Big Personalities Mafia - Game Over, Epistemophiliacs+PokeguyNXB Win


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Ronald Reagan is dead, as the daily dose of poison does its job.

UncleSam said:
Role Name: Chell

Alias: Ronald Reagan

Designation: Protective

Series/Franchise of Origin: Portal

Vote/Primary Ability: -VOTE MARTYR-. You will open a portal in front of your target and a second one in front of yourself, with a rather obvious result.

Secondary Ability: TRAINED STALEMATE RESOLUTION TECHNICIAN. An expert at resolving stalemates, your vote will break a tie in the daily voting in favor of whoever you voted for.

Alliance: Ordinary Humans

Quote: ‘...’
This was Walrein.

However, you also find another slip of paper next to his body...
UncleSam said:
You got converted to the Megalomaniacs last night! You will be added to their team conversation shortly.
Andrew Jackson
Andrew Johnson
Chester A. Arthur
John Adams
John F. Kennedy
George Washington
Zachary Taylor

It is now Night 5. Night 5 ends in 48 hours, or at 7 PM EST on Friday January 16th.
Wait what? CONVERTED?!?!? Dear god... This just got interesting

Also I love how Walrien was Chell itg, and US was GLaDoS in Wayne Bradier (which was hosted by Walrien)

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