Picture Telephone Megathread

Round 12 is done, and here are the results!
Thanks for participating!

vzxt wrote:
"After a long day of working in the farm Mudbray, Timburr and Nuzleaf take a breather under an old Yellow Apricorn tree."
Hulavuta drew:

brzozod526 wrote:
"Cardboard cutouts of a Porygon and The Cheat (Homestar Runner) hanging out on The Mudbray Farm."
monomite drew:

pqs wrote:
"Porygon and a fortune cookie have a blast on rocks."
Gurpreet Patel (Sent you a Friend Request) drew:

ItzViper482 wrote:
"A sarcastic Porygon switches into stealth rocks that are telling Porygon that he sucks and loses 12.5% of its health."
Max. Optimizer drew:

P Squared wrote:
"Big-lipped Porygon switches into Stealth Rock ."
mienscapone drew:

Moon wrote:
"Porygon surges into battle to find, to its horror, deadly hazards awaiting it."
Yoshiblaze drew:

Gravity Monkey wrote:
"Porygon enters the field, only to faint because of stacked hazards."
Conni drew:

Vianne wrote:
"Spikes: final resting place for polygon birb."
PieRomancer drew:

Sondero wrote:
"Cacturne laughs menacingly as Porygon walked straight into its trap."
Blueforce drew:

Cretacerus wrote:
"Porygon2 is exiled for disrupting the midday nap of resident Cacturne with its loud music, and leaves with its spirit crushed."


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Hahaha, didn't think I was the first one to go. My pic was meant to call out the comma error in the description but I guess I just ended up calling out vzxt instead :blobthumbsup:

I'm convinced the only reason this game works is because Pokemon are so hard to draw for casuals. That said, it's quite amazing how we were able to keep the same concept for 7 images straight this time!

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