Pass The Trash Tournament II - Round 1

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Pass the Trash II
approved by Kevin Garrett
Hosted by Steven Snype and Mithril

Credit for the artwork goes to DragoniteKnight, courtesy of Artwork for Tournaments

Kevin Garrett said:
This tournament is based on the poker game, Anaconda, with some modifications. Each player will begin with their desired team. Players will use that team the entire tournament. The catch is that before each round, players must pass one Pokemon from their team to their opponent's team. Afterwards, they will complete their match. The Pokemon they received will permanently take the place of the member they passed to their opponent. One Pokemon will be passed every round. Players are also allowed to pass a Pokemon they received in a previous round. The goal is to keep your team as effective as possible as you continue to receive more random Pokemon.
Sleep Clause
Wifi Clause
Evasion Clause
Species Clause (excluding Pokemon received from your opponent)
Swift Swim and Drizzle Clause (Teambuilding Clause)

If you have forgotten the team you have submitted, you may PM Steven Snype and Mithril for your most current team.
Also, if you win, please PM Steven Snype and Mithril with the Pokemon you intend to swap for Round 2!

Round 1 Matchups:
T-Dogg vs LuckOverSkill*
extremebeta vs Joeyboy
idiotfrommars vs Orichalcos Owl - activity
Master of the Six Kings vs Lavos Spawn - coin flip
senegal vs apologies
dragonuser vs turnip123
Double01* vs AuraRayquaza
DrMohammadLi vs Soulwind*
Incon vs Noblesse Oblige - activity
The Great Mighty Doom vs Heist*
yee vs Joel
McMeghan* vs Furai
Ricky Horror vs IceCarAdler
MaximizedGamer vs BKC - coin flip
BIG Loven vs seco453 - activity
SubakSupreme vs Brotom - coin flip
undisputed vs Zebraiken
ShakeItUp vs Vinc2612
DarkLoic vs FelixMinamimoto - activity
CheezItKing vs llvallejoll - activity
Metroid78 vs Anno nyme
Eo Ut Mortus vs Brap
Django vs SethZiBritannia
DestinyUnknown* vs badabing

Winners w/logs sent in
Claimed winners w/o logs sent in
* indicates players need to send in their Pokemon to swap for Round 2.

We are accepting substitutes, but keep in mind that if you do end up subbing in you will be required to use the team of the person that you are subbing in for.

Deadline is 2 weeks from today, so Sunday, Sept 30 If no contact has been made within a week we will look to sub inactive players out.
Deadline is Wed, Oct 3 7:00 PM EST (GMT -5)

  1. asek
  2. doublenikesocks
  3. religiousjedi
  4. pkrs
I was going to claim first blood but yee beat me to it :<

Beat Django in a gg! Played on Showdown and the link to the battle stopped working already and I forgot to c/p the log :(

Django will attest to our using what we swapped and we can both describe the teams if necessary. -_-


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Oh man, I've thought of doing this type of tournament before! I'd be up for subbing, but if I can't, good luck to the rest of you!

Steven Snype

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This is a reminder to all players:

Be sure to make sure the team you are using is the one you submitted using the form/adjusted by contacting me/Mithril. You can verify what team you are using with us.
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