Picture Telephone Megathread

lol. Out of all the rounds I've hosted so far this one was the least exciting.
Since this round centered around machoke and pichu from the beginning it reminded me strongly of one of my recent rounds. So nothing really super fresh. ( https://www.smogon.com/forums/threads/picture-telephone-megathread.3602282/page-15 ). I'll think of a better prompt next time. In hindsight I also realized I formulated it pretty similarly...

If you want to host the next round feel free to post a deadline.

I wrote:
A few pokemon gathered for a hike. Some are more prepared than others.
DuoM2 drew:

Hulavuta wrote:
Munchlax and Machoke are forcing Pichu into a cave; Pichu is blissfully ignorant of the situation, but Munchlax is melancholic, knowing doom awaits Pichu.
lyd drew:

Ciran wrote:
Munchlax and Machoke happen upon a giant Pichu in a cave.
pqs drew:

Yoshiblaze wrote:
Munchlax, Machoke, and Grumpig show off their f u n k y dance moves on stage to an unseen crowd.
War Incarnate drew:


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At least Pichu transformed into Grumpig so we got some twist, haha.

But I have to admit I'm quite disappointed that my Pichu mercy-killing plotline was dropped.
Here are the results for round 29. If you want to host the next round feel free to post a deadline.

I wrote:
"Dragonite and Ledian take a maths test. They have to calculate the perfect angle for flying."

Ciran drew:

Kaiju Bunny wrote:
"Dragonite and Ledian desperately try to do math in class, but both are struggling and/or failing"

Yoshiblaze drew:

War Incarnate wrote:
"A Ledian taking a test asks the Dragonite in front of him the solution for one of the questions."

Gravity Monkey drew:

HeroicTobias wrote:
"Ledian asks a surprising question to Dragonite, who is sitting in front of him."

Hulavuta drew:

lyd wrote:
"ledian sings to a confused dragonite"

Datsplashtho drew:

DuoM2 wrote:
"Team Yell Ledian sings about Marnie in public with a very confused Dragonite watching nearby."

SlowAndBruh drew:

Cretacerus wrote:
"Team Yell goons pursue a clueless tiny Buzzwole after mistaking it for Marnie"

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