Path of Exile?

Basically this game is a free-to-play Diablo analogue. It's supposed to be pretty fun, but when I played it, it felt like a glorified piñata simulator. Anyone know more about it, or have advice for noobs?
add me yamface

also: research talent trees bcos.... if u mess up, you will prolly need to reroll

other than dat diablo4 is p. fun
His videos are really great for those who do not know much about games like this.

I kinda like PoE. It is not best game ever, but it is pretty fun just to play casually. Game has PvP and Hardcore mode.

Item search for forum trades: and vendor recipes

Edit: Partying is more fun, more hard, more rewarding (better loot). You can make up your own party or join to public parties. Check notice board in towns for public parties.
Loving this, bought it back in November but only really started playing since open beta. Lost 3 hardcore guys on Cruel Vaal (around lvl52) so that's my main mission at the mo... rolling a Duelist atm Sword and Board...

If you want some more info/build ideas, the official forums are actually a really good resource. As is the sub reddit /r/pathofexile

Also the races are fucking awesome, they start tomorrow evening (GMT) and there are tons for all timezones, check it out:

I only play hardcore, but if you wanna party add Rektop
it's a fun game, but despite all the talk about skill diversity and complexity it really boils down to gear having +hp and +elemental resists while 3 or 4 spells outclass most of the others atm. Freezing Pulse, Lightning arrow and Lightning strike are overall more efficient than most other builds, due to how overpowered AoE support gems are. i'm on Act 3, and every time i get past the marketplace, my internet/the game/the server decides to crash ~.~ The locations and areas are very well-designed, as is the atmosphere and the soundtrack (although the same can't really be said for the character/boss design) It's still very fun despite these flaws, a bit better than Diablo 3 imo
Yeah, honestly, I can't bring myself to grind the game unless I'm playing my favorite EDM music alongside it.

I'm currently leveling a Cold Caster Shadow, I'll add you guys once my level gets higher.
Anyone doing races this weekend? dak and I are gonna do the 3 hour party one later probably, wondering if anyone else wants to join us? We'll be skyping but if mumble is easier I've got one we can use.
I'd like to bump this because I'm still playing it every waking hour!

Now is a great time to check it out, if you enjoyed Diablo 2/3, Torchlight, [ARPG you have played] then I'm sure you'll at least get a good few hours out of this FREE TO PLAY game.

Anyone who has played and gone away, consider coming back and checking out the changes.. there have been lots! Two new long term (4 month) ladders have just started, with fresh economies and new challenges.

I recommend the POE subreddit as well, lots of good info there if you're looking to get started, or just ask me!

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