Serious Phobias and Fears

How much of a coward you are?

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Mood-killing time!

It happened today as I was walking my way back home after a tiresome exam. I saw two dogs near the entrance of the street that is in my new usual way to go home. One of them was a shabby thing that looked like a poodle (I don't know about dog races, all are the same terrifying crap for me), while the other was big and barking loudly. I thought to myself not if I should go through that street, but rather which path should I take. There are two other than that, an even closer one that I used to go through, and one that I need to take a detour of about 15 minutes. I chose the latter because last month on the former a pack of six or seven of those demonic creatures approached me, and one of them hurt me while I nearly fainted and spent the rest of the night panicked. I just can't pass through that street anymore without the fear that dogs are there, not even by car or with someone else.

For those unaware of me, I'm cynophobic. That is, I have an irrational fear of dogs. Be them big or small, whatever the race or color, puppies or old mutts, I have panic attacks whenever one comes close, and I nearly faint (or do sometimes) or cry a lot when one touches me. It affects me in a really heavy way, and no matter how much I get treated, it seems to never go away. Which is worse since either everyone has a dog on the shithole I live in or the insane amount of stray dogs in my town suddenly appear. So I had the idea to make this thread. Tell about your phobias and fears and come to celebrate and embrace your cowardice!

They can be anything from death to the opposite sex to clowns to loneliness to spiders to communist takeover to loss to Matrix being real to betrayal to spiders to ghosts to rapture to terrorism to acceptance to impotence to even stupid shit like stairs. I promise I won't judge. Doesn't even need to be clinical phobias, just shit you fear in your everyday life and how that affects you if that even happens. Some of my others fears but in a scale way lower than dogs are violence (I live behind a favela and often wake up with gun sounds in the middle of the night) and pointy things, especially needles.


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Blood and Gory stuff. I guess the name for it is Hematophobia.
I just can't stand seeing that kind of things, I shiver and get really nervous. And once I see whatever it is, it's hard for me to get that picture out of my head.


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I'm not afraid of a lot. The only phobias of mine that come to mind immediately are my fear of heights and maybe the dark to a lesser degree which are both pretty mundane, make of that what you will.
I don't really like heights, and tend to get shaky legs from being high up. When someone starts showing violent behavior or extremely angry people. The paranormal, or jump scares from scary movies...someone who has a knife in their hand and thats about it, I guess.
Again, needles and bugs that are able to sting you in general, I just can't support it. Every time I have to be vaccinated, at least 2 people are needed to hold me.
I legitimately thought this thread wast titled "Phineas and Ferb" and got super excited and wrote about a handful of thoughts on the show. Oops.

Anyways, my only real fear is that I'm the only grown adult who likes Disney's Phineas and Ferb. It's such a fantastic show and I feel like I can really connect with it.

On top of that (rather aside from that) I've always had a fear that my dog doesn't really comprehend how much I love her.


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I freeze up whenever I have to cross a busy road. It’s particularly bad when I go out somewhere with my Dad because he always takes the shortest route possible everywhere, which also means dragging me across the road about a 10-second walk from a crossing when I can’t actually follow the traffic properly.
I freeze up whenever I have to cross a busy road. It’s particularly bad when I go out somewhere with my Dad because he always takes the shortest route possible everywhere, which also means dragging me across the road about a 10-second walk from a crossing when I can’t actually follow the traffic properly.

This is literally how you cross the Street in Philadelphia.

"Can you speed walk/run before the next car? Okay then cross."


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for me its heights, even when im on a swing and swing a bit too high i get sort of sick. Or when im outside on a very high balcony.
I've always said I have 4 fears;

1. Anything with 8 or more legs - Spiders, Centipedes, Millipedes, the bunch. Hate them all.

2. Large bodies of water - Oceans and Seas terrify me, I can't go sailing in reservoirs or swimming in lakes anymore bc idk what's in them. (My parents scuba dived with a barracuda when I was a kid in Australia 2004 whilst I played Sapphire on the boat)

3. Change / Moving on - I prefer to dwell on the past and don't deal well with losing things / people but o whale, used to it by now.

4. Roy Keane.
I don't really have any "irrational" fear minus the fear that you could, at any moment, die on the spot (for a variety of reasons/causes). Once I grasped that concept it didn't really let go of it since then, had a pretty bad bout of hypochondria last year but it's fine now, still freaks me out how fragile life is tho

I also dislike needles but only so far as to dislike/avoid shots, no sort of huge freak outs or anything


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My biggest fear is probably the heights, a common one I know lol, but also doing/being close to stuff that I think might hurt me physically, it gets me pretty nervous, be it needles or any sharp object. As for phobias, I'd say I can't tolerate bananas (bananaphobia kek!), I know how good they are, but I don't know whats in them that makes me vomit, even its sole smell is unbearable for me :(


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It's interesting; I don't have a fear of blood OR a fear of needles. Needles don't hurt at all. But I DO have a fear of getting my blood drawn. There's something that terrifies me about having the blood that is necessary to keep me alive get sucked out of my body and taken away from me, and being too disoriented to think properly. Like after you donate blood I know some people that have fainted because they lost so much oxygen in their system and I do not EVER!! want to get anywhere close to that. Never donating blood ever and I loathe having blood tests done :(

I also fear death, the cheeriest thing ever, because I'm terrified that there's no afterlife and this is all we get. My hope is that we eventually just can upload our brains to computers before time runs out for me :(


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horrible fear of death. gives me night terrors whenever i think about it. not just limited to myself but my family dying especially gives me extreme anxiety when the mere thought of it pops into my head. the concept of there being absolutely nothing after you die is absolutely horrifying to me, which is why on numerous occasions i've tried to become religious so I could quell these fears a bit but it doesn't happen. its honestly such a burden, i get freaked out leaving the house, riding in cars etc anything that can put me in danger.

the one that scares me the most is getting some form of degeneration like MS or ALS because if you get one of those you're basically fucked for life.

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