Past Generation Analyses: Reservation Index v2

The GSC QC team has completed its annual review and the reservation list has been updated as a result. While many of the analyses written by Jorgen circa 2012 have a lot of great insights and good writing, there are aspects of each analysis that no longer accurately reflect the present day state of the metagame. We ask that players with plenty of GSC experience take these analyses on, as many of these Pokemon are very important in the metagame. Feel free to request permission to write any of the analyses on the list and we will aim to get back to your promptly with our decision re: approval.


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Reserving Dpp Azelf (imma try to crank out some more updated dpp analyses) (also taking Dpp Breloom too) (gonna take dpp celebi as well)

I'll get to Rotom-A, Skarm, Dragonite, and Gyarados in the coming weeks (then i'm gonna take a break)
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I'd say work with what you have right now for now. Once Gliscor is all clarified I'd say talk with the QC team.
Adding on to this, just so it's clear to whoever else is reading the thread, Scizor and Landorus-T in BW are still open to be reserved and written for now.


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Hello, everyone! I have great news for those of you interested in USUM OU: our first official slate is live! We have 8 options available for budding writers, with respective priority. We ask that you only reserve these Pokemon if you are familiar with how they play and are familiar with the sets themselves. If necessary, we will provide sets.

If you have any questions, feel free to message me and let me know. Have at it!

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