Big Personalities Mafia - Game Over, Epistemophiliacs+PokeguyNXB Win


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why the fuck are we claiming at all with no proof of anything?

1. Be advised that information centralization will almost inevitably result in a loss for the Ordinary Humans. I will not reveal why this is so, but I would strongly advise no one to take orders without question from anyone, regarding either a lynch vote or a night action ballot. Trust no one but yourself, even if I tell you via your own results or an update that another person is or was an Ordinary Human. Revealing any piece of information about yourself may be compromising. You have been warned.


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Using the power of statistics, I'd say that unless anyone has any relevant info, we shouldn't lynch anyone.

Also, using the power of game theory, if I were to a host a mafia game, I doubt I would make arguably the best player in the game an NPC checker, lol.
DLE claimed NPC check????????

Also if the Franklin lynch is so amazing that it convinces multiple people to follow it with no explanation given from the advocates of the public reveal of n0 votes, so much for keeping the info flowing in the open?
<Refa> Are you really the leader of the Megalomaniacs?
<Jenzo> yes
<Refa> How can I be sure that you're not town fakeclaiming?
<Refa> ...Is this working?
<Jenzo> why would i do that
<Jenzo> noone would do that
<Refa> It'd probably be an easy way to get scum to claim to you.
<Refa> It's something that I'd consider doing anyways.
<Jenzo> its dumb
<Jenzo> village never trust me
<Refa> So are you OK with any of the following aliases dying: George Washington, John Tyler, or Ulysses S. Grant?
<Jenzo> all fine
<Jenzo> what are you
<Refa> ?
<Jenzo> what is ur allegianc
<Jenzo> e
<Refa> Sorry, wasn't paying attention. Ordinary Human.

For whatever it's worth, I guess (assuming he was being honest). If you're wondering why I didn't ask the identities of his scumteam (which would have been far more helpful), it's because I didn't think he'd out them (I certainly wouldn't in the same position). It just really annoyed me that he'd so brazenly claim on thread and ask people to talk to him about it. I probably could've kept the charade going a while longer, but I didn't want to lie about my alliance + it'd probably be obvious that I was lying anyways when he came into contact with any of the other 2 factions.


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I'm not a Megalomaniac, I'm an Aquanaut. Get it right, god.

In other news, I probably won't be around until maybe an hour before deadline tomorrow, and I'll be on from my phone, so communication might be limited. Hopefully we can find a solid lynch target by then.

I'd still like for Franklin Pierce to claim to me.


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I'm 100% no one being randed like this should actually claim to anyone, because they have no reason to be actually afraid, no one will lynch them because people will pussy out with their aliases being revealed if they did.

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I believe that for tonight, we should split up into groups of 5 (and one of 6 I guess) to have us all do the same action together. From which actions pass and don't pass we can get a bit of an idea of which groups are more trustworthy than others.

Does anyone have a gripe with this plan?


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if mafia can manipulate votes that should be still somewhat evident and mafia would still be restricted to knowing votes from groups they are actually part of, also no calling dibs, the way groups are formed shall be malicious amount of fun!
Controlling -VOTE- Actions:
-VOTE HOOK-: Abraham Lincoln
-VOTE THIEF-: Andrew Jackson
-VOTE PRIO UP/DOWN-: Prio up Andrew Johnson
-VOTE DISCOUNTER-: Benjamin Harrison
-VOTE CRIER-: Bill Clinton
-VOTE REDIRECTOR-: Calvin Coolidge to Calvin Coolidge

Inquisitive -VOTE- Actions:
-VOTE INSPECT-: Abraham Lincoln
-VOTE ROLE NAME CHECK-: Zachary Taylor
-VOTE NPC CHECK-: Woodrow Wilson
-VOTE TRACKER/WATCHER-: Tracking Andrew Johnson
-VOTE ITEM CHECK-: William McKinley

Protective -VOTE- Actions:
-VOTE BODYGUARD-: Zachary Taylor
-VOTE SAFEGUARD-: Woodrow Wilson
-VOTE DECOY-: William McKinley
-VOTE MARTYR-: William Howard Taft
-VOTE ITEM PROTECT-: William Henry Harrison
-VOTE VOTE PROTECT-: Warren G Harding

For DLE's plan: how do vote ties get resolved?


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If the owner of said role does not have a vote for either of the tied parties I am employing a number of tiebreakers the last of which is simply using a random number generator

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