Role Playing Philosopher's Stone War VI - Postgame

Thread approved by DLE. Hosted by myself and vonFiedler parts of this post shamelessly stolen from his PSW 5

Welcome to the world of the Philosopher’s Stone Wars. This is a game of stealth and intrigue where you summon a powerful champion from history to battle and fight seven other champions and summoners in a pvp competition. Game strategy can pan around building defensive structures, discovering the identity (and powers) of the enemy champions, forming tense alliances, and attacking your enemy before they see you coming. Because this is based on Pathfinder, your options are limited only by your creative problem solving ability.

This is a roleplaying game. Half the fun is roleplaying as badass legendary heroes, accompanied of course by a wizard with whatever personality you wish. You are allowed to talk with other players about the game in character when contact is made. Otherwise, you are not. This is not a balance rule, it’s to immerse you in this isolated and dangerous world where another player could be lurking around the next dark corner, not “a pm away”.

How this Game Works

PSW doesn’t function like most tabletops do. There will be no weekly or monthly sessions, rather at the start of each in game day each person will send in a day plan. This day plan should be as specific as possible (down to what streets you use to get to your destination) and will chart the course for what that person does during that day. If during the course of the day, two characters interact either accidentally or intentionally, then we will have a live session with the characters involved. These live sessions will hopefully average around two hours or so each, though it depends on a lot of circumstances of the individual encounters.

For discussion and the game, use the discord server #flamel:

Be aware this game will be a several month commitment.

Homebrew Changes

These detail a few of the changes to both pathfinder and the previous PSW 5. Other changes are covered throughout this post.
  • Combat uses an RPS system. Each champ will be designed with attacks assigned to Rock, Paper, and Scissors, each with varied and useful effects. When an opponent is beat in an RPS clash, the victor will have advantage, which allows you to roll your attack twice and take the higher roll, while the loser will have disadvantage, which forces them to roll twice and take the lower number. In the result of ties each side will only roll once and use that. Learning your opponent's moves and fighting inclinations is a must to succeed.
  • Ability scores are virtually non-existent, with champions gaining a certain number of skills based on their champion classification. For each of these skills they will gain a +10 bonus however if the skill makes sense for the individual hero or their class, that bonus will be bumped up to +15 (this is at the GM’s discretion). Each Summoner however will have 50 skill points to distribute as they wish to as many skills as they wish, however the highest modifier a skill can have is +15.
  • In addition, the follow skills probably won’t have much use in this campaign: (Appraise, Craft, Fly, Handle Animal, Kn: Dungeoneering, Kn: Planes, Linguistics, Perform and Use Magic Device). Additionally, psw allows for some homebrew skills that don't quite fit within the skills offered by pathfinder. We can talk during character creation if there's something you want your summoner or champion to be good at that fits into this idea.
  • Unlike PSW V, saves are once again on a roll system which like skills, aren’t based on ability scores. Rather each champion will have good and bad saves depending on their class. Summoners will also have predetermined saves of 4/4/6:Fort/Ref/Will
  • HP, Attack, AC, Damage and initiative are also not tied to anything except champion class for champions. For summoners, they start out with 100 HP, +8 attack, 17 AC, a 1d6+5 melee range attack and +2 initiative. However this can be improved (see: summoner creation portion)
The Champions

Each Summoner has a psychic connection with their summoner that allows the other to know where the other is, what they see and hear as well as what they know.

Every character in the game is able to recognize another summoner or champion. The only exception to this is if a summoner or champion is attempting to hide their status through some mean.

Finally, as shown below each champion will have innate abilities according to their class. Beyond that, each champion will have several unique abilities tied to who they are and what they did in their lives or stories. In addition, every champion will have a trademark ability. These powerful abilities will usually be one of the strongest aspect of a character however, it comes at a cost. As the trademark ability will be so closely tied to who the champion is, that when a use of that ability is witnessed, it will become very easy to guess who that champion is. These abilities don’t necessarily have to be an active ability, but can be a passive ability that triggers when some condition is met. Creativity is awesome.
Important note: The following gives a great guideline what to expect when you see a champion and in figuring out what champion you want to play. However due to the customization aspect of the game, the innate ability of the champion and combat style may be slightly different then what is presented here.

Knight, Defensive Martial Champion

The Knight excels at taking hits, while still being able to physically threaten other classes. The Knight’s true specialty, however, lies in protecting her summoner, lending it to a play style where the player is never directly in harm’s way. The Knight does not require a literal knight legendary figure. Any myth that revolves around protection can be considered for the Knights. Previous Knights include Tyr, Don Quixote, Jeanne D'Arc, Samson and Perseus.

Skills: The Knight can choose 5 skills.

Innate Ability: Knight's Cover. Prevents the Knight's Summoner from being hurt when within a certain amount of feet.

Innate Ability: Reflex. When an attack would hit the Knight, you may gain AC to block it at the cost of 20 mana per AC.

RPS Combat Style: The Knight is given good damage dealing capability, but mostly relies on taking as little damage as possible. The Knight is also helped by allowing their summoner to join them easier in combat without being in any harm.

Berserker, Offensive Martial Champion

The Berserker is the strongest and simplest class of all in direct combat, overwhelming foes with unstoppable physical might and superhuman endurance. However, the Berserker is shackled by a continual madness in exchange for this incredible power. Any legendary warrior that has displayed anger can be summoned as the Berserker. Previous Berserkers include Herakles, Hervor, Dian Wei and the Lernean Hydra.

Skills: The Berserker can choose 5 skills.

Innate Ability: Berserker's Rage. The Berserker has three levels of rage that empower her. These can be activated once per turn using a Berserk Attack, a damage bonus to regular RPS attack. The first level prevents the champion from speaking but adds extra damage. The second level prevents uses of active skills, reduces AC, but adds to the attack bonus. The third level puts the Berserker completely out of control, having her attack at random (Including their summoner), but gaining even further damage. Each round requires an amount of mana to maintain and level 1 and 2 can be ended at anytime. Level 3 however can only be ended by spending additional mana or when the champion runs out of mana.

RPS Combat Style: Kill the enemy as quickly as possible. No one has the damage potential of Berserker.

Monk, Defensive Skill Class

The Monk is a scrapper in a fight, holding out against superior opponents until the chance for victory arrives. The Monk controls the flow of RPS battle, setting up victory conditions that become more certain as battles drag on. An innate spiritual awareness gives them more options outside of battle as well. Any skilled brawler of spiritual man can be a Monk. Previous Monks include St. Anthony Thomas Aquinas and Gilgamesh.

Skills: The Monk can choose 6 skills

Innate Ability: Monk's Divination. The Monk can detect uses of magic in a wide area around her, both instantaneous and ongoing, including mana founts.

Innate Ability: Monk’s Meditation. The Monk may spend an hour in meditation to gain 5 mana. This can be done up to 6 times a day.

Bonus Innate: Counterattack. Whenever someone targeting the monk misses due to disadvantage, the monk may make a bonus basic attack against the foe.

RPS Combat Style: The Monk lays down the hurt with their counterattack ability. Attacks have increasingly devastating effects, so long as they keep hitting. Otherwise concerned with defense and manipulating the battlefield.

Assassin, Offensive Skill Class

The Assassin is in her element when she is stalking her prey, silently observing before moving in for the kill. The Assassin specializes in striking devastating attacks before the start of combat, but also in taking advantage of an opponent's weakness in a fight. She also has access to a wide variety of skills, which aid her in deceiving her enemies. The Assassin can be literal, but she can also be any legendary thief, trickster, betrayer, or similarly roguish character. Previous Assassins include Robin Hood, Hermes, Loki, Moctezuma I and Eris.

Skills: The Assassin can choose 8 skills

Innate Ability: Assassin's Stealth. Out of combat the Assassin is always assumed to be hiding so well that no one can see her unless she chooses to be seen (this is not invisibility).

Innate Ability: Assassin’s Toolkit. She can increase any skill check after it is rolled by spending 5 mana per +2 to the roll.

Bonus Innate: Sneak attack. The assassin performs a sneak attack whenever their target is unaware of them or when they have advantage. This will usually trigger bonuses on their rps attacks.

RPS Combat Style: With Sneak Attack, the Assassin gains sizeable damage and other bonuses whenever she gains advantage. In other respects she excels at attacking when least expected and her RPS attacks apply debuffs to opponents.

Archer, Defensive Tactical Class

The Archer excels at long-range combat, raining death from a distance where enemy Champions cannot reach her. The Archer’s true specialty, however, lies in perception, her senses allowing her to track down and detect her enemies without fail. The Archer can be any legend associated with a bow, but any ranged weapon is also permissible. Previous Archers include Sun Shang Xiang, Tripurantaka Shiva, Apollo, Zhou Tong and Simo Hayha.

Skills: The Archer can choose 5 skills

Innate Ability: Archer's Vision. The Archer can physically see a great distance away, and can easily spot and track enemies using this.

Innate Ability: Archer’s Enemies. The Archer can spend 20 mana to know the direction of the nearest enemy champion. He can also spend 30 mana when on top of a tall location to get an idea of where an enemy champion might be in his vision.

RPS Combat Style: None. The Archer works best when firing at an enemy from out of range, which does not RPS Clash. The Archer is weak against RPS clashes, and will fight to gain distance again.

Rider, Offensive Tactical Class

The Rider is the only class that has innate access to a mount, allowing her to swiftly travel over long distances and make powerful charge attacks from far. The Rider’s true specialty lies in having this enhanced movement capability, and she can both chase down and flee from her foes with frightening ease. The Rider can be any figure with a legendary mount (this does not have to be a creature), but free willed adventurers are also acceptable. Previous Riders include Genghis Khan, Bellerophon, Guan Yu, Francis Drake and the Dullahan.

Skills: The Rider can choose 5 skills

Innate Ability: Rider's Chase/Retreat. As long as she is on her mount, the Rider gains bonuses to pursue and flee from foes.

Innate Ability: Rider’s Speed. You may at any time spend multiples of 10 mana to gain bonuses of 10 feet of speed in any form that he possesses.

Bonus Innate: Riders mount. Rider's mount has a seperate health amount from rider and can die. If riders mount does die, Rider will be unable to use any ability or rps attack that requires the mount.

RPS Combat Style: The Rider is a versatile everyman, doing a little something of everything, and possessing more RPS options than other champions.

Savior, Defensive Strategic Class

The Savior specializes in casting Divine magic to heal and protect both her allies as well as herself, and has the highest defensive potential out of any class. The Savior is the strongest class in a battle of attrition, and is also the only class that can choose to either physically damage her enemies with her weapons, or pose a threat with select offensive spells. The Savior may be any mythic priest, shaman, or druid, and may also be any legendary healer. Previous Saviors include Charaka, Mogh Ruith, Hippocrates, Dr. Jekyll and Väinämöinen.

Skills: The Savior can choose 5 skills

Innate Ability: Savior's Resurrection. Once per game, upon her or her summoner dying, they may rise again in another pre-selected location of their choosing at the start of the next day.

Innate Ability: Savior’s Healing. Once per round, the Savior may spend 1 mana to gain 2 HP.

RPS Combat Style: The Savior is an annoying tanker and is hard to actually kill and even harder to keep dead. Power comes from buffs accrued over the length of the game.

Caster, Offensive Strategic Class

The Caster specializes in casting Arcane magic with incredible destructive power, and is the class with the highest unrestricted offensive potential as well as some of the highest versatility. The Caster can also utilize her magical prowess in a more indirect manner, often possessing surprising abilities that are difficult to deal with. The Caster can be any mythical wizard or witch, but may also be a legendary scientist or alchemist. Previous Casters include Isaac Newton, Leonardo Da Vinci, Circe, Hans Christian Anderson and The Fates.

Skills: Caster can choose 4 skills

Innate Ability: Caster's Concentration. By sharing mental energy, the Caster's summoner can use up to three concentration spells at once. In addition Caster automatically succeeds when casting defensively and is always assumed to be doing so.

Innate Ability: Caster’s Recall. You may recall any spell already cast this day or spell slot by spending 10 mana per spell level.

Bonus Innate: Caster has a certain amount of fixed spells up to a higher level than summoners can use. However she may still switch up and select spells of 5th level and lower as a summoner does.

RPS Combat Style: The Caster is weak on the get-go, but applies heavy debuffs and save breaks until the battle goes in her favor, all while backed up by powerful arcane spells.

Building your Summoner and Order Spells

Starting Stats: 100 HP, +8 attack, 17 AC, 1d6+5 melee attack and +2 initiative. +4 fort, +4 reflex and +6 will saves.

50 skill points with the highest modifier they can have in any one skill is +10.

In addition, each summoner had 40 ‘build points’ which can be used to purchase different options.

  • 1 point can be traded for +1 HP. This can be done a maximum of 20 times.
  • 1 build point can be traded for 1 additional skill point
  • 10 points can be traded to upgrade a skill from +10 to +15
  • 10 points can be traded for +1 additional attack
  • 10 points can be traded for +1 initiative
  • 10 points can traded to increase one save roll by +1
  • 15 points can be traded for +1 AC
  • 15 points can be traded to increase your damage die from 1d6 to 1d8 or from 1d8 to 1d10.
  • 30 points can be traded to give you a weapon with special, customized properties (such as a gun that has range or other homebrew things, however these will be fairly low in power.)
  • 10 * Spell level points can be traded to give you an additional spell slot of that spell level.

Each Summoner has 4 cantrips, four 1st-level spell, four 2nd-level spells, three 3rd-level spells, three 4th-level spells and two 5th-level spells and treats their caster level as 10. He or she chooses their spells from the wizard spell list and like a wizard, must decide in advance which spells to perform by having 8 hours of sleep and spending one hour studying a spellbook.

In addition, each summoner may choose an arcane school as per the wizard class feature. However this feature doesn’t allow the summoner to use school powers. However it does allow summoners to prepare an additional spell slot for each level of the school they choose, though this benefit comes at the cost of choosing 2 opposite schools which then require two spell slots to prepare.

Because it is assumed that each character at least has some accolades in wizardry. Each summoner is allowed to have one unique and homebrewed ability.

Last but not least. Each summoner has three order spells. Each order spell may be used once and when used it vanishes forever. These order spells may be used to
  • Teleport your champion to an adjacent, open square next to your summoner.
  • Grant you 100 mana that vanishes at the start of your next turn.
In addition, an order spell may be used to empower a champion to do anything they could feasibly do on a over 9000 power level scale. This is however limited. Of the three order spells, one is designated offensive, one is designated defensive and finally one is designated utility. When using an order spell, you must select which one you are using. If you are using the order spell to accomplish a feat not included in the bullet point list, it must be for a purpose related to the type of order spell used. For example, a defensive order spell could be used to fully restore a champions health while an offensive order spell could be used to allow you to close the gap between themselves and a distant foe. However an offensive order spell would not let you dash away from a foe.

When a Summoner has used all of their order spells, they will start to lose mana every day at a rate of 25->50->100 for every day without an order spell. Additionally, the champion will no longer be under their control and may choose to no longer follow their commands. There is only one way to gain another order spell in the game.

Mana and Mana Founts

Mana is shared by Champion and Summoner and is needed to use certain champion abilities. If ever a champion doesn’t have a summoner, or the summoner does not possess order spells, they can no longer gain mana and will instead lose mana at a rate of (25*N) a day, where N is the number of days the champion has been without an order spell. If the champion reaches 0 mana while without an order spell, the champion will vanish from the game.

Each champion starts with 50 mana. Every day they will gain an additional 25 mana so long as their summoner has at least one order spell.

Each summoner may also create up to 2 mana founts which give you an additional 25 mana for each controlled mana fount. It takes a one hour ritual to create a mana fount and may only be performed twice a day. If the Mana Fount is placed on a spiritually significant location it may yield more mana.

Mana Founts are nearly unobservable to common folk however other summoners or champions may detect opposing mana founts when in 25 feet of one and may destroy them by having the summoner spend 15 minutes to perform a counter ritual. Destroying the Mana Fount in this way, besides cutting off mana supply for the summoner, will grant the character who destroyed it an additional 25 mana. At the start of this rituatal, the summoner who owns the mana fount will be aware the ritual is being disturbed and know which mana fount is being targeted.

Alternatively, a summoner may conduct an hour long ritual which upon completion allows the summoner to scry on the summoner or champion (but not both) the mana fount is attached to. This scrying acts like the spell scry and the target may make a will save to prevent the scrying (with a -4 penalty as if you had a possession of their target). The target will not naturally be informed of this (however certain effects, like the Monk’s innate ability may detect it) though scrying in this way will bypass any normal protection against scrying. You may continue to scry this way as long as you stay next to the active mana fount though the target receives a new will save every hour. Similarly if the target makes their will save, they cannot be scryed on again until the next day and they will be informed that someone tried to use their mana fount to scry on them.

Mana Founts last for two days after creation, meaning that any Mana Founts made on Day 1 will produce mana for Day 2 and Day 3. After this period, they are destroyed. As you may only have two mana founts at a time, whenever a new one is created when you already possess two, the oldest mana fount you created will be destroyed.

Mana founts created on a spot where you have already had a mana fount will produce only 15 mana, except for the aforementioned spiritually significant locations.

Finally, you may gain mana from ritual murder. A discreet murder takes an hour and grants five mana, however doing this assumes you take the body to a remote place and thus the crime becomes much less notable.

You may also perform a reckless and bold ritual murder which throws caution to the wind and grants you 10 mana and only takes 10 minutes. Because of the brazen nature of this, these murders are much more likely to be noticed and details about the murder may become public knowledge and posted in the daily update.

Regardless of method, when murders are performed frequently, they will attract more attention and are more likely to draw aggression from citizens of the town, law enforcement and as a result, may cause information about the champion or summoner to become public knowledge.

Items and Setting and Healing

This competition takes places in modern day earth in a city or town that will be revealed once character creation is complete.

This world is exactly like our own and assumes that the common population has no clue about magic beyond fairy tales and legends. Magic for the most part is a complete secret to the world however you do not have to worry about any magical users besides the PC’s.

That said, the population of the city or town may have reactions depending on the various things going on. Possibly culminating in law enforcement or militaries becoming involved and various parts of the city or town becoming inaccessible through lawful means

In extreme cases, where a summoner and champion have intentionally acted to heavily disrupt the everyday life of the cities citizens through excessive killing, destruction of property and other malicious methods which threaten to expose the War to ordinary civilians, the Philosopher's Stone may place a bounty on the champion. This bounty will be announced in the morning update and a prize will be awarded to the person who deals the killing blow to the target of the bounty. Otherwise, the Philosopher’s Stone will automatically help to conceal most matters of this conflict to ordinary folk.

For simplicity sake. There are no items in the game in relevance to pathfinder (the exception being any items possessed by a champion upon creation, a chosen weapon of the summoner and any magical items that the summoner or the champion may create through abilities.) However you may find and purchase nearly any item you can normally find in a modern day city with some of the same limitations applied as in the real world.

Food and water is assumed and a non factor in this game. However each summoner needs 8 hours of sleep to refresh their spell list to avoid being fatigued the next day. The Champions exists off of mana and thus do not need to rest in this way, though they may meditate to recover hp. (Though a fatigued summoner will apply the same condition to their champion due to their shared connection).

Sleeping for 8 hours recovers 25% of your maximum health. Resting an additional 16 hours restores a total of 50% of your maximum health. This can be improved through the heal skill by giving long term care for 8 hours (DC 15) which on a passed check will double the healing received.

To join this game either indicate so in this thread. After sign ups are filled is when champion's will be determined and character creation will begin.

Sign Ups (10/9)
1. Ullar
2. Lightwolf
3. Hitmonleet
4. Internet
5. MoodyCloud
6. Agape
7. Julienrg
8. Maxim
9. Oddish
10. Pyra
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At this point, if you are still interested go ahead and express that here as we may also have a 9th player slot which would act as the overseer of the war.

Otherwise, if you haven't already. PM von and I when you have an idea which champion classes you'd like to play and any specific champions you have in mind.

If you don't care which you play or just don't want to play a specific few, also let us know that


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Basically, I was going to the be the overseer, who acts sort of like how PSWIII had events with rewards and such, also adds more story to the mix. But we've been designing this for months and I'm suddenly a lot more busy, so while I'll still help when I can, I'd rather someone else fulfill a role that will need to be on call. It's not really a "player", but in that sense, you can't "lose" either. PM us if you're interested, or as LW says, if you just want other people to get the chance to play the game.
Alright, while sign ups are still open. If you have interest, please send me your preferred champion classes. Or like stated earlier, if you don't care who you play or just don't want to play a few, let me know that as well.

Otherwise, here's how champion selection will go. If there is conflict for wanting a champion. There will be a d20 secretly rolled and the player who rolls highest receives that champion. That said, if someone presents a concept for a champion that is cool, unique and interesting and makes it clear they know how they want to build said character, they may be given preference for that champion class.
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Sign ups are now closed. If you wish to be a substitute in case one is needed, feel free to message Von or I.

Additionally, if you would like to spectate, also let Von or I know.

Otherwise, here is a list of the banned or modified spells v.1
Anything with a duration of permanent is banned
Anything that impacts elements not in the game (such as alignment based spells, things that impact or cause full attacks or changes in levels ) have no effect on those elements.
Anything that increases AC or attack and has a duration greater than 10 rounds instead lasts 10 rounds.
If a lesser version of a spell is banned so is the greater version
In this game’s lore the Philosopher’s Stone summoned your champion for you and allows you to control it by order seals. Thus any spells that target summoned creatures will not work on champions.

1st level
Ray of Enfeeblement is banned

2nd level
Bullet Shield grants +4 AC against ranged attacks for 10 rounds.
For the ‘animal’ buffs (ie Bull’s Strength) the duration is 10 rounds.
Protection from Arrows lasts for 10 rounds.

3rd level
Magic weapon - all champions automatically have magical weapons
Heroism is banned
Ray of Exhaustion is banned
Dispel Magic gains a +5 bonus

4th level
Phantasmal killer is banned.
Stone Skin lasts 10 rounds
Black Tentacles is banned.

5th level
Mind fog is banned
Suffocation is banned
Feeblemind is banned

More spells may be banned of modified for everyone throughout the course of the game.
Player List - Based on people who provided responses and submitted their wants for champion class
1. Ullar
2. Hitmonleet
3. internet
4. MoodyCloud
5. Agape
6. Maxim
7. Oddish.
8. Pyra

(Also featuring Von and LW)
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In order to streamline the character building process, and based on the power level of this PSW's champions, Von and I have decided to make a few changes to the summoner creation portion.

Particularly, we are cutting the special ability of summoners and the option to choose a school. While this does cut away from the uniqueness of each summoner, it will help to keep the focus on the champions themselves as well as make the summoner creation process that much simpler.

In addition, Order spells are changing. As described in the OP, essentially of your 3 order spells one is designated an offensive order spell, one a defensive OS and one a utility OS. When you are using an OS to teleport your champion to your side or grant them mana, you must select one to expand. However each order spell can also be used to accomplish a feat of that category.

At this point, the vast majority of champions are done and the plan is to start within a week. If your champion has gotten the go ahead from Von and I, please decide how you would like to spend your build points.


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so heads up we MIGHT want another player for PSW

it'd have pretty low amount of play but you could still technically win

Ideally it'd be someone kind of good at the game, but I don't know who is that would either be interested or isn't already involved


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We're going to be asking for day plans very soon. So I want to make this post about HOW to make a day plan. A lot of day plans in PSW5 really sucked and it really delayed the game when I gave 48 hours to get them in, then had to extend to ask for not shitty plans.

Tagging Agape Pyra internet Oddish. Maxim MoodyCloud Hitmonleet Ullar

Here's an example of a very good day plan:

Day plans

Please let me know if need to elaborate on something or a time period, I know I've been a bit vague about some things because we are travelling as three and I wasn't sure if it's okay to run entire day plans by others. Also I'm pretty tired so please let me know if I fucked up bad somehow

Availability for the next week (as always my sleep cycle is drifting inexorably towards an American sleep cycle but we are hoping to run into an early encounter so here's my current one upfront): Tuesdays should no longer be out, this upcoming Monday is. UTC +11. Early afternoon preferred.


At any point if any of LW and/or FH's party, leave the area (so like moving about a street or building in the process of carrying about an activity while still remaining with us is fine, but if they head off to the abbey and I head off to acid's house that's an emergency new variable to me, basically #foreverscarred by ginganinja's self-sacrificial walk in the woods) without it being agreed upon and I see it happening, please let me know so I can choose whether to take action.

Enkidu, Gilgamesh, and I will head with LightWolf to Holder's Field. Our intent is to maximise stealth and scouting from afar. There we will perform the ritual to rid ourselves of the Kakodaimones. We will stay in the cover of LightWolf's carriage wherever possible -- anyone who does not need to be exposed will do this. If possible Enkidu will meditate using the cover of the carriage during the rituals, while Gilgamesh guards him and keeps a lookout. If we observe anyone in the area please inform us, we are of course looking for other participants in PSW. When FH or their champion speaks they should be paid close attention to, as at least one is a known liar. The outcome of the removal of Toil would be nice to know, mostly if we can get our rest back or we're stuck with it that way.

After this, assuming our day plans are all in agreement (if not, see the first paragraph), we will proceed to acidphoenix's house as a group. Hopefully LW will let us in the carriage, but I really doubt it, so we are still willing to ride on top if absolutely necessary, using Enkidu and Gilgamesh to shield me. Any magical observations in Amesbury should still be reported as per my innate.

If the army apprehend us at any point, a Wall of Uruk should be cast as quickly as possible in order to block them off from ourselves and LW's carriage. Of course I have no idea how the army is equipped so this is a little difficult to specify for. If being attacked from the side by anyone while atop or inside LW's carriage, the same thing applies, casting to give us lengthwise cover from that side. We want the wall to be able to take hits for us. If that is not possible don't cast the Wall probably or put us in an encounter, IDK. Sorry that part is vague. Point being is that we will defend ourselves to allow us to progress.

At acid's house, I imagine LW will scout around. If nobody is at acid's house that we can see, we should try to break and enter as stealthily as possible. We will use our Mage Hand to pick the lock at range (edit: invisibly, sorry I should've been specific. I want to use Mage Hand invisibly wherever possible) and enter as normal. Since we have already been there I guess that shouldn't be so weird. We will want to encourage FH and LW to come inside with us with someone standing watch at all times from inside. If they outright refuse we may need to negotiate that in PM. Anyway, assuming we enter the house, we will perform reconnaissance. The first object will be to detect anyone's presence, the second to detect how recently the place has been occupied. Stuff that indicates overnight desertion should be reported please. The more and more certain we are no one else is there, we can spread out, using G/E/K to search for notes, magical objects/weapons, signs of recent occupation (especially anything that indicates the presence of more than just acid's crew, you know stuff like beds being unmade, stuff looking differently from when we last saw it, etc.).

Any locks that need to be picked will be picked as appropriate by Mage Hand. Anything magical/explosive/incendiary out of the ordinary that looks dangerous to touch should be picked up with Mage Hand carefully and brought closer for our inspection. We are interested in detecting anything about the Kakodaimones that might linger. If there is a phone we will use any redial/last called etc. functions. If it's a mobile phone we will confiscate it. Answering machines should be checked.

If a champion or player is at acid's house, we will ambush together, with Invisibility (self), using the Wall of Uruk to lay a trap.

If there is a news update about any murders we will probably want to head there immediately with LW and FH. Otherwise, once there's no more information to be gained, we should start looking for acid or basically anyone at this point. Again trying to stay in a group. We should search the town at the Amesbury police station (here we will want to see if we can get in stealthily to look around for any information they might have kept inside), the Cloisters, then the Catkin Lodge, then finally the Cemetery. While at the Cemetery I would like to create a Mana Fount if everything is peaceful.

If somehow nothing has happened by sundown, uh, I don't know what's wrong. Im relying on LW a lot here honestly. In this eventuality we will decide where to stay together preferably... I know we should have this shit decided between ourselves but I honestly wanted to submit something workable and the later in the day a plan is the less likely it will take effect

If we part ways I will go to the Cemetery to create my Mana Fount if I still couldn't, with Gilgamesh and Enkidu keeping watch. I will also want to go to the Saint Mary and Saint Melor church to put a new one in place of my Abbey fount. After that I don't know where I live so I have decided to assume I am homeless unless there is any inherent bonus to starting location. In this case I will go spend a night at The George Hotel and get some goddamned rest. I chose this route off google maps so there's no sidetracking and hopefully we can get a little familiarity with the area. I imagine the ritual will dictate what part of the plan we actually proceed with.

Here's a bad one. I'm paraphrasing, but this is literally a plan I got in PSW5.

"I go to the store to buy a map."

Please pay attention as I break down ALL the ways that this is problematic.

First, how do you go to the store? There's a lot of options here. Do you use knowledge local to see if you know where one is? Do you look for people on the street and ask or use Diplomacy? Do you just walk down the road until you spot one? Which road?

Second, when you get your map, then what? I have to ask you for ANOTHER day plan, and this took less than an hour to accomplish. Unless you run into another player, we should almost never be asking your for another day plan. Your day plan should encompass what you will do all day.

Your day plans don't have to be as long as Jumpluff's, but I am going to make this requirement: Every day plan must be at least three paragraphs long.

How do you accomplish this?
1. The things that you are going to do all day.
2. How you plan to accomplish them in detail.
3. If what you plan to do could go in more than way, contingencies for the rest of the day based on all foreseen outcomes.
4. Simply explaining why you want to do something if you need the padding. We just want you to write this much so you've put enough thought into it.

Now that players choose their own spells each day again, this will also heavily impact how you day plan (hopefully for the better). There are three primary considerations for how you pick spells.

1. What spells can I use to affect what I do in the day and how I do it?
2. What will help me win a fight?
3. What spells will my opponent use, and what spells should I have ready to counter those?

Just a heads up on that, but Dispel Magic is going to have a +5 bonus to its success rate. And I'm not really partial to Fly or Greater Invisibility being nerfed (FH will make the final decision when we ask for day plans), so make sure you can deal with them.
Day 1
Welcome to Lanai, a small island in the Hawaii chain. While it is 'open' to the public, a large portion of the land is owned by the CEO of Alchemist Technology org. The CEO is a reclusive mage with a long history of inventions, controversy and secrecy in the magical world. As each of you arrive on the island, you find an appropriate place to summon your champion. Upon it's completion and your champions (re)birth into the world, words appear into your minds, although there's no sound to these words, the voice is deep with the slightest hint of a rasp although the words are spoken with a refined elegance.

"It's a pleasure to be making acquaintance with you all, however short the time we get to know each other may turn out to be. As your overseer I implore you all to make yourselves comfortable on the island before this little game of my design gets too hectic, and I do hope it does live up to those expectations.

An additional piece of advice to you all. Anyone caught leaving the island or directly involving me in their fights will be disqualified and swiftly punished, so do bear that in mind. Please also do not disrupt the local tourism hotspots in your quest for ley lines, not a rule per say, more of a warning. "

Please adhere and read to Von's post on day plans. This is a real place so please use google maps to help you out. Otherwise the first deadline is May 11th at 11:59pm. Anyone who does not submit a day plan by then will be assumed to be sleeping in and the day will progress. People who miss the deadline may still submit day plans but they will have fewer hours during the day to work with.
Day 2

No champion died on Day 1.

Overseer said:
I wish we could get back the 40 years that have passed.
The exact number is unknown, but civilians have died yesterday.

Deadline for day 2 plans is 72 hours. 6/2/18 at 11:59pm. This is day 2 and everyone has some experience with day plans now so there will be a harsher penalty for late day plans.

Also, we are only using spells from this specific list here: please make sure all the spells you use are on this link's list.
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Day 3
No one has died thus far.

Overseer said:
"Having not heeded my warning and having put the lives of innocents in danger on purpose, I hereby offer a reward of a Command Seal to the one who brings me the head of the kidnapper of the 40 people from Hotel Four Seasons.

On a less serious note, to the ones who destroyed my hotel room, please keep in mind what I just said and keep away from me if you wish not to suffer my wrath."
There are reports of explosions at Hotel Dreams Come True and the hotel has been closed for the moment.

It is now Day 3, any mana founts placed during D1 have now expired.
We are still using the same spell list as the past two days, so please make sure your spells are on there.

Deadline for Day 3 plans is in 72 hours, 8/30 at 11:59pm PST.

For every real life day past the deadline that someone does not have plans in, they will lose 1 hour for the in game day.
Day 4
(at long last)
Monk aka Martin Luther has died
Savior has died, but has risen from the grave
A summoner has perished

Overseer said:
"I congratulate the efforts of those hunting the kidnapper. Bringing his head to me while they are still alive does not however count so keep it up."
As of the start of day 4. It is currently raining heavily. This reduces vision to one-quarter of normal, a -6 in perception checks and ranged attacks and most unprotected flames will be extinguished.

Deadline for Day 4 plans is 1/10 at 11:59pm PST. Make sure to get them to me in a timely manner.


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So after PSW6 ends and before PSW7 starts we are going to be making some big changes. Easily the biggest the series has seen yet. We're looking at a books worth of original content or our own SRD online. Even though Former Hope wants to wait, I'd like to start talking about some of those potential changes now while they are still fresh in my mind. I want as much input from anyone involved as possible. Everything still has yet to be designed. It will then be playtested and talked over until we are really confident in what we want to do with PSW7.

The Role of Info in PSW
This isn't important in terms of changes nor are any changes really being suggested yet, but I'm putting it up front for the community to talk about because it's a big creative difference that I have with FH. We both agree that if Player A knows everything about Player B, but Player B knows nothing about Player A, Player A should win. That is a huge part of what makes FSN a compelling mystery, what makes Fate/Zero an enjoyable intrigue, and hidden info games are what this subforum was founded on so it all gels pretty well.

But I've never been satisfied with the effects of this on the game. It's why I designed the RPS system, but I think info has little impact on how people choose to RPS. Now I have different ideas that will be explained further down (see Paradigms), but even then I'd contemplate going even further, like having a Lore value gives you bonuses if you have an information advantage over the opponent.

At the risk of misrepresenting his argument, and he can say this in his own words to clarify, FH thinks things already go too far. FH believes that knowing all of an opponent's abilities gives you a sizeable advantage over them (which is arguable in a few specific circumstances, but I don't think is generally true). FH also believes that info is given out too freely, and that may be, but it has more to do with how we never ever have bothered to really codify Knowledge History, which can be rectified separately (see Systems). FH has even said on multiple occasions that if a player knows another champion's true name, they should just guess their opponent's abilities. Sorry, but I think this is insane. Would someone be able to guess that Martin Luther's trademark would be to steal a champion for a day? PSW is abstract by design and by aesthetic.

I frontloaded this because instead of putting my foot down, I wanted to see what the players thought about all this. What do you think about the role of info in PSW? Whose opinions do you side with? Do you have different opinions entirely? I would like to know how every player feels about this issue.

3 HP
The thing I have teased the most in chat is this: Summoners will have 3 HP. What does that even mean??? I'll explain. While Champion HP will remain largely unchanged (they have big amounts, and take variable amounts of damage), Summoner HP will function very differently. For a Summoner, a Hit Point is just that. One Hit. Anything that would deal damage does 1 to a Summoner. This includes Champion attacks and most Summoner spells. Few things can deal more than 1 damage to a Summoner. For instance, Assassin can deal 3 damage from out of combat to a Summoner. To kill a Summoner, one must deplete their HP to 0, which knocks them unconscious. When at 0 HP, a special coup-de-grace can be performed if completely uninterrupted for a whole turn. I want Summoner death to be a more viable strategy again.

Fuck old spells. Hello new spells. Our own spell list completely designed by us. No more spell levels. Can use mana to pump spells. Can use captured laylines to pump corresponding spell schools. Oh yeah, spell schools. We need our own spell schools. The 8 spell schools are great but I have two problems with them. Most spell schools in PF have an aesthetic and functional purpose. Abjuration has no distinct aesthetic. Necromancy has no distinct function. So we're still brainstorming this but feel free to make suggestions.

Schools are important because of MAGIC DUELING. Ever watch a movie or play a game where wizards took turns countering each others spells? That's what fights between Summoners will be like. Don't want your opponent giving their Champ a super-buff like Fly? Fuck that. Use your own transmutation to undo it. Evocation? Won't mean much against Champs, but against an opponent with only 3 HP? You could kill them swiftly unless they use their own fireballs to knock yours out of the sky.

Feats is a placeholder name but you know what they are and they are coming back. Allowing players to customize their characters to personalize their tactics and enhance their strategies is something that has felt sorely missing, but was missing because feats in PF are really bad. We will make our own good ones, each corresponding to Champion class. Someone said they want to never counterattack as a Monk? Wish granted. Go in a different direction. There are no guaranteed innates. No Knight will grant total protection of their Summoner, though they will have Champ feats that help with that. Summoner feats will basically function like archetypes, radically altering how your character casts spells to make them feel unique. It's not yet totally agreed that we'll have feats in PSW7, but we'll have feats in PSW7, there's just a lot of room for debate in how we handle them. Which leads me to...

The replacement for the fun but semi-awkward RPS system. There will be two kinds of feats. General class feats and Paradigm feats. So what are paradigms? Right now there are three Paradigms. Assault, Defense, and Tactics. At the start of each round players will pick their Paradigm, which will determine which Paradigm feat power-ups are actives and which Paradigm feat abilities they can use. But there's a catch. Players using Assault will have an advantage over Defense. Defense beats Tactics. Tactics beats Assault. What you choose from round to round will have a much bigger impact than one attack rider, but this impact is of course highly customizable. Don't like Paradigms? A Berserker who takes a ton of Assault feats and stays in that Paradigm all the time might not be bothered by a Champ who only lightly invested in Tactics. It might be hard to see my vision here, but try to have an open mind as you once needed with RPS attacks.

No more skills. I know that sounds crazy, but it really shouldn't. Each Summoner & Champ has 10+ skills at their disposal and there really aren't many that are pertinent to PSW. It's very vestigial and yet at the same time we have gone six games while failing to really codify how important skills like Knowledge History work. So let's turn the few important skills into robust systems of their own. Players will be on equal grounds here unless they take a feat that affects a system. Potential systems include Lore, Healing, and importantly a Flee/Chase/Hide/Seek system.

Other Ideas
If anything is going to be added to PSW, now is the time. I have no ideas here, but that's why I'm putting this out there. If you think something radically different would improve the game, please let us know.

Also I didn't fit anywhere but in case you haven't heard Monk is getting an aesthetic makeover. It is now the Guru (name subject to change), a class dedicated to patient learning, making it fit for a martial artist or ascetic monk as it always was, but also opening up famous scholars and tacticians. NO MORE CHRISTIANS PLEASE.

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