Pass The Twash Tournament II [SIGN-UPS]

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Steven Snype

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Pass the Trash II
Hosted by Steven Snype and Mithril
Approved by Kevin Garrett

Note for Hosts: LCC is 54
About Pass the Trash:
Kevin Garrett said:
This tournament is based on the poker game, Anaconda, with some modifications. Each player will begin with their desired team. Players will use that team the entire tournament. The catch is that before each round, players must pass one Pokemon from their team to their opponent's team. Afterwards, they will complete their match. The Pokemon they received will permanently take the place of the member they passed to their opponent. One Pokemon will be passed every round. Players are also allowed to pass a Pokemon they received in a previous round. The goal is to keep your team as effective as possible as you continue to receive more random Pokemon.
You must submit your team to the survey before you are added to the list of competitors, of which only Mithril and Steven Snype have access to. Please use the export text feature in Pokemon Online/ Pokemon Showdown. Battles will be standard BW OU. Teams will be rejected if they contain a Pokemon that is not suited for standard play since it is likely that it would be passed off to hamper the opponent. You will be notified if teams are rejected. No one is actually passing trash. Gimmicks will be determined by the actual Pokemon and its moveset, EV spread, viability, ability, and/or item in the team. In addition, original teams cannot break the species clause. Use a team that you commonly use to avoid having your team rejected. Teams will not be made public, but it is suggested that you don't send in a super secret team.

As for passing Pokemon, it will be done via PM. Since it needs to be ensured that one of the players doesn't see the Pokemon they will be receiving before they pass, players will be required to PM Steven Snype and Mithril the Pokemon they will give to their opponent. Once I have received both of the passes, I will give them to their respective players. As aforementioned, you are allowed to pass a Pokemon you received in a previous round. If you should receive a Pokemon that you already have on your team (Ie: Breaking the Species Clause), the clause will not apply to your match. Afterwards, it's up to your discretion if you would like to hang on to the duplicate or pass it off in your next round.

This will be a single elimination tournament. There will be 32, 64, or 128 spots to begin with. I will start a substitute list after that. If you have any questions, feel free to PM me.

  • Sleep Clause
  • Wifi Clause
  • Evasion Clause
  • Species Clause
  • Swift Swim and Drizzle Clause (Teambuilding Clause)

In order to sign up, you MUST:

After battles, the winner must:
  • send the log to the hosts to ensure both sides were using the actual teams.
  • also send in PM what Pokemon to swap out
Please keep in mind that you will not know your opponent's team before you decide which Pokemon you will be swapping.

Signups will be first come first serve, and will either be a 64 man tournament or a 128 man tournament depending on the number of signups.

Deadline to Sign Up: Wednesday Sept 12 at 11:59 AM EST
  1. llvallejoll
  2. Django
  3. Ricky Horror
  4. Zebraiken
  5. senegal
  6. extremebeta
  7. LuckOverSkill
  8. Heist
  9. DestinyUnknown
  10. McMeghan
  11. Master of the Six Kings
  12. Double01
  13. SubakSupreme
  14. T-Dogg
  15. yee
  16. Vinc2612
  17. seco453
  18. Anno nyme
  19. Soulwind
  20. DarkLoic
  21. Incon
  22. Joel
  23. The Great Mighty Doom
  24. ShakeItUp
  25. Furai
  26. Noblesse Oblige
  27. AuraRayquaza
  28. apologies
  29. BIG Loven
  30. MaximizedGamer
  31. Joeyboy
  32. dragonuser
  33. Lavos Spawn
  34. Metroid78
  35. FelixMinamimoto
  36. CheezItKing
  37. Brotom
  38. SethZiBritannia
  39. IceCarAdler
  40. DrMohammadLi
  41. Orichalcos Owl
  42. badabing
  43. BKC
  44. idiotfrommars
  45. Brap
  46. Eo Ut Mortus
  47. undisputed
  48. Turnip123

Please submit your exact SMOGON Username

People who I have no idea and am too lazy to look for exact Smogon names:
  • Taylor Swift -- Please PM me

Benders whose teams are not approved:
  • Sayonara
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