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Four bodies...what an ominous sight. First is that of Abraham Lincoln, lying dead of an apparent heart attack with a slip of paper next to his body with the name 'Bill' on it. This was the previously deceased Acklow/billymills.

Next up is Rutherford B. Hayes, lying dead with the word Greed written in blood next to his body. After getting a closer look at him, the death of Abraham Lincoln became a lot more clear...
UncleSam said:
Role Name: Light Yagami

Alias: Rutherford B. Hayes

Designation: Inquisitive

Series/Franchise of Origin: Death Note

Vote/Primary Ability: INQUISITIVE VIGILANTE. All you need is a face and a name, and the Death Note will take care of the rest. For this game, a Win Condition is equivalent to a face.

Secondary Ability: THE SECOND L. You have access to almost every criminal database on earth, and so will automatically determine which Targets receive the most votes for each -VOTE- action this night come the morning. Note that this is not necessarily who each -VOTE- action ended up targeting. Additionally, you may hijack the results from one -VOTE- action a night, though you can only hijack results from a specific -VOTE- action twice, and never in succession.

Item: DEATH NOTE FRAGMENT. In your watch you retain a shred of the Death Note for emergencies. Once in the game, you may kill someone by supplying a Role Name. This kill cannot be blocked. You are saving this for a sticky situation, however, and so cannot use this until Night 3 at the earliest.

Alliance: Epistemophiliacs

Quote: ‘This world is rotten, and those who are making it rot deserve to die.’
This was Da Letter El.

Next, you find George H.W. Bush. George was found with a bullet through the chest with no blood spatter and the distinct scent of Febreze. This was clearly the work of the Obsessive-Compulsives.
UncleSam said:
Role Name: Mickey Haller

Alias: George H.W. Bush

Designation: Controlling

Series/Franchise of Origin: The Lincoln Lawyer

Vote/Primary Ability: -VOTE PRIO UP/DOWN-. A man who knows he has excellent representation will not hesitate. Of course, you also know how to find blackmail material on people, and so can cause others to execute their actions with extreme caution.

Item: THE DIAMOND. This is the real prize in this conflict. An Ordinary Human holding this at the game’s conclusion will be victorious, regardless of any other considerations.

Alliance: Ordinary Humans

Quote: ‘Rule #1: I get paid.’
This was penguin344.

Finally, the body of Richard Nixon was found, beheaded for treason. Upon closer examination, however, the sentence appears to have been an unjust one...
UncleSam said:
Role Name: Steve Rogers

Alias: Richard Nixon

Designation: Protective

Series/Franchise of Origin: Captain America

Vote/Primary Ability: -VOTE VOTE PROTECT-. You live to protect freedom, and what’s more important than the right to vote?

Secondary Ability: CAPTAIN AMERICA’S MIGHTY SHIELD. Whoever you target with any ability will be protected from being killed that night. This includes your -VOTE- action along with any other targeted abilities you may gain access to.

Alliance: Ordinary Humans

Quote: ‘Yeah, we compromised. Sometimes in ways that made us not sleep so well. But we did it so people could be free.’
This was UllarWarlord.

The Crier appears to have been mysteriously silent last night, and so there is nothing else to report.

It is now Day 4. Day 4 ends in 48 hours, or at 8 PM EST on Friday, January 9th.


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Lynch John Quincy Adams

I'm leading for real this time, talk to me if you were talking to mills. I have some of his info but not all of it.
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For the record, FDR is:

Role Name: Raymond Babbit
Alias: Franklin D. Roosevelt
Designation: Protective
Series/Franchise of Origin: Rain Man
Vote/Primary Ability: PROTECTIVE BACKUP. You learn quickly via observation and have an amazing memory. If shown an ability once you can probably repeat it again. And again. And again.
Secondary Ability: GROWN CHILD. You are difficult to take care of, and so your target will spend the night taking care of you rather than performing whatever actions he/she had planned.
Item: THE DISPOSABLE PHONE. You may send a message to one alias each night while holding this item, and may vote secretly if you wish. You may also destroy this phone, as it is disposable.
Alliance: Obsessive-Compulsives
Quote: ‘Gotta go to K-Mart.
Hi everyone - I inherited the spreadsheet from billymills after having been cleaned by him - each of you can come by and verify this fact for yourself.

Contrary to young Walrein's proposition, the lynch will not be changed. That is all.

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