form strategies and respond to your opponent, which will maybe alleviate unlucky matchups.

Standard tournament rules and guidelines. Please schedule by VM.
New option: I will PM each pair. You may either draft in these PMs, or schedule a time to meet in live chat, with a loose time limit of 20 minutes total.

Me: Player 1 vs. player 2, draft in this PM.
Player 2: 1) Ban Landorus-T
Player 1: 2) Ban Magearna
Player 2: 3) Pick Ferrothorn
Player 1: 4) Pick Ferrothorn
          5) Pick Greninja
Player 2: 6) Pick Zygarde
(Include the number of the step you are on for extra clarity.)
So, no one is allowed to use either Landorus-T or Magearna, Player 1 has a team of Ferrothorn and Greninja, and Player 2 has a team of Ferrothorn and Zygarde. For the draft only, you may discuss with your friends; just keep in mind the round deadline. Drafts, as in the order of bans and picks, should not be considered private. That said, if I release drafts it will be everyone from the round, and after the round finishes.

The first round will last one week. Ideally, drafting takes place early in the week, when players don't need to be on at the same time. Then, in theory building sets should be relatively quick. After, games can be completed toward the end of the week.

Deadline Sunday November 19, 11:59 PM EST

HC vs. Fille
(neomon vs. psychicmewtwo) vs. Will-I-am
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