Picture Telephone Megathread

This was quite fun to work with. How many more rounds are there?
As many as we'd like, as long as there's someone who can host and enough people willing to participate.

That said, sign-ups for Round 2 are starting now and ending May 16 at 6:00pm EST (after Round 2, it would be great if others could take turns hosting so that I'll have a chance to participate)!
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picture telephone round 2: electric boogaloo

I wrote:
Draw a beached whale surrounded by hamburgers.

FellFromtheSky drew:
Beached Whale.png

vzxt wrote:
"Is fast food the main cause of Cetacean stranding?"

Shaymoo drew:

Cretacerus wrote:
"A hungry dolphin conquering the land on its search for food."

Ssensenh drew:

Pilo wrote:
"the u.s. is being attacked by a rapier-wielding dolphin"

monomite drew:
pic teleph.png

Kris wrote:

P Squared drew:

Reigaheres wrote:
"Bushido dolphins from the east take America by storm."

HotFuzzBall drew:

CrzyCookie wrote:
"Samurai dolphins jumping over the statue of liberty."

Menshay drew:

Bummer wrote:
"The statue of Liberty is attacked by levitating samurai dolphins."

Most drew:

The Dutch Plumberjack wrote:
"I see two samurai dolphins that have just taken down the Statue of Liberty."

Task-wise, this round was quite long but progressed relatively quickly and yielded some amazing artwork. In case it wasn't evident, I tried to make it so that returning participants got to do the opposite of whatever they did during the first round.

I've added a new rule to the OP, and among the three people who volunteered to host during sign-ups, whoever posts first with a sign-up deadline gets to host Round 3. I'll continue to edit the thread title and OP as needed.
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Yeap, samurai dolphins definitely seem to be one of those universal concepts that everyone understands. Great drawings all around, I love how much personality went into the dolphins' expressions.

Also, Im pretty sure that's Germany in Ssensenh's drawing. How did you know?? *_*
I guess after a certain point there isn't much space for variations barring very creative descriptions, though.

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