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We're starting to revisit older Generations of Monotype in an attempt to update and fill in the Pokedex due to the Old Generations still being widely played today. Thus, we have expanded, and we will be writing full analyses for the old gens. We will start with ORAS; there are currently no plans to expand into SM or BW at the moment.

Please read all the rules in this thread before posting! We have many intricacies to cover, and not reading will result in your post being deleted. I'll repeat it, understand the rules. One more time now: understand them. Memorize them. Thanks!

Even if you are experienced with C&C, you must still read this post to ensure you comply with the format we are using for now. You should also read the Formatting Guide linked above!

The QC team must approve all analyses.

The ORAS Monotype QC team consists of:

Forum Moderators:

Reserving an Analysis:

  • If you are a member of the ORAS Monotype QC you are able to reserve three analyses, badgeholders you are able to reserve two analyses, and everyone else may only reserve one analysis.
  • You may not make reservations past these until your analyses in the GP phase. Even then, we reserve the right to refuse you to take another one if we feel you need to focus on your already existing analyses.
  • Post below in this thread with your reservation. Please use the search function to ensure you're not reserving something already been reserved.
  • You may not post your analysis until a Moderator puts in "approved by _______" in your post OR Likes your post. Be sure to check your reservations often! A Moderator will Like your post to notify you after approving it.
  • Please tag the correct QC team in the Monotype's Discord Analysis Discussion channel with the set you would like to write up when reserving a Pokemon.
  • Do not edit your posts for any reason. Double post, triple post, whatever it takes, but do not edit your posts. It makes it much easier for us to keep things organized in terms of what's being reserved and not.
  • Do not reserve the Pokemon without extensive metagame knowledge, knowledge of how the Pokemon works, and a lot of experience with the Pokemon. If it is clear you do not know what you are writing about, your analysis will be reassigned.
  • If you wish to reserve a Pokemon not indicated on these lists, then you are free to. However, you must provide reasonable evidence, a set, and at least some substance to your post.

Analysis Thread Tags:
  • [WIP] --- The Work-in-Progress tag indicates that you are still completing your Pokemon's skeleton. This tag indicates that you are not ready for QC checks and are still working. Do not be lazy in this stage; if you refuse to add information within 72 hours of having this tag, your analysis will be reassigned.
  • [Quality Control] --- This is the most important stage of the analysis. Your analysis must be in complete sentences, NOT bullet points, following the analysis format linked at the beginning of a post. Please put the tag [QC: 0/2] in your thread title. For example, Corviknight [QC: 1/2] will indicate to the QC team that you have received one QC check. As indicated in this thread, you must have 2 QC checks. You do not receive GP before the second QC check.
  • [Copyediting] --- This stage is where Grammar Prose will come and make sure that your analysis is of written quality. They will correct grammatical errors. You must receive two GP checks before your analysis is considered done. Like GP, you must put [GP: 0/2] in your thread title. This has to be after [QC: 2/2], or it can replace the [QC: 2/2] in your title entirely. It is up to you. You must post in the Grammar Prose Queue that your analysis is ready for GP checks after you have moved to this stage.
  • [Done] --- This tag indicates that your analysis is done. You have received two QC checks and two GP checks, and it is ready to be uploaded to the site. Our Monotype C&C Moderators will handle this, so feel free to tag us once your thread hits this stage.
Reservation Index
You can only reserve Pokemon that the Monotype C&C team has selected. The appropriate QC team will update this list as the generation progresses and is subject to change as the metagame develops. Pokemon that are highlighted in GREEN are the top priority. You may only reserve these until otherwise specified. After most of the green Pokemon are complete, we will progress to YELLOW, the middle priority. If somehow we get done with those quickly, we will move on to lower priority Pokemon. In all likelihood, we will be opening up for more analyses before this happens, but that is the plan for now.

Sets labeled GREEN and YELLOW are available for reservation.

Thank you!

* Generalize what the Pokemon does in the metagame and as a whole and why you should or shouldn't consider using it on your teams, in a few sentences or less.


Set description goes here. This includes important details for each set such as key moves or complex evs, etc. If you want to include a usage tip it will be here, end of this paragraph.



- Written by: [username1, userid1]
- Type analysis by: [username1, userid1]
- Quality checked by: [[username1, userid1], [username2, userid2]]
- Grammar checked by: [[username1, userid1]]
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Maroon said I could reserve three Pokemon just this once since he told me that was the number before this thread went up.

Reserving Excadrill (Ground), Keldeo, (Fighting), and Mamoswine (Ground)

maroon: allowing this one time exception to cell due to miscommunication
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