Picture Telephone Megathread

Man I've laughed watching the process of many these mildly changing in the most odd ways, this will probably be my last Picture Telephone for a while since other things have been making me unable to host as well as I used to; but onto the game!

I wrote:
Karrablast and Shelmet, best friends, are trying to figure out how to evolve into their more powerful forms.
Yoshiblaze drew:

MamOwOswine wrote:

karrablast and shelmet debate over evolution
The Cruelest drew:

Ciran wrote:

Karrablast is a gameshow host (Jeopardy) and Shelmet is a contestant, Karrablast calls Shelmet its armor and Shelmet gets mad.
Kaiju Bunny drew:

Tenshi Nagae wrote:

A smug Karrablast has a sing-off with an angry Shelmet, who's hiding in a box, winner takes the helmet.
chuckeroo777 drew:

Ivy wrote:

Karrablast traps Shelmet in the Team Magma Imprisonment Cube using its wizardly skull staff.
Gravity Monkey

Sondero wrote:

Karrablast uses the power of ancient voodoo magic to freeze a Shelmet for Team Magma
Sorry to everyone about the delays (from me) in messages and the delayed (from me) start. Thank everyone for being compliant.

Kaiju Bunny

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Round done!

I wrote
Aron shows Banette that ghost type Pokémon aren't the only types that can be spooky and scary!
Tenshi Nagae drew

Yoshiblaze wrote
An Aron with pinkeye tries to spook a Banette, but he's fast asleep and doesn't even notice him.
Cresselia92 drew

The Cruelest wrote
Aron tries to startle a sleeping Banette, but does a terrible job.
Gravity Monkey drew

chuckeroo777 wrote
A sleeping Banette is berated by an extremely angry Aron.
Ciran drew

SteelixPrismGX wrote
A Banette fell asleep after eating too much candy, which made the Aron mad.
Poor Aron, he just wanted to be spoopy :psysad:

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