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It’s dark. And quiet. Too quiet.

You wake up in a cold sweat, feeling strangely numb and tingly, as if you had been drugged. You attempt to get up, but the moment you move you feel something warm on your right...a person?

Suddenly the lights turn on.

As your vision gradually comes into focus, blinking, you look around and are stunned.

You are lying in a large room of what appears to be a dilapidated house, surrounded by thirty or so others who appear similarly drowsy and surprised.

‘I want to play a game.’

Startled, you all jump up and pivot around to see a hooded figure standing on a catwalk above you.

‘The doors of this house are locked. Each day, a vial of poison will be delivered to be administered to one among your group. Each night, you will sleep in separate rooms - no safety by numbers. You will be kept alive until only people of the same disposition remain.’

He pauses as you hear a loud groan from somewhere behind the hooded man, in the shadows. He appears unconcerned, and continues.

‘The majority of you are simple, normal people - Ordinary Humans. You each have your own quirks, of course, some of you being naturally Controlling people, some of you being of a more Inquisitive nature, and some being naturally Protective. In the end, however, you’re all able to get along just fine.

There are some who are not so normal. The Megalomaniacs are obsessed with power and control, for example. The Epistemophiliacs will stop at nothing until they obtain all knowledge. And, finally, the Obsessive-Compulsives are paranoid, delusionally protective people. They know who they are...and until only one group remains, no one will be allowed to leave this house alive. Oh, and remember that as you all descend deeper and deeper into chaos, you would do well to keep an open mind.’

Behind the hooded man, you see a shape slowly forming in the shadows behind him. He doesn’t seem to notice, however.

‘There is only one deadly sin in this game: breaking my rules. Outside of that, do as you would. Does anyone have any questions before we begi-’

‘DIE YOU FUCKING PSYCHOPATH’ screams the shadow from behind the hooded man, as he charges at him, and the two of them soar over the catwalk railing and land with a *THUD* on the floor below. You all rush over, but they are both quite dead...

Role Name: John Kramer

Alias: Barack Obama

Designation: Psychotic

Series/Franchise of Origin: Saw

Vote/Primary Ability: GODKILL. You will kill Target for failing to follow your rules.

Secondary Ability: SO LUCKY TO BE ALIVE. Most people are so ungrateful to be alive. If you determine someone is not sufficiently grateful to be alive in your game, you will ‘replace’ him or her with someone who is.

Item: THE MINIATURE CYCLING DOLL. This is a miniature model of yourself, and will run the game should anything happen to you.

Alliance: Your own. You win if the proper alliance leaves this place alive, per the rules.

Quote: ‘Game over.’

Role Name: Andy Dufresne

Alias: George Bush

Designation: Inquisitive

Series/Franchise of Origin: The Shawshank Redemption

Vote/Primary Ability: -VOTE WIN CONDITION CHECK-. As a former banker, you will offer to do Target’s taxes, and Target will gladly accept, because who wants to do their own taxes? From their returns, you will be able to determine whether or not Target is on the level, so to speak, and so will learn Target’s win condition.

Item: THE PICTURE OF RITA HAYWORTH. This is the perfect cover for an escape. Once in the game you may attempt to escape the game, and if no one targets you that night you will succeed. Escaping the game is equivalent to winning.

Alliance: Ordinary Humans

Quote: ‘Get busy living, or get busy dying.’

The picture of Rita Hayworth is in tatters, and some of you seem noticeably disappointed. The cycling doll, however, you hear give out a cackle from above.

‘Game On’, it says.

Looks like only one type of person is getting out of here alive...the only question is, which one?

The Ordinary Humans are the Village
The Megalomaniacs are Mafia #1
The Epistemophiliacs are Mafia #2
The Obsessive-Compulsives are Mafia #3

Game-Specific Guideline:

1. Be advised that information centralization will almost inevitably result in a loss for the Ordinary Humans. I will not reveal why this is so, but I would strongly advise no one to take orders without question from anyone, regarding either a lynch vote or a night action ballot. Trust no one but yourself, even if I tell you via your own results or an update that another person is or was an Ordinary Human. Revealing any piece of information about yourself may be compromising. You have been warned.

-VOTE- Action Rules:

1. Each night, each member of the Ordinary Humans votes on a set of night actions. This is done by sending me (UncleSam) a list of all actions to vote for and the targets for those actions. The target that has the most votes will be that night action's target.

2. Each action is tied to a specific role, and shows up as -VOTE- Action in his or her role pm. If a night action vote is tied, the role in question breaks the tie.

3. Many actions are used by multiple roles, and thus can be used multiple times in one night. The second most target will also be targeted, in this case.

4. Idle is a valid target for any action.

5. You must vote for every action, and you must submit a ballot. This is for your own benefit, trust me. You would do well to try to come to an agreement with other Ordinary Humans as to popular -VOTE- Action targets.

Forum Alias and Lynching Rules:

1. To add anonymity, each user will be granted an alias. A list of aliases will be provided at the start of the game. All lynch votes and role actions will target aliases rather than users.

2. To lynch another player, post Lynch ALIAS or some variant of this, where ALIAS is the player you wish to lynch.

3. If you wish to change your vote, you must unbold your previous vote and post a new one.

4. If the target of the lynch is not a subject of debate I will call the lynch and move the game along. What constitutes ‘not a subject for debate’ is at my discretion, but in general I will allow a player at least enough time to make a substantial post, even if a majority of votes are currently on him/her. If a player decides to ‘give up’ for contact purposes (ie ‘all mafia contact me’), I will generally allow a one hour grace period.

5. Stealth lynching is allowed if you can manage to pull it off. If you feel that a certain deadline leaves you vulnerable to stealth lynching, PM me about it in advance. I am willing to help people avoid stealth lynches but the onus is on you to foresee such a possibility. Deadline will be when I say it will be, not when I post deadline; votes made after the deadline will not be counted, regardless of whether or not I call deadline officially in the thread.

6. At the end of each day, the aliases who voted for the dead user will be revealed, in alphabetical order; this includes anyone who votes for ‘No Lynch’. In the event of a tie there will be a No Lynch and no one’s alias will be revealed.

General Rules:

1. While you are alive you can talk to anyone about the game. Once you are dead you cannot talk to anyone about the game. The only exception is if you are united with a player from the start, in which case you may talk with that player concerning strategy. You may not ever disseminate new information while dead.

2. The game will begin on Night 0. There will be no kills on Night 0. During Night 0, no one may paste the entirety of his or her role PM. Role PMs may be freely distributed starting from Day 1. PM UncleSam for help in faking a Role PM.

3. Do not take grammatical errors in PMs as proof of faking. I am human and can make mistakes.

4. I will lie to you. Trust nothing I say as certain proof. I will lie to you in your Role PMs, I will lie to you in results, I will lie to you when you ask me questions about the game, and I will lie to you in updates. I will drop hints in updates that are red herrings, I will drop hints in updates that are game-relevant. Or maybe I’m simply lying to you right now.

4.1 You can paste things told to you by the host. You may fake logs. Do not take pasting of a host conversation as definite proof, these can be faked. If you want to fake a log, feel free to PM UncleSam for assistance. Impersonation of a host or another user, however, is banned at all points. Please do not attempt to impersonate in any way. You also may not screenshot anything related to the game.

4.2 You may not invite people into game conversations that weren't initially invited. If you believe an exception to this rule should be made, PM UncleSam about it.

5. Each Night period will last 48 hours or until all PMs have been received. Remember to submit a ballot consisting of a vote for every -VOTE- action if you are an Ordinary Human. Incomplete ballots will not be processed.

6. You may target dead aliases with your abilities, as should be obvious from the -VOTE- Roles List below these rules. Some abilities are, in fact, required to target dead aliases.

7. Priorities are set and will be kept secret. Don't even ask about them. You may ask about hypothetical role interaction were priorities a certain way, however.

8. There are items in this game. To give away an item, you must add “Giving ITEM to ALIAS” in the host conversation. There is no limit on the number of items you may hold at one time, or to the number you may give away. However, you may only give away items at night. Killers will receive the items held by anyone they kill, and the items held by a role which is lynched will be distributed according to a predetermined method which I will not reveal.

9. You should add UncleSam to any IRC channels or spreadsheets you create for this game. My nick on IRC is the same as my forum name, and my e-mail for spreadsheets is Do NOT name your spreadsheets ‘Personalities Mafia’.

10. Do not edit your posts ever, for any reason, other than to unbold previous lynch votes. Do not ever change text.

11. IRC is compulsory. You can find UncleSam on #personalities under that nick if you have any questions. Alternatively, you can PM me on Smogon.

12. You must submit actions via host conversation on the forums, unless I expressly tell you on IRC that your actions have been received. Even then, putting your action(s) in the host conversation couldn’t hurt and will leave an easier record for both myself and yourself.

13. You HAVE to be active, if you are caught inactive you will be sent a warning PM. If you keep being inactive, you will be subbed out without hesitation, please don't make me do this.

14. If a role PM and the rules clash in something, the role PM takes precedence; make sure to ask me about specifically what it is that you think breaks the rules prior to actually doing it, however!

15. The official IRC channel for this game is #personalities.

16. If you have a non-information role, you will not receive a result unless it fails. If you think you should have received a night result but did not, you should contact me immediately.

Controlling -VOTE- Actions:
-VOTE HOOK-: Target is unable to perform actions
-VOTE THIEF-: Target will have held items taken by this role
-VOTE PRIO UP/DOWN-: Target will have priority either reduced or increased (Target vote and Up/Down votes separate)
-VOTE DISCOUNTER-: Target will have his/her vote count for zero in the next day's lynch (will not be alerted of this)
-VOTE CRIER-: Target will have one public vote levied against him/her the next day
-VOTE REDIRECTOR-: Target1 will have his/her target altered to Target2
-VOTE CONTROL BACKUP-: Will permanently assume the -Vote <Action>- role of Target if a Control role; must target dead aliases
-VOTE CONTROL VIGILANTE-: 1/3 nights Target is killed if also targeted by another Control role successfully

Inquisitive -VOTE- Actions:
-VOTE INSPECT-: Receives Targets' Role PM
-VOTE ROLE NAME CHECK-: Receives Targets' Role Name
-VOTE WIN CONDITION CHECK-: Receives Targets' Win Condition
-VOTE NPC CHECK-: Determines whether or not Target is an NPC
-VOTE TRACKER/WATCHER-: Receives Targets' night action targets for that night OR a list of targeters of Target
-VOTE ITEM CHECK-: Determines what items Target is holding
-VOTE INQUISITIVE BACKUP-: Will permanently assume the -Vote <Action>- role of Target if an Inquisitive role; must target dead aliases
-VOTE INQUISITIVE VIGILANTE-: 1/3 nights Target is killed if the targets' Role Name and Win Condition are supplied accurately

Protective -VOTE- Actions:
-VOTE BODYGUARD-: Target will be immune to Killing actions
-VOTE SAFEGUARD-: Target will be immune to non-Killing actions
-VOTE DECOY-: Target will have any targeters redirected to this role for all actions
-VOTE MARTYR-: Target will be redirected to this role for all actions
-VOTE ITEM PROTECT-: Target will be immune to Thief actions
-VOTE VOTE PROTECT-: Target will be immune to having his/her vote tampered with in the next day's lynch and will be lynchproof
-VOTE PROTECTIVE BACKUP-: Will permanently assume the -Vote <Action>- role of Target if a Protective role; must target dead aliases
-VOTE PROTECTIVE REVIVER-: 1/3 nights Target1 is revived into Target2's alias if Target2 is an NPC alias

Update List:
Night 0
Day 1
Night 1
Day 2
Night 2
Day 3
Night 3
Day 4
Night 4
Day 5
Night 5
Day 6
Night 6
Day 7
Night 7
Day 8
Night 8
Day 9
Night 9
3. Andrew Johnson
5. Bill Clinton
14. Grover Cleveland
16. Herbert Hoover
17. James A. Garfield
18. James Buchanan
19. Jimmy Carter
33. Theodore Roosevelt
37. William Henry Harrison
41. Zachary Taylor

2. Altair=>Aura Guardian
14. kingofmars
17. Millky95
23. PokeguyNXB

10. Franklin Pierce/NPC #10/Lynched Day 1
21. James Madison/31. zorbees/Bruce Wayne/Ordinary Humans/-Vote- Inspect and Miller/Killed for Gluttony Night 1
36. Warren G. Harding/1. Acklow/Bill/Ordinary Humans/-Vote- Decoy and Non-Redirect BPV/Killed by Megalomaniacs Night 1

22. James Monroe/25. Reinfleche/Adrian Monk/Obsessive-Compulsives/Safeguard and Inspector/Killed by Epistemophiliacs Night 1
6. Calvin Coolidge/11. imperfectluck/Doctor Jonathan Crane/Megalomaniacs/Redirector and -Vote- Action Tamperer/Lynched Day 2
27. Lyndon B. Johnson/4. billymills/Detective Rustin Cohle/Ordinary Humans/-Vote- Track/Watch and Results Recipient/Killed for Pride Night 2
26. John Tyler/10. HiipFire/Patches O'Houlihan/Ordinary Humans/-Vote- Prio Up/Down and One-Time Hook+Role Improve/Asphyxiated Night 2
8. Dwight D. Eisenhower/30. Yeti/Ellen Ripley/Ordinary Humans/-Vote- Bodyguard and Flamethrower Holder/Heart Attack Night 2

34. Thomas Jefferson/13. Jenzo=>imperfectluck/Frank Underwood/Megalomaniacs/Control Vigilante and Day/-Vote- Action Stealth Persuader/Lynched Day 3
1. Abraham Lincoln/1. Acklow=>billymills/Bill/Ordinary Humans/-Vote- Decoy/Revived Night 2/Heart Attack Night 3
32. Rutherford B. Hayes/7. Da Letter El/Light Yagami/Epistemophiliacs/Inquisitive Vigilante and -Vote- Action Tallier+Results Hijacker/Killed for Greed Night 3
11. George H.W. Bush/21. penguin344/Mickey Haller/Ordinary Humans/-Vote- Prio Up/Down/Killed by Obsessive-Compulsives Night 3
30. Richard Nixon/29. UllarWarlord/Steve Rogers/Ordinary Humans/-Vote- Vote Protect and Target Protector/Killed for high treason Night 3

25. John Quincy Adams/18. More Cowbell=>Serious Bananas/Jim Moriarty/Epistemophiliacs/Crier and Role Name+Item Check/Lynched Day 4
29. Millard Fillmore/20. Paperblade/Gollum/Smeagol/Ordinary Humans/-Vote- Tracker/Watcher/Killed for Lust Night 4
13. Gerald Ford/9. ginganinja/Raymond Reddington/Ordinary Humans/-Vote- Inspect and Results Forwarder/Killed by Megalomaniacs Night 4

20. James K. Polk/22. Pidge/???/Incinerated by a Flamethrower Night 4
31. Ronald Reagan/28. Walrein/Chell/Ordinary Humans=>Megalomaniacs (Converted)/-Vote- Martyr and Tiebreaker Vote/Lynched Day 5
7. Chester A. Arthur/26. Slim Guldo=>moi/Eric Cartman/Ordinary Humans=>Obsessive-Compulsives/-Vote- Control Backup/Killed by Megalomaniacs Night 5
23. John Adams/19. munchyoshi/Rick Deckard/Ordinary Humans/-Vote- Inquisitive Vigilante/Killed by Epistemophiliacs Night 5
4. Benjamin Harrison/6. Celever/Gustavo Fring/Epistemophiliacs/Inspect and Item+Results Thief/Lynched Day 6
40. Woodrow Wilson/3. Bass/Jesus of Nazareth/Ordinary Humans/-Vote- Protective Reviver/Killed by Obsessive-Compulsives Night 6
15. Harry S. Truman/8. Ditto/Regina George/Megalomaniacs/Discounter and Thief/Lynched Day 7

35. Ulysses S. Grant/5. Cancerous/Doctor John Watson/Ordinary Humans/-Vote- Inquisitive Backup/Killed by Epistemophiliacs Night 7
24. John F. Kennedy/16. macle/Jason Bourne/Ordinary Humans=>Epistemophiliacs/-Vote- Thief/Lynched Day 8

2. Andrew Jackson/12. jalmont/Gregory House/Ordinary Humans/-Vote- NPC Check and Hook+BG/Killed by Obsessive-Compulsives Night 8
39. William McKinley/15. LightWolf/Howard Hughes/Obsessive-Compulsives/BG + Thief/Killed by Epistemophiliacs Night 8
28. Martin Van Buren/NPC #5/Lynched Day 9
9. Franklin D. Roosevelt/24. Refa/Raymond Babbit/Obsessive-Compulsives/Hooker + Protective Backup/Killed by Laughing Gas Night 9
38. William Howard Taft/31. zorbees/Bruce Wayne/Ordinary Humans/-Vote- Inspect and Miller/Killed by Megalomaniacs Night 9
12. George Washington/27. sunny004/Han Solo/Ordinary Humans=>Obsessive-Compulsives/-Vote- Item Protect + Numbers Guy/Killed by Epistemophiliacs Night 9

Sending out Role PMs now. Night 0 will not start until I am finished. Do NOT discuss your role until I am finished sending out Role PMs.
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All Role PMs have been sent out. It is now Night 0. Night 0 will end in 48 hours, or at 2 PM EST on Sunday, December 21st.

Remember to send in a ballot voting for all night actions if you are a villager, do NOT send in an action for your specific -VOTE- action.

You may now freely discuss the game, though Role PMs may not be cp/d in any form until it is Day 1.


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also posting this template:

Controlling -VOTE- Actions:

Inquisitive -VOTE- Actions:

Protective -VOTE- Actions:


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[14:25] <UncleSam> ok guys im gonna drive home now
[14:25] <UncleSam> ill be back in like four hours
[14:25] <zorbees> cya
[14:25] <UncleSam> any questions or concerns pm me


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due to a c/p error, Item Check seemed to have been missing from my template

new template:

Controlling -VOTE- Actions:
-VOTE PRIO UP/DOWN-: [Up or Down]

Inquisitive -VOTE- Actions:
-VOTE TRACKER/WATCHER-: [Track or Watch]

Protective -VOTE- Actions:


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The fact that the alias list isn't in presidential order is making me irrationally angry.

Lynch Warren G. Harding for being a shitty president.

Da Letter El

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Most people that I have talked to seem to agree that letting people randomly choose their own N0 actions is the right play, but I just want to make the case for voting for Track regardless of who you target with it.

Considering we probably aren't going to know exactly who is targeting who nor who has what role, seeing someone through a watch target tells us nothing about that person's alignment. However, if we track someone and they target multiple people, odds are higher that this person is mafia. Worst case this would give us info directly on who a given person is targeting relative to who everyone else is voting, which should make it pretty easy to weed out if someone is telling the truth on if they have a vote role or not.
^^Wouldn't it be better to vote Inspect or Win Condition Check? Like those both seem strictly superior to Track...

Are there any kills on N0? Like, I'd assume there aren't (because that's how it usually is), but nothing in the rules mentions whether or not that's the case. Kind of important because I don't really see the point of voting for a protective role (and possibly outing them to a mafia investigative role or whatever) tonight if they can't happen.


just who is the coon?
No kills on N0

You must vote on all actions, so you vote for Tracker/Watcher AND for an Inspection target. They are distinct roles.
imo then everyone should just vote to target themselves for every role, minus their own, and let the people with the actual roles choose who they wish to target.


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There have been quite a few confusions regarding a few votes:
-Redirector and Reviver target TWO aliases, not one. Reviver must target a dead alias (same with the backups), of which there are none.
-The Vigilantes are forcibly idled this night.
-Remember to vote for which of Prio Up or Prio Down and which of Track/Watch to use along with the targets for these actions
14:58 munchyoshi hi i have a question
14:58 munchyoshi does mafia get to vote as well
14:59 munchyoshi on the night actions
15:00 UncleSam in the first game they could not
15:00 UncleSam i will not confirm or deny
15:00 UncleSam what exactly the mafia get to vote on in this game

so if they can you're not better off voting yourself, its less risky to vote randomly


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Something to note regarding the above point: when I was wolf in Everybody Votes, I couldn't vote on the vote actions. Then again my role was shit so take that with a grain of salt.


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Mafia couldn't vote either which made it rather easy to flesh them out... I mean we were fine bc zorbees = village but it would've been easy to flesh us out. Gonna assume there's a better mechanic for mafia to hide under this time.

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