Multi-gen Past Gens Championships 2021: Finals [Won by Koalacance, Pohjis, Star, Pohjis, Pohjis, Vileman and TDNT]

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won 2-0 vs expulso for dpp ou, 2-0 vs egalvanc for bw ou and 2-0-1 vs teclis for gsc ou, ggs

overall i am satisfied how i ended up ending the year. once again i ended up losing SM OU in the first round and that ended up being my only loss all the way to the 3rd weekend with all the semifinals. ORAS OU i still consider my strongest tier so it was quite heartbreaking to lose after the first game. losses happen and already the next day i was totally satisfied with the result. a huge congratulation to Vileman and TDNT for your victories!

however, i wasn't satisfied how i dealt the loss with making the most classic mistake any player can make. trying to cover an important tournament (whether it is a trophy tournament game, ribbon tournament game, seasonal late round etc.) game loss by trying to instantly win another series to make you feel better. i have said this for years and i still make the same dumb mistake. if you lose something that you consider to yourself important, never try to make up by playing something else you consider important to you to make you feel better. you will end up feeling worse at the end and i can fully admit that it happened with RBY OU. that will remain out of all the 10 ribbon tour finals (or 11 if you consider 2019 gsc ou final that rewarded a banner) my only loss. you went 8-0 and deserve full credit Koalacance. congratulations on your victory as well!

the 5 ribbon scroller and avatar dream came so close but yet not quite enough. as i said, i am overall happy with the tournaments i ended up winning. winning a gsc tournament was my goal and i fulfilled it with the seasonal win. this GSC OU circuit win topped it and i couldn't be more happier. for BW OU i want to give yet another shout-out to We Three Kings when he gives me advice and overall keeps my interest with the tier. maybe one day he will be interested in ADV OU again so i can be decent at it again.

finally, winning the DPP OU circuit wouldn't have been possible with the great teams august made and advice and discussion from Tomahawk and mael (and i guess Void for finals when he suggested tspikes and gladly he was ignored...). the final shout-out i want to give to my good luck charm and overall person who helped me so much in DPP OU and ORAS OU that i wouldn't have made it this far without him. thank you QWILY for all the help and i hope that in the future you will be given the opportunity to shine in either SPL or WCoP. you deserve it!

thank you for the overall support (especially for the run for the 5 ribbon scroller!). enjoy the holiday and new year and i will see you again next year. stay safe.


this girl rly slapped some letters together huh
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Congratulations to Koalacance, Star, Vileman, TDNT for winning the RBY, ADV, ORAS and SM Past Gen Championships respectively! And of course Pohjis for winning 3 different Past Gen Championships in one year (GSC, DPP and BW). You are all deserving champions and can be proud of your achievements! I think most of you already have your beautiful blue ribbon in your badgeset, but if not I will ask around. I hope to see all of you back next year to defend your title(s)! Also well done to all the other participants, you all had an amazing season as well and hope to see good things from all of you in the future. Lastly, a big thanks for all the hosts this year for perfectly leading all the tours within our circuits and emma for keeping the sheet updated throughout the year!
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