Picture Telephone Megathread


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And here's how this round came out:
I wrote:
Carnivine and Carkol enjoy the Brazilian carnival!
Most drew:

Cretacerus wrote:
A stylish carnivine enjoys the sight of exploding rolycoly during carneval.
HeroicTobias drew:

pqs wrote:
A Carnevine performs at a magic show and makes two Rolycoly explode while the other three watch in distress.
Kaiju Bunny drew:

Gravity Monkey wrote:
Magician Carnivine scares some poor Rolycolys with fire clouds
Ciran drew:

An Explosion wrote:
Carnivine tried to pull a Raboot out of his hat, but only got Rolycoly because he was on the naughty list.
vzxt drew:

Gurpreet Patel (Sent you a Friend Request) wrote:
Carnivine the magician gets a big surprise when looking for the Raboot in his hat.
SteelixPrismGX drew:

monomite wrote:
Carnivire catches Pikachu cheating on a test by using a telescope to see other's answers.
A Cake Wearing A Hat drew:

And that wraps up this edition of Picture Telephone, thanks for bearing with me, and props to all these amazing artists and descriptors :D
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