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Hey everyone I hadn't posted in a while, as a usually post once a 22nd day of a month (missed June). But here I am with yet another VGC team. After trying out the download tournaments the PWT had to offer, I was suprised at how my perish trapping team was outwinning my gravity team. No gravity stunts here. Of course this team needs improvement (and this time I can clearly see it) that's why I put it up. Here is what I hope to be a new generation of perish trapping!
Everybody used Perish Thread! Anyone reading this thread will have their team faint in 3 battles!

Perish Song Users

Mismagius @Lax Incense
Timid Nature
252 Hp / 4 spdef / 252 Spe
-Perish Song
-Pain split

Despite being the first pokemon I thought of using, it got it's (filler) item last. Anyway I chose her to be my songer because she is fake-out immune, relatively fast, and has decent special bulk. Pain split is for longevity, while Will-o-wisp fixes her defense. I am seriously thinking of replacing WoW with shadow ball, then again we have perish song. Confirm with me to replace WoW or not plz. Lax incense frequently provides mismagius some epic dodges, I feel it works more often than brightpowder. I used hax incense before on Hydration Alomomola, and he was such a boss.

Murkrow @Eviolite
Bold Nature
252 Hp / 132 Def / 124 Spdef
-Perish Song

My priority songer. This is used over mismagius if there are any faster pokemon that threaten to OHKO it. He does a stellar job at stalling the 3 turns with priority roost and decent defenses. I am thinking of running something else over substitute but there are so many options!

Azumarill @Wacan Berry
Sap Sipper
Relaxed Nature
252 Hp / 132 Def / 124 Spdef
-Perish Song
-Rain Dance

My most used perish song user. Why? Because it has such solid defenses, and when you consider his ability and item, it has no weaknesses! His ability really catches people by suprise (bye luditrolo and pretty much any grass type). Most prankster taunters fail to see his purpose. They would rather just thunderbolt/will-o-wisp/giga drain him, therefore Azumarill is barely taunted (only happened once). Waterfall is to fight and actually utilize sap sipper. Rain dance is filler, I guess its to help and hurt another partner, and it stops sand and hail?

Perish Trappers

Gothitelle (male!?) @ Mental Herb
Shadow Tag
Sassy Nature
252 Hp / 132 Def / 124 Spdef
-Trick room
-Skill swap

Pretty much the most reliable trapper available. He (shivers in digust) has the honor of having the mental herb cause I can't stand having my trapper struggle. Trick Room is to give half of my team a better speed, or to reverse it for the other 2 (murkrow's speed is almost non-existent for now). Taunt is to make sure that no more taunts will come from the enemy, and skill swap is if I want to give someone else the trapping power. Skill swap however, was chosen only to stop that once-in-a-lifetime soundproof pokemon. Replace it with psychic if that's not enough (HP fire is hard to come by in the games), then we can switch his item with mismagius.

Wobbuffet @Sitrus Berry

Shadow Tag
Sassy Nature
252 Hp / 132 Def / 124
-Mirror Coat
-Destiny Bond

This is probably the weakest link in the team. He adds more ghost and dark weaknesses, and he can't protect. The biggest reason why I dislike him is because I feel that he is a dead giveaway that my team is a perish trapping team, which could lead my opponent to make smarter calls. Oh well, he still does his job of trapping nicely he even lands KOs on certain occasions.

Zebstrika @Focus Sash
Timid Nature
4 Hp / 252 Spatk / 252 Spe
-Hidden Power (Ice)

A unique addition to the team if I say so myself. Zeb's purpose is to actually stop VOLT SWITCH. His next goal is to aid Azumarill if wacan berry does not want to be used/ is used up. His last, but not least goal is to add some offensive pressure (FINALLY). Focus sash greatly appreciates no sand and hail and with protect, he does a great job at turn stalling. Yup, he is the partner I was talking about in azumarill's description.

Other Options

I realized that no perish trap team can win with U-turn at the enemies' side. I could forego some pokemon for some more offenseive oriented pokemon, where the strategy then will be to bring them down to their last 2, and then perish song em. I can't find an awesome offensive duo however, an idea that came to mind was a fling strategy that focused on Uxie's micle berry+recycle and Suicune's restalk+sheer cold+Custap Berry.

So that's my team. There some holes that need to be fixed like scizor, tyranitar (if azumarill is absent), dragon gem D-meteor, and U-turn!!! P.S. I did not realize the EV spreads were similar until now.
You only need one trapper and one pokemon with perish song
You can make a rain team with politoed,kingdra,gothitelle,hitmontop...
Your whole team is shut down by taunt. =/
That is semi-true. Most people however, see azumarill as an attacker, making taunts almost never touch him. Gothitelle has the mental herb, meaning that she can taunt them back after. Wobbuffet isn't really bothered, as well as Zebstrika. I am thinking of including shadow ball on mismagius so if that's what you are saying then ok.
You only need one trapper and one pokemon with perish song
You can make a rain team with politoed,kingdra,gothitelle,hitmontop...
One trapper sometimes won't make the cut. No matter how defensive you make the EV spread, there will always be a pokemon that can threaten to OHKO. It is better for me to run 2 because then I can switch out the first one, saving them while making protect work again if the 2nd trapper sent out is KO-ED on the switch. Also if the 2nd trapper sent out survives, I can still trap. That tactic has worked for me a number of times. I might try politoad>azumarill though, as it can still use perish song. Arena Trap Dugtrio is also an idea because if it is underground the turn perish song is used, it will actually dodge it! Murkrow with fly can do that too which also stops it from being taunt bait, but murkrow sets up the song.

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