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It’s pretty irritating when you’re trying to schedule games with your opponents and can’t because they restrict access to their profiles. As such, the only means to reach them is by highlighting their names in the tournament thread itself, waiting for them to contact you first, or finding them online.

Can something be done about this? Set a tournament rule that forbids people from restricting their profile views or risk getting disqualified, etc? Scheduling a game with someone can be a pain in the ass already due to the time zone differences, unresponsiveness...


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I have my wall disabled. I prefer not to have all my conversations with people about my availability visible to everyone on my wall, but I make a point of actively scheduling properly so that I play all my tournament games. The way I see it is that if your wall is not visible, the onus is on you to ensure your games get scheduled. I would prefer that we do not go so far as to outright require people's walls to be activated.

Also, you should be able to send a PM ("start a conversation") with anyone on the forum if I am not mistaken.

edit: For hosts trying to make substitution decisions, I would be happy to include hosts in my scheduling PMs if that becomes a requirement.
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Including hosts in PMs is not necessarily a great solution. Having hosted or helped host the biggest tournaments on this site, it's fucking AWFUL going through the walls for activity posts. I agree with WQ, just make that stuff public and have those conversations somewhere else.
Would it even be a new requirement though? There's been one already for at least 6 years now.

From SPL X On Scheduling Matches

Other tours that had the same written clause:

Judging from the tone of the thread, this is moreso talking about individual tournaments. Team tournaments traditionally don't have too many problems getting games done, so it's just not a concern there. Whitequeen's basically just asking to apply this requirement to individual tours on top of its existence in team tours.
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