Picture Telephone Megathread

Thanks to everyone for being so quick in submitting the writings / drawings!

Results for Round 32:

I wrote:
Smeargle assumes the role of Leonardo da Vinci and draws Gardevoir as the Mona Lisa.
Yoshiblaze drew:
DuoM2 wrote:
Smeargle just finished painting a picture of a Gardevoir.
HeroicTobias drew:
Hulavuta wrote:
Smeargle paints a portrait of Gardevoir and nervously hopes she doesn't notice he forgot to add a face
Total Clefairy drew:
pulsar512b wrote:
Orange guy drawing green girls XKCD-style
Gravity Monkey drew:
War Incarnate wrote:
An unknown object is drawing a stick-figure girl.
Fusion Flare drew:
lyd wrote:
Rookidee and Yamper draw the female protagonist of Sword & Shield
SlowAndBruh drew:
Lunaflare wrote:
Rookidee is painting on an easel with ketchup. Yamper looks off to the side, likely criticizing Rookidee’s drawing.
(stableprince569 was skipped)

Well at least the drawings were still centered around art... :bloblul:

Someone can host the next round, but this one was a blast.

Total Clefairy

didn't come up with the Smogoff name
this was good fun. my decision to draw gardevoir & smeargle purely from memory seems to have been the key element in confusing the next person...
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