Pathfinder/D&D - Carrion Crown (Pathfinder Campaign of like levels 1-16)

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The Carrion Crown PF Adventure Path assumes that every PC has some connection to Professor Lorrimor (a wizard) who was murdered prior to book 1. He lived in a rural area with his 18-20 year old daughter, Kendra Lorrimor (also a wizard). They lived about 2 days from the nearest city.

There is this faction of undeath cultists (the Whispering Way) who are a thing through every book of this AP. I'd like every PC to
1. Have some sort of meaningful connection to the Whispering Way (being necromancer/undeaed hunters, being a white necromancer (creating undead for good/neutral purposes [making free labor is more-or-less Good-aligned in a medieval setting on its own], having a close relative in this necromancer faction, being a former member of the necromancer faction, being Kendra Lorrimor's boyfriend/girlfriend/fiance/[illegitimate] sibling,etc.)
2. Every player's character WILL make it from book 1 to book 6 (like levels 1 to 16). If needed I am be fully prepared to have a PC who died either get an easy res dead, or be returned to life as some sort of undead/non-human (becoming a lycanthrope/werewolf is a possibility in book 3). I will strongly prefer returning PCs to life/undeath one way or another (out of combat, very very rarely in combat) as opposed to players making new PCs if their PCs die.
--Yes, I am perfectly happy with the PCs having a Ghoul, Ghost, Vampire, Human party in book 6.
3. The alignments of undead are their own determination; they are not stuck as Evil. After all, digging up fresh graves to eat bodies shouldn't make a ghoul evil (at least with what I'm going for; they're just trying to satisfy their urges in the least destructive way possible); it ought to be lauded as Good or Neutral instead.
4. You can't start as an undead without a good reason

1. Times. I can run this on any time during normal waking hours on Saturday/Sunday American Central time, or Monday-Wednesday after 5pm American Central time.

Additionally Additionally:
1. 3rd party stuff is allowed on an individual/per-my-desire basis.

2. Acceptable non-core races
3. Spheres of Might/Path of War is generally allowed with me (as is other 3rd party stuff (well, many non-Light expansions of SoP) (ask me for permission)

Our Discord Channel is at We will be playing our sessions with text chat (or, and this is my preference, with voice chat if everyone is able to).
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I'm definitely interested, but will defer to others since I'm already in most of the other games on that server (all but 1 iirc). I'll have to wait and see about scheduling.

Edit: Sundays will work as long as they're in the afternoon
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am willing to step aside for new players. having played through vanilla Carrion Crowm under GS, can confirm he knows jus stuff.
Since GS seems against the Light expansion, I'd like to remind him of the shenanigans Destruction can cause.

In for Sundays if I can ever figure out what I want to build. (and checking if said expansions are allowed if we consult with GS for how to not snap things in half with them).
I would like to understand the basics
I played board game D&D the last time I went to school. Now I find different online adaptations and open them up to me / because I'm a noob. Somewhat interested if it will play sometime Mon-Wed, but otherwise can't commit to it. I think I can figure it all out because in 2021 we are still in quarantine, and I got tired of reading books and decided to remember the past. If someone has a desire to explain to me in more detail how everything works here ?
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