Picture Telephone Megathread


Round finished! This was fun to view as a host and spectator.

I wrote:
Zacian and Zamazenta try to teach Spinda how to be as powerful as them, but end up confusing it even more.
Kaiju Bunny drew:

chimp wrote:
Galar royalty welcome the arrival of the National Pokedex
Gurpreet Patel (Sent you a Friend Request) drew:

Magii wrote:
A trainer with a horn in his hair is welcomed to Galar by Chansey, Tapu Lele, and Volcarona.
Yoshiblaze drew:

lyd wrote:
some guy with some cool hair welcomes former ou staples like tapu lele, chansey, and volcarona into the galar
Gravity Monkey drew:

HeroicTobias wrote:
Shielbert allows three illegal immigrants and a fried egg into the Galar region.
DuoM2 drew:

SteelixPrismGX wrote:
A Gible, Crobat, and a Weedle having a party while a policeman and Lysandre sit there and watch.
Hulavuta drew:

Luigi wrote:
crobat, weedle, sharpedo and vileplume are kept hostage in a night club by a gun-wielding wizard
Ruft drew:
Picture Telephone Wizard.png

monomite wrote:
The scene of a murder at a disco. The assassin is a mage and the victim is a Sharpedo.
I probably should've imposed stricter deadlines. Most of the time taken were just misunderstandings.


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With what my prompt was in mind, I thought I was looking at a different round when I saw that first image. How in the world did it go off so badly, haha. Well, that's the fun of it!
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