Petyr's offensive team 2!!!


Hi again.This is my second RMT here in smogon.I play on PO(My name is Petyr there) and i was surprised because PO released its tiers to DW and Wi-FI tiers.So i decided to make a new team looking to these new tiers.I play in various tiers.I would like you rate my team and give me some oppinions about that.THANKS.

ALL Images are from ARKEIS!

Team building process

To start,I choose a fast and strong sweeper that can deal a lot of damage,blaziken.He is one of my favorites sweepers.

Next I want another physical sweeper,so I choose the famous Mence to make synergy with blaziken.

I have 2 physical sweepers.I’ll pick one special.To make synergy with blazy and mency,I choose empoleon.

To better my team,I will pick up other special sweeper.I will choose raikou because it is fast and strong and can deal a lot of damage and destruction too.And I wanna try one.

I will need a revenge killer.I choose latios because it has versatility, speed and can stop things that can be problem to my teammates.

I need a lead.I will try a jirachi flincher to set up Stealth rock and stop some threats with flinch.It can cover some weakness of the team at all too.

The team!

Jirachi @ Leftovers
Trait: Serene Grace
EVs: 196 HP / 252 Atk / 60 Spd
Adamant Nature (+Atk, -SAtk)
- Thunder Wave
- Iron Head
- Zen Headbutt
- Stealth Rock

Set up SR and back in Midgame to do some damage(or defeat opponent's lead).

The lead.Jirachi was very usefull in generation 4.It was very common in OU's team with these flinchs.It is pretty fast and strong.Uses the paraflinch combination to counter a lot of leads,remember the famous sashes.Thunder wave lets me slow fast pokémons to make blaziken,empoleon and mence sweeper better and without dangerous. Iron head with serena grace give me 60% chance of flinch and allows me defeat lot of famous leads..Zen headbutt is only a STAB to defeat something that resist iron head and gives me some coverage.Works very well with Latios and mence covering weakness.

I want to put another thing over Zen headbutt.What can i put?Is ballon a good choice over Leftovers?

Blaziken (M) @ Balloon
Trait: Speed Boost
EVs: 4 HP / 252 Atk / 252 Spd
Adamant Nature (+Atk, -SAtk)
- Hi Jump Kick
- Flare Blitz
- Claw Sharpen
- Stone Edge

Physical sweeper.Fire/fighting,strong and fast poké.

The famous Physical sweeper Blaziken.Generation 5 was good for blaziken.Speed boost combinated with high ATK and versatility,makes this poké one of the most dangerous sweepers of generation 5.I chose blaziken because its typing make it an offensive threat to work very in offensive teams(like this)and to defeat lot of teams that are unprepared for a blaziken like that. Flare blitz and HJP are my main and powerful STABS here.Stone Edge defeats things that resist to my STABS and let me defeat one of my weakness,flying.I prefer to use Claw sharpen because it boost accuracy, and HJP and Stone Edge don't have 100% accuracy,and a Miss can cost a battle.Has great synergy with the team at all(latios,empoleon and Salamence).Ballon secure me against Equakes in change or not and allows me boost ATK and accuracy against pokés that are in choice itens using an ground type moving.Sorry,i don't want Blaze kick here ok?


Salamence (M) @ Lum Berry
Trait: Intimidate
EVs: 252 Atk / 4 SP.ATK / 252 Spd
Adamant Nature (+Atk, -SAtk)
- Dragon Dance
- Outrage
- Earthquake
- Flamethrower
Mortal Sweeper.

The famous mix Mence.In generation 4,it was UBER for good reasons.But NOW,we can still use it.So,i am going to use its famous moveset,DD+outrage.After one DD,combinated with its versality,can destroy a team easily.DD boost ATK and speed and lets me make my party.Outrage is main STAB and Earthquake gives me coverage and flamethrower let me defeat something like skarmory,genosekuto ,forry,scizor,breeloms and lots of other threats DEF. Walls.I use Lum berry because it cures me of burn.paralyze,poison,sleeping... and Confusion, created by Outrage and leave me boost with DD securely.


Empoleon (F) @ Balloon
Trait: Torrent
EVs: 252 SAtk / 4 SDef / 252 Spd
Modest Nature (+SAtk, -Atk)
- Agility
- Surf
- Hidden Power [Electric]
- Ice Beam

Special sweeper.Revenge killer

The Uncommon Empoleon.In generation 4,empoleon was outclassed by various pokés in sweeping,like starmie and vaporeon.But it was an OU and still nobody used him.Now,it is the same,but i will try using one with agility.Agility makes it dangerous and fast.In my oppinion,empoleon is better than starmie sweeping after one agility because it stay faster and more powerful in SP.ATK.I choose empoleon because of this nice typing water/steel,that stop ice moves and let me cover some of my teammates's weakness.Surf is my STAB and HP electric with ice beam makes me a bolt-beammer.These moves give me coverage.Agility lets me fast to defeat other threats without Scarf.Ballon lets me boost speed and sweeper against Dragons,grounds and rock... types who loves OHKO moving Equake.


Raikou @ Balloon
Trait: Pressure
EVs: 236 SAtk / 20 SDef / 252 Spd
Rash Nature (+SAtk, -SDef)
- Thunderbolt
- Calm Mind
- Hidden Power [Ice]
Aura Sphere
Special sweeper.

Raikou is back.I never will understand why raikou was BL in generation 4.It is wonderfull!115 sp.atk and speed combinated with CM remember me the bests of OU.There are some reasons for i choose this poké.It is fast,powerful,make synergy with teammates,can boost stats and has the Bolt beammer combination.Thunderbolt,HP ice and Aura Sphere provides great coverage to defeat dragons,water,steel and lot of others.With CM,Raikou is much more powerfull and a little bulkier in Sp.defense,resisting something,but i dont need to boost to sweep.I think in boosting against special sweepers,to i resist some attacks .Ballon helps me a lot in changes,and you know why.This Raikou is that from the event.

Help:Are the moves OK?Any change?

Latios (M) @ Choice Scarf
Trait: Levitate
EVs: 252 SAtk / 4 SDef / 252 Spd
Modest Nature (+SAtk, -Atk)
- Psycho Shock
- Draco Meteor
- Surf
- Hidden Power [Ground]
Revenge killer

It is fast.It is strong.It is Latios.Latios was to strong in generation 4.Speed combinated with power and versatility made it a UBER for many good reasons.Generation 5 is different.UBERs are outclassed by top OUs.So they arent UBERs anymore.Some of these pokés can change to an UU tier,but it wont happen to Latios.The EVs are pretty standard for a Revenge killer like latios.In this simple moveset,D-meteor is the main Move.140 STABed is wonderful combinated 130 SP.atk,leaving most of threats defeateds.Psycho shock take care of blisseys,chansey(not very well)and special Wall.Surf and HP ground provides Great coverage to stop steel,fire,rock,ground types.These are pokés like tyranitar,heatran,metagross,jirachi,Hippo,blaziken and others

HELP:Any change in the moves?

So this is my team.What do you Think?
Want a battle?Give me a touch here.

In this new fast and strong metagame, you won't have time to set up so many times and sweep. That is why hyper offensive teams have been suffering a lot. All your sweepers are frail as hell.

For instance, Rock Polish Terakin runs through your team once it sets up. A Rain Dance team will also murder you.

You'll need to combine your sweep strategy with countering some threats like weather teams and overused sweepers.
hmm 4 weak to groud, and the other two are dragon.. can you say garchomp! =DD and please dont tell me "balloon spam ;]" because the amount of switching youll need to do because of weaknesses/being walled theyll all be gone. also 4 is too many set up sweepers

i dont think it a big problem...blaziken OHKO with HJK after a claw sharpen and latios is faster and has draco meteor.Raikou is faster too and has HP ice.If a garchomp scarf is in action,blaziken can defeat too after +2 speed and latios is still faster.If gasrchomp is in outrage,empoleon can set up agility and defeat in next with ice beam.If scarf garchomp is in scarf with Equake,i can change to a poké with ballon and set up a boost or move an attack.Am i wrong?
Just a suggestion, I think Dragonite outclasses Mence in gen 5, due to Multi-Scale. With DDance, Roost, DClaw, and EQ then you have a sufficient sweeper. It's much bulkier, making set up easier.

I have tried one in a other RMT.They are still the same,nite and mence.I used a mence in my other team,so i prefer to use mence on this team.
Why anybody is rating my team?I have put this team here to receive ratings and advices.I don't want to listen "4 ground weakness",because i have 4 ballons and 2 immunities.If you didn't like it,give a oppinion about what would you do in my place.

Please,RATE IT:pirate:
In my eyes, the biggest problem with this team is that it lacks focus. When making a team around a sweeper, the first question you have to ask is: What counters my sweeper? Then, you need to build your team to lure and kill the counters for that sweeper. While this idea is muted somewhat by the pre-battle team reveal, it's still a great rule of thumb. Otherwise, you aren't playing with a goal -- something that's essential at high levels of play. Criticisms like "four ground weaknesses" are generally a pretty good symptom of poor focus.

Off the top of my head, the biggest problems for a sweeper like Blaziken are neutral priority users like Breloom and Ruhbooshin (Azumarill too, but that's rare). Doryuuzu can be a problem before it has sufficient speed boosts as well. Because of this, Salamence is poor sweeping partner for Blaziken: the pokemon that counter Salamence -- Weavile, Mamoswine, and scarfers -- don't have anything to do with Blaziken. Approaching teambuilding from this mindset makes things like this clear. Instead of Salamence, I would recommend your own Doryuuzu: it's a sweeper with similar characteristics to Blaziken in it's high speed, power, and frailty and naturally draws the same counters. I would recommend this set:

Doryuuzu (Doryuuzu) (M) @ Balloon
Trait: Sand Throw
EVs: 4 HP / 252 Atk / 252 Spd
Jolly Nature (+Spd, -SAtk)
- Swords Dance
- Earthquake
- Rock Slide
- Rapid Spin

Max speed and attack let it hit as quickly and powerfully as possible. Although it may be tempting to invest some speed in bulk since it's so fast in Sandstorm, max speed and a Jolly nature are important to speed tie with other Doryuuzu. Ideally, like Blaziken, it shouldn't take any hits. The Balloon helps against opposing Doryuuzu mostly and is largely a matter of preference: Chople Berry or Life Orb are other possibilities, but both will exaggerate your team's ground weakness. After picking an opening sweeper, it's important to find answers to either's counters. For this, I would recommend changing your Latios's item to Choice Specs to threaten Ruhbooshin on a predicted Mach Punch and replacing Empoleon with a Choice Specs or Scarf Shandera to trap and kill Breloom. This is the set:

Shandera (Shandera) (M) @ Choice Scarf / Choice Specs
Trait: Shadow Tag
EVs: 4 HP / 252 SAtk / 252 Spd
Timid Nature (+Spd, -Atk)
- Overheat
- Energy Ball
- Shadow Ball
- Hidden Power [Ground]

After this, I'd recommend changing Raikou to a pokemon with Sand Stream to support Doryuuzu. Hippowdon will check Doryuuzu, the primary source of ground attacks in this metagame, and provide Stealth Rock, allowing you to replace Jirachi or use a preferable move over Stealth Rock (with Jirachi's enormous movepool, this is always excellent). This is a possible set:

move 1: Earthquake
move 2: Slack Off
move 3: Stealth Rock
move 4: Ice Fang
item: Leftovers
ability: Sand Stream
nature: Impish
evs: 252 HP / 252 Def / 4 SpD

After that, I'd recommend replacing Jirachi with a Choice Scarf set as a safety net against fast, unknown threats. This is the set:

move 1: Thunderpunch
move 2: Ice Punch
move 3: Iron Head
move 4: Trick/Fire Punch/U-turn
item: Choice Scarf
ability: Serene Grace
nature: Jolly
evs: 4 HP / 252 Atk/ 4 Spd

The last move on this set is pretty optional. Thunderpunch and Ice Punch are necessary to check Gyarados and Salamence, respectively, and Iron Head is STAB, but Fire Punch is rendered largely irrelevant with the presence of Shandera. If you choose not to run it, then it's probably the best option, but if you don't, Trick or U-turn are both great depending on which best fits your playstyle. My personal preference is Trick to stop set-up sweepers, but U-turn is great for getting in frail pokemon like Blaziken in safely. Another scarfer with a ground immunity -- like Latias, even -- is another option to reduce the number of ground weaknesses.

Of course, this involves replacing 4/6th of your team and greatly changing the flavor of it, so not all of these changes need to be followed -- I'm new to this metagame too, so I can't even guarantee that they'll be good -- but they're something to consider. If you do make the changes I've recommended: note that you've still got four ground weaknesses and even fewer balloons, but it should almost never be an issue -- such weaknesses are difficult to exploit against a focused team. Hopefully I've helped some.
HEY!I dont know what to put on this title.

With this team,with nothing changed,i have got 1300 points in DW OU on PO server.I was going to receive more points,but the tier points were reseted( i dont know why) and i am 1100 now.

So ,Requiem.First,i didn't understand why to change salamence and put Dory.If breloom and rubooshin can be a problem(I dont know how and when,because it never gave me ANY problem on this generation),why change mence?Salamence counters breloom with flamethrower and can cure sleep from Spore.Salamence has intimidate and can counter conter rubooshin too,Can be in 2 or 3 hits after DD with ruhbooshin has Bulk up.And i didn't understand with "Salamence is poor sweeping partner for Blaziken".They have nice synergy and vast movepool.What is wrong with that?And changing mence to put dory is put more one ground weakness.

On jirachi,i wont make any changes.This is a wonderful anti-lead that put SR.Paraflinch for an anti-lead is simple and deadly.

I didn't like shandera(now UBER in some places) over empoleon.Change a wonderful typing with nice coverage to put another fire poké is a little silly.Latios,mence and blaziken(blaziken in full HP) can counter breloom and lot of other threats that you think a problem.

I wont put dory or hippo.Raikou is the uncommon but wonderful poké that you hate to see.It is fast,Very strong after and before CM,has the boltbeam combination and nobody knows Aura Sphere.Aura Sphere let me defeat nattorei,tyranitar,dory and other common threats.

Finally,i wanna say that people in Smogon DONT READ the battle on PO.They don't see my ballons and it appears "HAD NO AFFECT"
I honestly hate it when people ask for recommendations to their team and then act offended when someone tries to change something. Likewise, 1300 isn't high at all, and if people are forgetting your balloons, you aren't laddering against good people.

I honestly don't see this team doing well against opposing weather teams in the slightest. The synergy is decent, but the team doesn't seem to have a general focus. You attempt to set up way too much. Try changing Salamence to a Choice Scarf set with Intimidate, and switching Latios to a Choice Specs set. I find dual dragon cores to be rather effective. Empoleon isn't honestly doing much at all this generation. If you want a bulky special sweeper, I recommend replacing it with a Calm Mind Rankurusu. That also removes your problem with fighting types. I would then change your Blaziken set to a Wide Lens set with Swords Dance over Claw Sharpen. Blaziken can already hit harder off the bat, and Swords Dance makes for a significantly higher damage output when you find time to set up. Wide Lens makes it more accurate than Claw Sharpen anyways. I have one final recommendation. I would completely forego Raikou. It's just outclassed by too many things, and doesn't even hit particularly hard after it sets up. You have Blaziken and Rankurusu to set up, a Jirachi lead, and Salamence/Latios as choicers. I really think a wish/weather changing Vaporeon would go well in its place. That way you can add a Bulky water, keep your teammates healthy, and screw over weather teams.

Good luck! I'm by no means a good team rater, so don't take my rates at face value. Test out the changes if you want!
I don't understand with fighting types.I don't have any problems with fighting types.Mence and latios defeat this type,and i can defeat other fighting with raikou or jirachi.I try this team,i know this team.I wouldn't like to change my empoleon.It does very well againgst lot of dragons,shanderaa specs and other threats after one agility.And i won't forget raikou.Only because you always use special sweeper of OU and have never used raikou before,try using one, first.And on this team,i only need the boost in empoleon to sweepe well.The other boosts are here for an option to sweep better.I dont need to start using CS in blaziken to start sweepeing a team.I can start using HJK or flare blitz,i can use claw sharpen in a other chance.But i can't start sweeping with empoleon without agility because it would make empoleon slow and probaly defeated on the next turn.Wheater teams aren't a big problem at all.Sunny teams are easy,sand so so,but raindance teams are dificult for me defeat with this team.

finally,i prefer Claw sharpen over SD on blazy.It makes SE and HJK more safe and a miss can cost a battle.And if you know what is focus,focus in what can be dangerous stallers for this offensive team,ok?

Thanks for all.
I would appreciate it if you didn't tell me what I have and have not used. I have not only used the "special sweepers of ou" and I can tell you in most cases, Raikou is just outclassed. In your team's case, Raikou doesn't provide much at all. And have you realized there is a reason Empoleon isn't used much this generation? Priority. Priority is the bane of Agility Empoleon's existence. With all the FIGHTING types that are going don't have much of a chance of sweeping with Empoleon. Likewise..its special attack stat isn't sweeping much. Sub-Salac works pretty well but fails to priority. Yours has the same weakness to priority but doesn't hit hard at all. I don't know who you've been sweeping with that..

That said, any Bulk Up Roobushin will defeat your team. You say you don't have a problem with fighting types, but a Bulk Up + Drain Punch + Mach Punch + Stone Edge Roobushin will practically dismantle the team. Mach Punch for Empoleon, Bulk Up makes his physical bulk too strong for Latios to Psycho Shock, Stone Edge will destroy Salamence and Bulk Up will prevent him from dying to a single Outrage, your lead won't be there for long, and if so, repeated Drain Punches will do a number, a boosted Mach Punch for Blaziken, and your beloved Raikou isn't resisting a Drain Punch well either.

Wide Lens will make your moves more accurate than a single Claw Sharpen will, anyways.

Don't take any of my opinions or the other rater's opinions into account. That's fine. But don't get angry with the ideas nor insult the rater. I haven't posted enough to be able to say much, but..that really irked me.
I'm with Blajaran on the subject of taking raters' opinions. As competitive battlers, we post teams here to get critiqued and criticized, often being told "Forego X Pokemon" or "Change Y Pokemon's moveset and nature to better suit the team." If you don't want to accept the changes, Petyr, that's fine. As raters and battlers ourselves, we want to help a team get stronger and cover problems it may be having. So what if your points lower a little bit from trying a new set, or taking some suggestions into account? If you find a fit with a new set, you'll recover those precious Pokemon Online Ladder points in no time flat. My main point: Don't just say the likes of "I won't because I don't want to," which is the tone I've gotten from the vast majority of your reply posts in response to raters.

Anyway, onto MY rate: Take it how you will.
1. I fully support the Wide Lens/Swords Dance Blaziken variant over the Claw Sharpen one. One Swords Dance + Wide Lens = essentially two Claw Sharpens in one turn instead of two, allowing Blaziken to sweep much quicker than your set.
2. You basically have a lead and 5 sweepers. For the team to have balance, you need at LEAST one defensive Pokemon to help you regroup. If you really want three sweepers, make one a Bulky Sweeper like Bulk Up/Shed Skin Zuruzukin or Calm Mind Rankurusu. You could also use a Rapid Spinner and a Weather Killer because, as said before (and something you admitted to by stating "but raindance teams are dificult for me defeat with this team") Rain teams walk all over you. Swift Swim Kingdra is insanely powerful, no matter what team it faces. If you catch a special/mixed one with Hidden Power Electric while the rain is going, most of this team is toast, except MAYBE for Jirachi.
3. Without a Wish Passer (like Vaporeon or Chansey) or the Shell Bell as a hold item, boosted Flare Blitzes are going to make Blaziken kill itself. I'd suggest Blaze Kick - high critical hit chance, accuracy and power get boosted by Claw Sharpen/Swords Dance + Wide Lens, and no recoil what so ever.
4. Balloon Raikou can easily be replaced by Shiribudon. Shiribudon is a Bulky Electric-type with Levitate, so you can easily have it hold a different item, like the leftovers. I ran this set on a mostly successful team I had a while back:
Shibirudon @ Leftovers
Ability: Levitate
EVs: 252 Special Attack/252 Defense/4 Attack
Snake Coil (Increases Attack, Defense and Accuracy by one stage each)
Hidden Power (Ice)
Brick Break

It gets identical coverage to Raikou, has a better chance of paralyzing than your Raikou set, takes out Reflects/Light Screens that leads set up thanks to Brick Break, and hits really hard. No attacks hit it for Super Effective damage, either, since it's a pure Electric-type with Levitate. Justification for Snake Coil instead of Claw Sharpen: Snake Coil boosts its Defense in addition to its Attack and Accuracy, making it a superior Claw Sharpen.

Again, take this rate how you will.
I'm not sure why you have adamant on your mence, as it's a mixed sweeper. Change it to Naive/Hasty if you want flamethrower to do anything. You can also change it to Fire Blast if you want some extra power. Also, on Jirachi, give it a choice scarf and change zen headbutt to trick. It's a much better leadrachi variant. Also, agreeing with the above poster. Balloon's don't last forever. Likewise, your blaziken isn't going to last long either. Flare Blitz + HJK is suicide, and claw sharpen is pointless when SD + Wide Lens outclasses it. Even Sky Uppercut + Fire Punch + SD outclasses it with a life orb. Everyone's telling you to change it to SD/Fire Punch or Blaze Kick/HJK/Protect, and your being stubborn and not taking the advice. Were making your team better, not ruining it. And shibirudon REALLY outclasses raikou. I ran one like this:
Shibirudon @ Leftovers
Timid Nature (+Spe, -Atk)
-Ice Beam
-Grass Knot
This set gives you unresisted coverage, and you are bulky and have no weaknesses. I used it over the coil set, and must say it does far better than the coil set.
And actually listen to someone trying to make your team better.
Remove HP Ground on Latios. HP Ground doesn't do that much to Tyranitar anyway, not to mention you need a prefect prediction for that. Surf is more powerful against Tyranitar and Hippowdon. Heatran is 2HKO'd by Surf, and all variants are outsped anyway. That leaves Metagross and Jirachi, who are both hit decently hard by Surf, and you can switch against them anyway. I recommend replacing HP [Ground] with HP [Fire] or Trick, as HP Fire hits Nattorei (and other steels just as hard), while Trick srews up walls and coverage-sweepers. If you do decide to change this, before of Shandera and Tyranitar switches.

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