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I did it again
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When people spell "definitely" as "defiantly"

All my friends know this pisses me off so they do it just to annoy me.

HOWEVER one time I did it myself by accident so I had to roll with it. We were deciding in the groupchat where we wanted to go to dinner and I said "I defiantly want Olive Garden." So I got roasted for it and I was like no it was on purpose, I defiantly want those unlimited breadsticks and I will be in a bad mood until I have them.

We ended up going to Texas Roadhouse instead


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Those People Who Spit Toothpaste Into The Sink And Let It Dry Their, So It Gets All Crusty? That Defiantly Annoys Me, How Hard Should It Of Been For Them To Just Use Some Water To Wash They're Toothpaste Down? They Could Of Just Taken A Little Bit Of Time Out Of There Day To Do Something Polite!
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People who call the 8th generation of Pokemon games “SnS”
I can’t help but read this in my head as “sniss” and I don’t like the way that sounds.

Personally, I like SwShi, pronounced like sushi.

A rather large pet peeve of mine is when someone breathes loudly through their nose while chewing. Particularly if that person is congested or has a deviated septum or something like that. It makes this loud “moshmoshmoshmosh” kinda noise with audible nose phlegm and I hate it.
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